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Ignou Assignments

Ignou Assignments

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Published by help2012

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Published by: help2012 on Jul 14, 2012
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MS – 28 Labour Laws July – Dec 2012
1. Explain the sources of industrial jurisprudence. Describe the genesis, objectives andclassification of labour legislation in India. Discuss how labour laws ensure the health, welfare andsafety of the working class with suitable examples.2. Discuss the scope and coverage of the Mines Act, 1952. Describe the enforcement of the Actciting suitable examples from the organisations you are aware of. Also discuss the hours andlimitations of employment under the Act.3. Discuss the objectives, scope and coverage of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947. Describe thevarious machineries for investigation and settlement of disputes under the Act with suitableexamples. What are the measures for prevention of conflicts and disputes under the Act?4. Explain the concept and enactment of payment of Bonus Act, 1965. Describe the obligations of employees and rights of employees under this Act, citing examples from any organisation you arefamiliar with. What can make an employee eligible or disqualified for the payment of bonus under the Act?5. Explain genesis, applicability and contributions of the Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948.Discuss the various benefits being paid to the employees under the Act in any organisation you arefamiliar with. What is the procedure for registration of a factory or an establishment under the Act?
MS – 44 Security Analysis and PortfolioManagement July – Dec 2012
1. Explain the principles of Portfolio Management. Distinguish between security Analysis andPortfolio Management.2. Define Capital Asset Pricing Model. What are the basic assumptions underlying Capital AssetPricing Model?3. What do you understand by Portfolio Revision? Discuss the various constraints in portfoliorevision.4. What is Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) Explain the techniques for testing the variousforms of E.M.H.5. What do you mean by formula plans? Critically examine the formula plans and discuss their limitations.
For answers contact atassignmentssolution@gmail.comhttp://assignmentssoultion-smu.blogspot.in/
MS – 45 International FinancialManagements July – Dec 2012
1. How does the International Monetary Fund raise the resources? What are Special DrawingRights? Briefly explain the funding facilities provided by IMF to its member countries.2. Explain the structure of balance of payments and discuss what is the impact of variousinternational financial flows on the structure of balance of payments.3. Explain Purchasing Power Parity and reasons for its deviation. Also discuss its applications.4. Discuss the reasons for the differences in the cost of capital across various counties. How is thecut off rate of foreign projects determined? Discuss.5. What are different types of Exchange Rate Exposures? Describe the techniques used to mangeTransaction exposure.
MS – 46 Management of Financial ServicesJuly – Dec 2012
1. Describe the major components of the financial system. Discuss the role and functions of financial markets.2. Explain the different types of debt instruments. What are the issues which need to be resolved inorder to make the Indian debt market more efficient and vibrant? Discuss.3. What do you understand by Venture Capital? Discuss the various modes of financing byVenture Capital funds. Explain the difference exist routes available to a Venture Capitalist from aninvestee company.4. Explain the mechanism of factoring and components of ‘cost of factoring’. Discuss the present position of factoring services in India.5. Distinguish between Mergers and Takeovers and discuss the motives behind them. Describe thesteps involved in merger and the role of merchant banks in this context.
MS – 55 Logistics and Supply ChainManagement July – Dec 2012
For answers contact atassignmentssolution@gmail.comhttp://assignmentssoultion-smu.blogspot.in/
1. Describe the supply chain involved in making the self-instructional material of MS-55 that youhave just received from the university.2. Discuss the key processes required to enhance customer focus in the supply chain.3. Explain global sourcing and its advantages and disadvantages. How can you arrive at the bestcourse of action for global sourcing?4. What is Customer Profitability Analysis? Why it has gained importance in the recent times. Is itethical to deny a customer that is not profitable?5. Write short notes on1) Bullwhip effect2) Hierarchical Based Measurement System3) Risk Hedging supply chains
MS – 56 Materials Management July – Dec2012
1. Talk about the Materials Logistics Management program (MLM). Does the MLM standvalidated in present business circumstances too? Comment!2. Identify the elements that determine a stronger and longer buyer-seller relationship. Doesmultiple sourcing lead to a bad relations with suppliers? Why or Why not?3. Describe six stages of life cycle of spare parts. Also converse on the importance of each stage.4. Explicate the Balanced Score Card approach & SCOR framework for performance appraisal.5. Write shot notes ona) Manufacturing Execution System (MES) b) CONWIP modelsc) Competitive Bidding and Negotiation
MS – 57 Maintenance Management July – Dec2012
1. Elaborate the concept of Life Cycle Cost of any plant and equipment. How maintenancefunction can affect the Life Cycle Cost and profit?

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