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Inventory Basic Setup Lab.

Inventory Basic Setup Lab.

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Published by Nasser Ntege A

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Published by: Nasser Ntege A on Jul 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Oracle InventoryBasic Setup Labs
E-Business Suite R12
These labs were prepared for the purpose of demonstrating basic Inventory functions.
Created By Edgar Arroyo
December 12, 2005
 Updated by Daniel Newman, Rodrigo Castro
November 9, 2008
 These labs were prepared for tto assist an applications suppor 
Providing an introd
Listing initial step ba support analyst wapplication maintai
Demonstrating varifunctions such usinSystem Administrat
Performing commomaintaining items, ireplenishment.
Reinforcing Invento
As a source of refeFeel free to do these labs as of Experiment, change an item attinventory controls. If some of thmay just become part of your dRemember; don’t be afraid to mThe Labs can be performed onHowever, several of the labs m Applications. Examples would- Different item attribut- Different organization- Data that may not exi
Should you have any questions, pleaseIf you find any inconsistencies within thi
e purpose of demonstrating basic Inventory functiot analyst by:ction to navigating through Inventory application foy
step instructions for data entry within the Inventor ith the features and functions of common Inventoryanceous support tips for Oracle Applications, while perfog the “List of Values” feature, submitting concurrentor functions (System Administrator Responsibility)n inventory functions that all customers perform, sussuing and receiving stock (items) into inventory, anry concepts and functional issues that were discussrence for future support issues that may ariseen as you want.ribute, initialize a cycle count in a different fashion oe terms mentioned here are unfamiliar to you, befor ily vocabulary while working in the support environake a mistake, YOU are here to learn.any release instance that has the Vision Demonstray not be able to be completed due to the flexibilityesettingsparametersst
contact edgar.arroyo@oracle.com .is document, please email edgar.arroyo@oracle.com .
s. They were developedmsapplication to familiarizemovements andming common formrequests, and generalh as defining andd performing stock (item)ed during class lecturesr define items with greater the week is out, theyent.tion Database installed.f implementing Oracle
LAB 1 SetuLAB 2 SetuLAB 3 SetuLAB 4 UsinLAB 5 UsinLAB 6 ItemLAB 7 ItemsManuLAB 8 ItemLAB 9 PerfoLAB 10 InvenLAB 11 InvenLAB 12 InvenLAB 13 InvenLAB 14 CreatLAB 15 PerfoLAB 16 ProcLAB 17 PerfoLAB 18 ImpleLAB 19 ImpleLAB 20 PhysiLAB 21 PerfoLAB 22 InitialLAB 23 UsinLAB 24 UsinLAB 25 AvailAPPENDIX A Navig
Of Contents
: Inventory Structures: Units of Measure: Item Attribute ControlStatus CodesCategories and Category Setsemplates & Items Copy: Relationships, Cross References,facturer’s Part Numbersatalog Groupsrming Item Searchestory Controls – Using Stock Locatorstory Controls – Item Revisionstory Controls – Using Lot Controltory Controls – Using Serial Numbersing Custom Transaction Sources\Typesrming Inventory Transactionsssing Return Material Authorizations (Rrm Receiving Transactions (Purchasing)menting ABC Analysismenting Cycle Countingcal Inventoriesrming 2
Day Cycle Countingizing Forecasts and Forecasts SetsReorder Point Planning for replenishmMin-Max Planning for replenishmentble to Promise (ATP)ation Hot Keys

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