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Personal Branding - Gabriel PR

Personal Branding - Gabriel PR

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A guide on using social media to raise awareness about your personal brand.
A guide on using social media to raise awareness about your personal brand.

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Published by: Gabriel Press & Relationships on Jul 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Keys to Creating and Marketing your Image
Personal Branding
Gabriel PR
Personal branding is basically how you market yourself oryour image to the public.
 According to Dan Schawbel, a PersonalBranding Gen-Y Expert, the real definition of personal branding refers to the process bywhich entrepreneurs and companiesdifferentiate themselves from the crowd byidentifying their own unique value proposition,either professional or personal, and leveragingit across different platforms with a consistentmessage and image to achieve a specific goal.Dr. Hubert Rampersad, in his written papercalled, “Authentic Personal Branding”, saysthat personal branding is more than justmarketing or promoting yourself, It reflects yourtrue character and should be built on values,strengths, uniqueness, and genius. HisPersonal Branding Equation is a formula for
Your goal is not to make an image. It’s to make a statement!
~Tom Asacker 
Personal Branding
Gabriel PR
There are 3 elements of personal branding
 Value Proposition
Refers to a marketing statement thattells your prospective customers whythey should buy a product or servicefrom you.
 Answers the question: “What do youstand for?”Differentiation
Refers to a marketing strategy of how tomake your product or service moreattractive and appealing to thecustomers by contrasting its uniquequalities with the competitors’ products.
 Answers the question: “What makesyou stand out?”Marketability
Refers to the ability of an investor to findan active secondary market in which theproduct or service can be resold oroffered.
 Answers the question: “What makesyou compelling?”
Brand Elements
 Value Proposition

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