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Fall 2012 Catalog

Fall 2012 Catalog

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Chelsea Green's Fall 2012 new releases and selected bestselling sustainability titles.
Chelsea Green's Fall 2012 new releases and selected bestselling sustainability titles.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Chelsea Green Publishing on Jul 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mastering artisanCheeseMaking
The Ultimate Guide for Home-Scaleand Market Producers
gc Cd
368 pages
Full Color • ISBN 9781603583329
 Available October 2012
Acclaimed cheesemaker GianaclisCaldwell has written the book shewishes existed when she was startingout. Every serious home-scale artisancheesemaker—even those just beginningto experiment—will want this book as
their bible to take them from their rst
quick mozzarella to a French mimolette,and ultimately to designing their ownunique cheeses. This comprehensiveand user-friendly guide thoroughlyexplains the art and science that allowmilk to be transformed into epicureanmasterpieces.
DreaMing the Future
Reimagining Civilization in the Ageof Nature
k ab
240 pagesISBN 9781603584593
 Available August 2012
Desert or ParaDise
Renaturing Endangered Landscapes,
Integrating Diversied Aquaculture, and 
Creating Biotopes in Urban Spaces
spp hz 
256 pagesFull Color • ISBN 9781603584647
 Available November 2012
In this collection of short, witty, poignant,
even humorous essays, Ausubel tracksthe big ideas, emerging trends, and game-changing developments of our time. Heguides us through our watershed moment,showing how it’s possible to emerge from aworld where corporations are citizens, thegap between rich and poor is cavernous,and biodiversity and the climate are underassault and create a world where we takeour cues from nature and focus on justice,equity, diversity, democracy, and peace.
Desert or Paradise
examines Holzer’s corephilosophy for increasing food production,earth health, and reconnecting mankind withnature, applied to reforestation and water
conservation across the world. It is a guide
to the construction of large water reservoirsin arid, rainfall-dependent regions including
examples from Greece, Turkey, Spain, and
Portugal. Holzer describes the ecological
and economic benets of these reservoirs,
as well as the use of a variety of plant andanimal species for further integration andregeneration of the surrounding areas,including reasons for reforestation and the
cause and use of forest res.
C g Pb
F 2012 n d n t
Power FroM the PeoPle
How to Organize, Finance, and Launch Local Energy Projects
g P
288 pagesISBN 9781603584098
 Available August 2012
Using examples from around the nation— and occasionally from around the world— Greg Pahl explains how to plan, organize,
nance, and launch community-scale
energy projects that harvest energy fromsun, wind, water, and earth. He also explainswhy community power is a necessarystep on the path to energy security andcommunity resilience—particularly as weface peak oil, cope with climate change,and address the need to transition to amore sustainable future.
hoMe BakeD
Nordic Recipes and Techniques for 
Organic Bread and Pastry 
h rd
256 pagesFull Color • ISBN 9781603584302
 Available August 2012
Recipes and techniques for baking artisan
bread using organic stone-milled our,
organic yeasts, and sourdoughs fromrenowned Danish organic farm and family-
owned mill, Skærtoft Mølle—literallytranslated as “Cut-Road Mill.” Hanne
Risgaard offers practical information notonly on the concepts and processes behind
creating delicious Scandinavian breads,
but also concise growing and cultivationinformation about the grains themselves,as well as a guide to basic equipment andkitchen set-up, ingredients, and the history
of Skærtoft and their philosophy. At the
beginning of each recipe there is a brief story contextualizing where the recipecomes from.
killing the Cranes
 A Reporter’s Journey Through ThreeDecades of War in Afghanistan
edd gd
416 pagesISBN 9781603583183
 Available August 2012
Killing the Cranes
, Edward Girardet
delivers a rsthand account of his thirty
years on the ground amid the war, chaos,
and strife that have come to dene
Afghanistan. Along the way, Girardet
met the key gures that shaped thenation’s destiny, including Ahmed ShahMassoud and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, and
narrowly escaped with his life following
an encounter with Osama bin Laden. In
this timely and compelling tale, Girardetshines extraordinary light on Afghanistan’scatastrophic history and uncertain future,and offers insight into the West’s fraughtinvolvement and failed recovery effort.
taste, MeMory
Forgotten Foods, Lost Flavors, and Why They Matter 
Dd Bc
240 pagesISBN 9781603584401
 Available October 2012
Taste, Memory 
traces the experiencesof a modern-day explorer, one whodoesn’t discover new lands and newcultures, but who rediscovers ourcommon food heritage and then worksto bring it back to our gardens andtables for all to appreciate and enjoy.From a cantankerous old pear tree toa strawberry that’s too delicate to ship
to distant markets, David Buchanan has
grown out and evaluated thousands of 
varieties of fruits, grains, herbs, owers,
and vegetables, capturing not only their
avors, but their fascinating stories and
their place in the local harvest.
nuClear roulette
The Truth about the MostDangerous Energy Source on Earth
g sm
320 pagesISBN 9781603584777$19.95
320 pagesISBN 9781603584340
 Available October 2012
Nuclear Roulette
chronicles the problems of aging reactors, uncovers the costly challengeof decommissioning, explores the industry’sgreatest seismic risks—not on California’s
quake-prone coast but in the Midwestand Southeast—and explains how solarares could black out power grids, causing
the world’s 400-plus reactors to self-destruct. This powerful exposé concludeswith a roundup of proven and potentialenergy solutions that can replace nuclear
technology with a “Renewable Renaissance,”
combined with conservation programs thatcan cleanse the air, and cool the planet.
FarMs with a Future
Creating and Growing aSustainable Farm Business
rbcc t
256 pagesFull Color • ISBN 9781603584388
 Available January 2013
What makes a farm sustainable andsuccessful? Rebecca Thistlethwaiteaddresses these and other crucialquestions in this uniquely importantbook, which is a must-read for anyonewho aspires to get into farming, orwho wants to make their farm business
more dynamic, protable, and, above
all, sustainable. Over an entire year, theauthor and her husband—experiencedfarmers themselves—took a sabbaticaland traveled the length and breadth
of the United States to live and work 
alongside some of the nation’s mostinnovative farmers. Along the way theylearned about best practices, and awhole lot about what doesn’t work.
toP-Bar BeekeePing
Organic Practices for Honeybee Health
l Cd, h h
192 pagesFull Color • ISBN 9781603584616
 Available September 2012
altereD genes,twisteD truth
How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public
s M. D 
380 pages
ISBN 9780985616915$21.95
380 pages
ISBN 9780985616908
 Available January 2013
Clear River Press
More and more organically minded
beekeepers are now using top-bar hives, inwhich the shape of the interior resemblesa hollow log. Long-lasting and completelybiodegradable, a top-bar hive made of untreated wood allows bees to build
comb naturally rather than simply lling
prefabricated foundation frames in a typicalbox hive.
Top-Bar Beekeeping 
providescomplete information on hive managementand other aspects of using these innovativehives. All home and hobbyist beekeeperswho have the time and interest in keepingbees should consider the natural, low-stress methods outlined in this book.
It will also appeal to home orchardists,
gardeners, and permaculture practitionerswho look to bees for pollination as well ashoney or beeswax.
This book uncovers the biggest scienticfraud of our age. It tells the fascinating
and astounding story of how the massiveenterprise to restructure the geneticcore of the world’s food supply came intobeing, how it advanced by consistentlyviolating the protocols of science,and how for more than three decadeshundreds of eminent biologists andesteemed institutions have systematicallycontorted the truth in order to concealthe unique risks of its products—and getthem onto our dinner plates.
C g Pb - F 2012 F Cd
lynn Margulis
The Life and Legacy of a
Scientic Rebel
edd b D s
224 pagesColor Insert • ISBN 9781603584463
 Available October 2012
When Lynn Margulis passed away in2011, she left behind a groundbreakingscientic legacy that spanned decades. Inthis collection, Dorion Sagan, Margulis’s
son and longtime collaborator, gatherstogether the voices of friends andcolleagues to remark on her life andlegacy in essays that cover her earlycollaboration with James Lovelock, herfearless face-off with Richard Dawkins
during the so-called “Battle of Balliol”
at Oxford, the intrepid application of 
her scientic mind to the insistencethat 9/11 was a false-ag operation, herafnity for Emily Dickinson, and more.
the Passivhaus hanDBook 
 A Practical Guide to Constructing and Refurbishing Buildings for Ultra-Low-Energy Performance
 J C, adm Ddb
Full Color • ISBN 9780857840196
 Available October 2012
Green Books, UKPassivhaus design focuses rst on getting
the building fabric right to achieve ultra-low energy consumption in the mostcost-effective manner.
The PassivhausHandbook
is an essential guide foreveryone wanting to realize a supremelycomfortable, healthy, and durable homewith exceptionally low energy costs.Whether you are building an extension,renovating your house or starting fromscratch, and are new to low-energydesign or already have some experience,this book will help you navigate the
potential pitfalls and misconceptions. It
brings together current thinking and bestpractices.
slow DeMoCraCy
Rediscovering Community and Bringing Decision Making Back Home
s C, wd tc
272 pagesISBN 9781603584135
 Available October 2012
Slow Democracy 
chronicles the ways inwhich ordinary people have mobilized to
nd local solutions to local problems. Itinvites us to bring the advantages of “slow”
to our community decision making. Just asslow food encourages chefs and eaters tobecome more intimately involved with theproduction of local food, slow democracyencourages us to govern ourselveslocally with processes that are inclusive,deliberative, and citizen powered.
long way on a little
 An Earth Lovers’ Companion for Enjoying Meat, Pinching Pennies,and Living Deliciously 
s h
352 pagesColor Insert • ISBN 9780979439124
 Available October 2012
Left to Write PressDesigned to be the only meat book ahome cook could ever need,
Long Way ona Little
is packed with Hayes’s signature,delicious, no-fail recipes for perfectroasts and steaks cooked indoors andout on the grill, easy-to-follow techniquesto make use of the less-conventional,inexpensive cuts that often go to waste,tips on stretching a sustainable foodbudget, and an extensive section on usingleftovers and creating soups; all with theaim of helping home cooks make themost effective and economical use of their local farm products or their ownbackyard livestock.
Business aDviCe For organiCFarMers (Book + DvD)rcd w
Paperback + DVD
224 pgsISBN 9781603584630$24.95 • DVD only • 122 minutesISBN 9781603582452
 Available June 2012
In this book + DVD set longtime farmer
Richard Wiswall shares his story and offersdetailed advice on how to make your farm
production more efcient, better manageyour employees and nances, and turn a prot.
From his twenty-seven years of experienceat Cate Farm in Vermont, Wiswall knows
rsthand the joys of starting and operating
an organic farm—as well as the challengesof making a living from one. The DVD
consists of a lmed workshop and interviewrecorded at the Northeast Organic FarmingAssociation (NOFA) Winter Conference in2010 and at Wiswall’s Cate Farm. Wiswall’s
The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook
(Chelsea Green, 2009), offers more on all of 
this information, as well as a comprehensivebusiness kit.
ConvergenCe withnature
 A Daoist Perspective
Dd Cp 
168 pagesISBN 9780857840233
 Available August 2012
Green Books, UK
the Fruit tree hanDBook B P
352 pagesFull Color • ISBN 9781900322744
 Available August 2012
Green Books, UKIn this book David E. Cooper explores
our relationship to nature and asks howit can be shaped into an appropriateone that contributes to the good of people’s lives as a whole. Like the bestof contemporary nature writing, theclassic Daoist texts reveal a yearning forconvergence with nature, nostalgia fora lost intimacy with the natural world,disillusion with humanity or its products,and a feeling for nature’s mystery. Theauthor explains how these attitudesare rooted in Daoist philosophy andexplores their implications for ourpractical engagement with naturalenvironments.A clear, practical guide that will help bothamateur and expert to grow deliciousfruit, from apples to mulberries and plums
to peaches. Simple instructions guide
you through soil preparation, choosingthe best varieties, and planting yourtrees successfully, while the mysteries of pollination and pruning are unraveled withthe help of diagrams and photographs.Whether you are planting a few trees in
your garden or fty trees in a eld, this
book gives you all the information youneed to design, plant, and look after yourorchard, large or small, and be rewardedwith baskets full of luscious fruit atharvest time.
how to grow PerennialvegetaBles
Low-Maintenance, Low-ImpactVegetable Gardening 
M Cfd
192 pagesFull Color • ISBN 9781900322843
 Available August 2012
Green Books, UK
BuilD your ownBarrel ovena gd f M  v,
Efcient, and Easy to Use Wood-
Fd oMx d e ed
100 pagesFull Color • ISBN 9780967984698
 Available September 2012
Hand Print Press
PeoPle & PerMaCulture
Caring & Designing for Ourselves,Each Other & the Planet
lb Mcm
304 pages
ISBN 9781856230872
 Available August 2012
Permanent Publications, UK
PerMaCulture Design
 A Step-by-Step Guide
208 pagesFull Color • ISBN 9781856230919
 Available August 2012
Permanent Publications, UK
Perennial vegetables are a joy to growand require a lot less time and effort than
annuals. In this book Martin Crawford
gives comprehensive advice on all typesof perennial vegetables (edible plants
that live longer than three years), from
ground-cover plants and coppiced treesto plants for bog gardens and ediblewoodland plants. Part One looks at whyand how to grow these crops, and howto look after them for maximum health.
Part Two features over 100 perennial
edibles in detail, both common andunusual—from rhubarb to skirret, Jerusalem artichoke to nodding onions.
Max and Eva Edleson offer a
comprehensive guide for planning and
building a practical, efcient and affordablewood-red oven. The barrel oven offers
surprising convenience because it is hot
and ready to bake in within 15-20 minutes
and is easy to maintain at a constant
temperature. It can be the seed for a
small-scale baking enterprise or the heart
of a community’s wood-red cuisine. All
kinds of food can be baked in the barreloven including bread, roasts, pizza, cookiescakes, pies, casseroles and stews. Followthis step-by-step guide to transform local,low-cost materials and the sun’s energyinto good food.
People & Permaculture
widens the
denition of permaculture from being
mainly about land-based systems toinclude our own lives, relationships,and society. This book provides aframework to help each of us improveour ability to care for ourselves, our
friends, families, and the Earth. It is
also a clear guide for those who maybe new to permaculture, who may noteven have a garden, but who wish to beinvolved in making changes to their livesand living more creative, low-carbonlives.
People & Permaculture
transformsthe context of permaculture making itrelevant to everyone.
In this unique, full-color guide,
experienced permaculture teacherAranya leads you through the designprocess from beginning to end,
using clear explanations, owchartsand diagrams. It is based on course
worksheets which have been designed,
rened and tested on students over
time. Linking theory to practice, heplaces the ethics, principles, philosophies,tools and techniques directly into thecontext of the process itself. Whilewritten for anyone with a basic grasp of permaculture, this book also has plentyto offer the more experienced designer.A great reference for anyone who hasdone, or is thinking of doing, any kind of permaculture course.
C g Pb - F 2012 F Cd
Future Money
Breakdown or Breakthrough? 
 Jm rb
192 pagesISBN 9781900322980
 Available August 2012
Green Books, UK
Future Money 
explains in plain languageand convincing detail how money isnow working to propel us toward theself-destruction of our species—andwhat we should do about it. Of course,money is not itself the problem, but inthe way it works at present, it affectsus as a diseased blood or brain systemaffects a living person. The book clearlyshows how the money system works,how it could be reformed so that it acts
to the benet of people and society
rather than the opposite, and describesthe obstacles that currently prevent areform of the money system.
honeyCoMB kiDs
Big Picture Parenting for a Chang-ing World and to Change the World!
a Cmpb
264 pagesISBN 9780980747508
Cape Able Publishing
Honeycomb Kids
is a parenting book for
the 21st Century. Including more than
300 practical ideas and activities, it comes
with two priceless benets: not only does
it help you prepare your children for anuncertain tomorrow, it also helps you shiftto a better family life for today. Readingthis book will empower your family tomake the most of a world increasingly
dened by over-population, rising prices,
poor health, fast-depleting naturalresources, and an unstable political, social,
environmental, and nancial landscape.
This book shows you how to nurturethe timeless values and resilience yourchildren will need to become contributors,not just consumers.

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