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The Personality of Hazrat Ali

The Personality of Hazrat Ali



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Published by jamal abdul nasir
Memorable and great legendry personality of Islam Imam ALI. This is about the overall personality of Ali ibne abu talib the cousin and son in law of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) Read this and rate this. thanks jamal nasir
Memorable and great legendry personality of Islam Imam ALI. This is about the overall personality of Ali ibne abu talib the cousin and son in law of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) Read this and rate this. thanks jamal nasir

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: jamal abdul nasir on Jan 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE PERSONALITY OF ALI (A.S)History tells us that Ali (A.S.) was a man of middleheight, stout built and clear fair complexion. He hadbroad forehead with a few hairs on his pate. Big blackpiercing eyes, handsome face, broad shoulders,powerful arms and rough hands, vast chest and a longmuscular neck. He walked with kind disposition, veryagile in his movements and courteous in his behavior.He had a smiling face, pleasing manners and never losthis temper. He never had a servant and never allowedhis slaves to work hard. He himself rubbed oil over thebody of his camel, even when he was the ruler of theMuslim world. His horse, his turban and his sword hadspecial names. He gave names to everything he used.Often he would carry his household goods himself andif anybody offered to relieve him of the weight he wouldrefuse. His words and deeds bore stamps of nobility,sagacity and courage of conviction. He had his ownindependent views about life and its problems. He never deceived, misled or betrayed anybody. In variousphases and periods of his life, he exhibited marvelousstrength of body and mind, which was due to his sincerebelief in truth and justice. He used to deal with hisofficers and relatives very strictly. He reprimanded hisown friends, governors and employees even if theyaccepted bread as bribe. Warning one of them he wrote,
"By Allah if you embezzle with the people’s money, I will take such actions against you that your life will becomemiserable, humiliated and you will become a pauper" 
. Toanother he wrote,
"I have learned that you have swept the floor and have pocketed whatever you could lay your hands on and have spent on yourself, therefore
send all your accounts to me" 
. To one of his officerswho had taken bribe from some helpless persons hewrote,
"If you do not return their money, and if I get hold of you I will deal with you the way Allah has made meduty bound. I will strike you with my sword and whosoever ever has been attacked by me has gonestraight to hell." 
The Prophet (S.A.W) likened him to the gateway of knowledge and wisdom of which he (the Prophet(S.A.W)) was the city. He was the most learned person,the most brave man and the most eloquent speaker andorator. He had such a thorough knowledge of humanmind that he always arrived at correct conclusions andnever changed his opinions. Even his worst enemiesrelied on his opinions and advice. They gave him suchcomplicated cases to decide which they themselvesfound difficult to digest or even understand. History hasrecorded some seventy two occasions when Umar BinKhattab declared
"Had Ali not been there (to advise),Umar would have been destroyed" 
.His judgement was also considered to be the best judgement. Justice was part of his soul and spirit andwas attached to his heart. It was his nature, it was anelement, a source of power in every part of his body andflowed in his vein like blood. Nobody could set better examples in Muslim law than Ali (A.S.). He possessedcomplete knowledge of the revelations of Quran andIslamic laws. Whenever complicated matters werebrought to him he applied his mind in a correct way anddecided the matter which was just. Ali (A.S.)’s help toUmar Bin Khattab’s desperation forced him to confessthat,
"O Abul Hasan I do not welcome those problemsfor the solution of which you are not available" 
. When he
acted as a judge he always kept the interest of thecommon man and the society at heart. He is consideredas the first judge who justified the right of the commonman in a philosophical manner and said,
"It is the duty of every ruler to honour the right of the common maneven ignoring the interest of the complainant. It isnecessary to see that justice is done to the entiresociety for the maintenance of law and order" 
. He madesuch laws that people were forced to get together andhave links with one another; and in the matter of rightsand duties he treated everyone alike.
Imam Abu Hanifa who is known as Imam-e-Azam wasthe student of the great grandson of Ali (A.S.). He had learned the Islamic jurisprudence through his father and grand father. In the same way Maalik Ibne Anas received the lessons in Islamic jurisprudence from the grandsonof Ali (A.S.) who had learned the same from Ali (A.S.).Maalik learned from Rabeea, Rabeea from Akrama, Akrama from Abdulla Ibne Abbas, and Abdulla Ibne Abbas from Ali (A.S.). Abdulla Ibne Abbas who was theteacher of all these scholars was once asked as to what relations his knowledge has with the knowledge of hiscousin Ali (A.S.). Abdulla replied,
"The same which adrop has with the ocean"
Many got perplexed about him and imagined him to bean incarnation of God. But he himself was pious andGod-fearing. In his personality so many contrastingfacets had so gathered that it was difficult to believe thata human mind could manifest such a combination. It issaid that scholars produce students and not followers.Socialist create followers and not a complete man.Ascetics teach submission and not fighting, but in Ali(A.S.) we find the characteristics of a scholar, an ascetic,

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