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Newsletter 356

Newsletter 356

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Published by Henry Citizen
Camp Horizon August 25th; Citizen Candidate Poll; Carroll County TEA Party; GA House 109 Endorsements; Rutledge: Business Ethics; Monday’s Candidate Forum; Stanley for Henry BoE; Tommy Smith for Chairman; Henry FOP Endorsements; Lights For Liberty; Stop Voter Apathy
Camp Horizon August 25th; Citizen Candidate Poll; Carroll County TEA Party; GA House 109 Endorsements; Rutledge: Business Ethics; Monday’s Candidate Forum; Stanley for Henry BoE; Tommy Smith for Chairman; Henry FOP Endorsements; Lights For Liberty; Stop Voter Apathy

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Published by: Henry Citizen on Jul 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Citizen Newsletter 
The Conservative Voice of Henry County
 In This Issue:
 Page Feature
Camp Horizon 
August 25th2
Candidate Poll4 Carroll County TEA Party4 GA House 109 Endorsements5 Rutledge: Business Ethics6 Monday
s Candidate Forum8 Stanley for Henry BoE8 Tommy Smith for Chairman8 Henry FOP Endorsements9 Lights For Liberty9 Stop Voter Apathy
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Issue # 356
July 14, 2 
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Contact The Citizen at hc.citizen@hccitizen.org 
Camp Horizon
, a free one-day camp for kids age 6-16 who has experienced the loss of a loved one. CampHorizon, now in its fifth year, is sponsored by theSacred Journey Hospice Foundation, the non-profitarm of the hospice operating under the same name.The camp is designed to help children cope with grief,and trained professionals work in age appropriate smallgroups demonstrating therapeutic techniques to helpthe child feel less isolated and teach them how to dealwith their grief. As they meet other children who havehad similar experiences, the kids are able to interact ina fun, safe and caring environment. The camp blendstraditional camp fun with grief techniques skillfullywoven throughout each activity, which include crafts,team building games and groups sessions.The camp will be held
Saturday, August 25th
from8:30 5:00 at Community Bible Church inStockbridge (on Jodeco Road, just west of I-75). Thisyears theme is XTREMEand well have activitiesthat incorporate this theme, including rock climbingwall and entertainment by Air Elite 1 Dunking Team,an acrobatic basketball dunking team.To learn more about the Foundation and the camp visitour website athttp://www.sacredjourneyhospice.org/  and for a quick peek at the fun the campers have, click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqE-Ebcyn7U.
View or download at
Candidate Poll
The Citizen
asked candidates for the Henry County commission to state their positions regarding T-SPLOST,2013 County Budget, County property tax/millage rates, The future of Atlanta Southern Regional Airport. Wealso invited any other comments they wanted to include. (Candidates shown in order comments were received.)
Brian Preston
, candidate for Henry BoC District 2 
Below are my thoughts regarding each position you listed:T-SPLOST:Infrastructure repairs and support are very important to Henry County. We are already behind on roadrepairs and improvements, and one of the key tools that will help us meet this need is the continuation of our local SPLOST. I believe that if T-SPLOST passes, our citizens will not support increasing our local salestax rate to 8%, and it would mean the end of our locally controlled SPLOST. Therefore, I cannot supportthe T-SPLOST due to its potential impact on our local SPLOST.2013 Budget:I am disappointed with our upcoming budget. There was a better way to balance the budget rather thanincreasing taxes by raising our millage rate to fill the $10 million budget deficit. For months, I have beenproposing a three prong approach that would have balanced the budget without increasing taxes. Thethree prong approach would consist of taking up to $4 million from the rainy day fund (a double digitreduction in the Henry County tax digest is more than a normal rainy day), savings of $2-4 million bymodernizing employee benefits, and reducing all department budgets by 3-5% (excluding publicsafety). Notice there was no mention of increasing taxes by raising the millage. If elected, I will continueto work hard on making good fiscal decisions for Henry County so that we can have the opportunity togrow into prosperity by working with our citizens and private businesses.County property tax/millage rates:In order for Henry County to be successful, we need more economic development. It will be harder for usto grow into prosperity if businesses are not willing to come to Henry County because our taxes andmillage are not competitive. Currently, Henry County has a total millage rate (Schools, County, Water, andHospital) of approximately 38.5 mills. If you compare our rate to the Georgia counties that are doing welleconomically, you will see that we are already at a disadvantage (Fayette = 30.45, Forsyth = 26.4, Oconee= 25, Newton = 34). Unfortunately, if we take a hard look at our total millage and where we are headedwith potential increases, we will realize that we resemble a few of our neighbors (Clayton = 40, andDeKalb = 44). We need to work on making sure that we understand the basics of what brings a businessto our community. Low taxes and a good quality of life are the foundation of good economicdevelopment. As your commissioner, I will work hard to make sure we are competitive for our existingbusiness owners and for growing businesses that are looking for a community to invest in.
The future of Atlanta Southern Regional Airport:The timing of the airport purchase was not ideal for Henry County in light of the economic downturn of thelast few years. However, I am confident that in the long-term (5-7 years in the future) we can turn thelemons of Atlanta Southern Regional Airport into lemonade. I am hopeful that, if we are careful with ourdecisions, we can bring good jobs to the community and capitalize off our great geographic location. Thekey component is to make good, cautious, and well thought out decisions. I would welcome theopportunity to use my background as a CPA and business consultant to help make sure we are as efficientas possible with our decisions.
§John Douglas
, Candidate for Newton County BoC District 1
 What is your opinion of the T-SPLOST? Should the voters approve or disapprove the T-SPLOST, and why?My official answer to T SPLOST:Unlike my opponent who favors the tax hike, I am opposed to the T SPLOST. It would be the largest taxincrease in Georgia history, 14%, government never gets enough money and would surely want morelater, the Bush tax cuts are scheduled to expire at the end of this year meaning federal taxes will rise in2013 and we now have the health care tax coming on top of all the other taxes already paid. I have nevervoted for a tax increase in 12 years of holding public office and will not start now. Those NO votes includevoting against the first ever Republican state budget in 2003 which contained tax increases, and anotherNO vote against allowing the Falcons to take Fulton County tax dollars for a new stadium. NO means NO.
§Vincent Lotti,
Candidate for Henry County BoC District 2
T-SPLOSTThe main problem that I have with TSPLOST is we would be forced to send OUR money to Atlanta, onlyfor them to send a portion of it back to us. The project list of roads to be improved in Henry County is, inmy opinion, a great list but I fail to see the importance of allowing Atlanta to control our money. I believeit would be more beneficial to allow the people of Henry County to vote on the project list under a localSPLOST vote and allow us to keep 100% of our money. If the people choose to endure another tax, theyshould reap the maximum amount of benefit for their money.County BudgetIt is no secret that our budget as major deficiencies that need to be corrected. I believe we shouldprioritize our government and our government spending. The time has come where we must differentiatebetween WANTS and NEEDS and spending must reflect this mentality. For instance, we need Public

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