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Sermon Stanley Pace Oaklawn Avenue Presbyterian Church, Lafayette, Louisana

Sermon Stanley Pace Oaklawn Avenue Presbyterian Church, Lafayette, Louisana

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*Interesting* anti gay sermon ,new angle, gays are immature and never want to grow up. The usual is worthy of death.
*Interesting* anti gay sermon ,new angle, gays are immature and never want to grow up. The usual is worthy of death.

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Published by: SexualMinorityResear on Jul 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pastor Stanley Pace of Oaklawn AvenuePresbyterian Church, Lafayette, Louisana, Gaysare Worthy of Death Sermon downloaded July12, 201227:16 (At the beginning he is quoting form somenon Christian he read)“The homosexual character is governed by anabnormal fear of aging and death. As a result thehomosexual insists on dressing and acting the part of perpetual youth, in particular immatureyouth. This façade is maintained at all times as areligious thing. The worship of youth leads to anadoption of styles which dress youth andespecially recall the innocent child, the young preadolescent child.” This is a non Christianwho is not against homosexuality, this is hisobservations about homosexuality in a culture.What he says that the homosexuals (they) arelooking for is an amoral world, a world withoutmorality of perpetual childhood. To be beyondgood and evil, because maturity meansresponsibility, law standards, a working world.Therefore in mental attitude, style, perpetual
 pose this attitude of childhood and youth iscultivated. In effect we are never going to growup into the world of law, responsibility, andmorality. I’m not saying all that he says is trueand accurate, an accurate perspective, but look atthe perspective he has, a non Christian. It’s justinteresting that he has made observations aboutthis movement as a whole, that are not flattering.He says it is governed by an abnormal fear of aging and death.Doesn’t that make you think of something wehave just read here in Romans? They know therighteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, andit terrifies them. And this grasping after  perpetual youth is a manifestation of their terror at what they
to be the coming judgment of God.Here is another non Christian writer not hostiletowards homosexuality, “Because there is thisinstance on being immature never growing upand assuming responsibility there is a war against standards (this is the same one I am just
continuing) if there is a standard that has to beattacked and an anti standard has to be made andthus homosexuals delight in making studiedvulgarity.
high style”
(Note- said with a sneer).They delight in making studied vulgarity highstyle, it’s the anti standard. Whatever is vulgar isopposed to all the standards and norms of society, and they study that vulgarity, that antistandard and set it up as the standard. And if youwatch videos of those who are promoting their agenda, it is, every other word is the F-Bomb,FULL of vulgarity. And that is exactly how Pauldescribes them here, in this they’re inventors of evil things. They’re filled with awe andrighteousness, malicious evil-minded haters of God, violent, violent against all standards,violent against all who would hold to a Biblicalstandard of morality.They’re violent, I’m saying they, I am speakingin broad strokes just as these non Christians arespeaking in broad strokes, again I’m not dealingin this moment with an individual homosexual,nor am I giving you instructions on how youought to speak and relate to an individual

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