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Communicate Magazine, Huawei - Apr 12

Communicate Magazine, Huawei - Apr 12

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Published by: FKN: Fairsport Knowledge Network on Jul 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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APR 2012 ISSUE 65
GigaSite: The utureo mobile broadbandU2Net boostsultra-broadbandSmart operationin a connected worldHuawei leadsthe way in LTE
Editorial Board
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
Hu Houkun, Xu Zhijun, Ding Yun, Yu ChengdongZhang Hongxi, Zhang Xinyu
Gao Xianrui (sally@huawei.com)
Jason Patterson, Julia Yao, Pearl Zhu, MichaelHuang, Joyce Fan, Xue Hua, Li Xuefeng, Xu PingPan Tao, Chen Yuhong, Cao Zhihui, Zhou Shumin
Deng Xiaodong, Jiang Tao, Zhang QimingJiang Yihua, Zhong Zhiguang, Wang Kai, Pan Feng,Zhang Qinfa, Sun Haitao, Xie Xing, Shi Lei, Jiao Xiaoxin
+86 755 28786665, 28787643 
+86 755 28788811
 B1, Huawei Industrial Base, Bantian, Longgang, Shenzhen 518129, China
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Yue B No.10148
Copyright © Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. 2012. All rights reserved.
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merchantability and tness for a particular purpose, are made
in relation to contents of this document. To the maximumextent permitted by applicable law, in no case shall HuaweiTechnologies Co., Ltd be liable for any special, incidental,
indirect, or consequential damages, or lost prots, business,
revenue, data, goodwill or anticipated savings arising out ofor in connection with any use of this document.
By 2020, smart terminals are expected to outnumber people, while theirapplications will exceed ten billion. However, what once qualied as smart islooking increasingly dumb. A desire or a better user experience characterizedby speed, quality, reedom, simplicity, and sharing is now transorming theindustry; this will lead to the next phase o the inormation age where themachine adapts to the user instead o the other way around.his means an operator shit in ocus away rom traditional KPIs, and a shit in attitude rom passive complaint response to active stability assuranceso that nicky customers do not leave. Te traditional business model is now antiquated; operators must adapt to and exploit new business opportunities thatrevolve around the user experience. In such an “experience-based economy,”operators must broaden their awareness and leverage everything that relates totheir own networks and services, including inormation that relates to users andtheir devices, i they are to monetize mobile trac. Huawei’s MBB VGS (valuegrowth solution) provides the dierentiated servicing and pricing that operatorsneed, smartening the pipe and improving service quality in the process.Cloud computing has matured to the point where it is now changing how I rms do business. Operators can now leverage it to more rapidly providetraditional communications applications, Internet applications, cross-industry applications, home applications, and more. However, cloud technology cannotlourish without an ultra-broadband, zero-wait network with ubiquitousconnectivity to acilitate it. hus ar, several hindrances have kept such a network theoretical. Te modest capacity o macro Node B’s and the increasing scarcity o suitable sites to install them are keeping ultra-broadband just out o reach, while uneven demand (80% o trac is being handled by 20% o sites) ishampering the ubiquitous part; zero-waiting is impossible without both.Urban complaints are drowning out rural pleas or better access, leaving nobody happy. National mandates are being handed down to bring aboutultra-broadband ubiquity, but they only provide the impetus; it is the carrier who makes it happen. Urban base stations must be rebuilt so that they play nice with high-capacity small cells, while synergies between ber, copper, andmicrowave must be leveraged in the surrounds i everyone is to get the message. And the message is this – Connected Possibilities. Huawei chose this as itstheme or the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 and it represents a world where anything is possible – sel-driving cars, a cashless economy, personalclouds, automated medicine. All were discussed at the congress as certainties (not just possibilities) and Huawei, along with its partners, will connect them.
Connected Possibilities
Ding YunCEO of Carrier NetworkBusiness Group

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