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The Adventure to Candy Kingdom

The Adventure to Candy Kingdom

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Published by: Jericho SpaceCowboy Yumul on Jul 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Adventure to Candy KingdomByYumulAdventure TimeContent is based on copyrightmaterial. This work isfan-fiction.09173552775jericho_yumul@yahoo.com
JAKE AND FINN GET THE INVITATION - HOUSE/CORNFIELD TREEJake runs into Finn and wake him up. Jake shows Finn hisinvitation to the party in the Candy Kingdom.FINNJake, Jake! Wake up bro!Finn slaps Jake like a faggot and Jake wakes up violently.JAKEAhhhh! I wasn’t sleeping, whosaid I was sleeping?!?FINNOh, he-he, sorry... Anyways, Igot something cool to tell you! Ijust got an invitation fromPrincess Bubblegum to a partytonight in the Candy Kingdom! Didyou get yours too.Jake looks sad and shit.JAKENo, man, I guess you’re ridingthis solo...A hand appears with his invitation. Jake does not react tothis. Instead, he just gets the invitation.JAKEOh, here it is, I guess it’s timeto phaaar-taaay!Jake does a strange arm dance while saying the previousline.JAKE/FINNWooooooh!Jake looks sad and allJAKEAww man, but I don’t know anyonethere. I’m just gonna get nervousand be a wallflower and stuff...Finn puts arm around Jake, looking cool and stuffFINNNo-problemo, my friend, they’reall friendly people... besides,they’re made of candy!(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.JAKEOkay, but I’m counting on you,man.JAKE AND FINN MEET LSP AND FLAME PRINCESS - CORNER OF ASTREET/ISO PARKINGDuo walks along.JAKESo, bro... You never did tell mewhere "Candy Kingdom" is...Focus on Jake as he does the Quotation marks with hisfingers.FINNActually, I don’t too. I know!Let’s ask her. Call her Jake!JAKELady... Hey Lady... HEY LADY!!!Jake talks from a far, Jake’s voice gets louder to ashriek.FINNNah, man... didn’t you know? Yougotta be smooth the ladies.Finn taps LSP’s shoulder, faggoty/suave/childish/.LSPUgh... Like, hey handsome...Didn’t think I’d meet you here.Ughh...Close up on LSP’s face which is blank; close to frown.Then close up on Flame Princess. She does a head side-bobas she says her line.FLAME PRINCESSDo I know you peo-ple?Finn acts smooth but halfway through his line, he whimpersand pushes Jake to talk.FINNUhmm, hi, I’m Finn and this isjake...uhh...yeahmyfriendhassomethingtoaskyouguys.JAKEHaha, nice one Finn... Uhmm...let’s see. How do I put this?(MORE)(CONTINUED)

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