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Gallium Nitride (GaN) Semiconductor Devices (Discretes & ICs) Market, Global Forecast & Analysis (2012 – 2022)

Gallium Nitride (GaN) Semiconductor Devices (Discretes & ICs) Market, Global Forecast & Analysis (2012 – 2022)

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This research study on the GaN semiconductors market gives a detailed overview of the global GaN semiconductors market in the present scenario, and discusses the history, evolution, market by technology (substrate & epitaxy materials and transistor technologies), market by products and devices, market by application segments, and by geography.
This research study on the GaN semiconductors market gives a detailed overview of the global GaN semiconductors market in the present scenario, and discusses the history, evolution, market by technology (substrate & epitaxy materials and transistor technologies), market by products and devices, market by application segments, and by geography.

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Published by: Aarkstore Enterprise on Jul 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gallium Nitride (GaN) Semiconductor Devices (Discretes& ICs) Market, Global Forecast & Analysis (2012
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 This research study on the GaN semiconductors market gives a detailed overview of the globalGaN semiconductors market in the present scenario, and discusses the history, evolution,market by technology (substrate & epitaxy materials and transistor technologies), market byproducts and devices, market by application segments, and by geography. Each classificationdone for the global GaN semiconductors market has an extensive segmentation with marketestimates and forecasts till 2022 for each sub-market in terms of both - revenue and volume.The major GaN semiconductor products
namely the power semiconductors andoptosemiconductors are analyzed in great detail throughout the research study in every type of classification.GaN has turned out to be the choice for most of the power semiconductor applications and isquickly replacing the existing silicon technology. The various properties of GaN such as widerbandgap, high break-down voltage, larger critical electric field, and higher thermal conductivitylet the GaN devices operate at higher voltages, high switching frequencies, handle higher powerdensity, and offer enhanced power efficiency than the pure Si devices. These properties allowthe GaN discretes like Schottky diodes, MOSFETs, and the other advanced transistors tooperate at much higher voltage levels, which are difficult for the counterpart Si devices. GaNpower semiconductors also help in reducing the conduction and switching losses, therebyoffering higher efficiency in electronic systems. The major application segments of GaN powersemiconductors currently are the inverters (& converters), RF devices, power supply modules,and motor drives being used across all the end user verticals.In the aspect of opto-semiconductors, GaN has been increasingly used in LEDs, laser diodes,and optocouplers due to the primary characteristic of GaN showing much brighter emissioncharacteristics than the other materials such as Si, SiC, GaAs, and GaP. AlGaN, mixed with GaN,is used in opto-semiconductors designed for high-brightness and ultra-high brightnessapplications that operate at wavelengths <400 nm. This market is expected to have healthydemand due to the markets growing for green, blue, violet, purple, ultra-violet, and white LEDs.The growing market for solid state lighting applications in several areas of the ConsumerElectronics, Computers, Automotive, Industrial and Military, Aerospace & Defense sectors isexpected to boost the GaN opto-semiconductors market revenue over the years to come.
This report, based on the extensive research on the GaN semiconductors market and industry,is aimed at identifying the entire market for the GaN semiconductor devices, and all its sub-segments through extensively detailed classifications, in terms of both - revenue and
shipments. This report is focused on giving a bird’s eye
-view of the upcoming industry withregards to GaN semiconductor market with detailed market segmentations; combined withqualitative analysis at each and every aspect of the classifications done, i.e. by form factor,design architecture, substrate technology, technology (process) node, products, devices,applications, and geography.A complete competitive landscape of the current market is analyzed by the market shareanalysis and rankings of the current key players and all the other details of the key players arediscussed in their company profiles. The competitive information in this report includes marketshares of leading GaN manufacturers, key developments, and core strategies deployed to winthe race, along with mergers & acquisitions, new product developments, collaborations, andJVs of key manufacturers along with company profiles of wafer and wafer equipmentmanufacturers.The report also analyzes the entire market by discussing the market dynamics such as itsgrowth influencing factors, drivers, restraints, opportunities, burning issues, winning
imperatives, porter’s five forces and other market trends. The GaN industry’s supply chain has
been discussed and analyzed thoroughly, with emphasis on dynamics of both - upstream &downstream sectors, their processes and trends, front-end & back-end processes. Thecomplete market value chain and the industry segments have been entailed, with analysis of the strengths & weaknesses of various industry segments. Lastly, a complete market roadmapfor the GaN semiconductors market from its birth, till the last forecast year
2022, is illustratedto give an insight into the total growth and development of the market over the timeline.Scope & Markets CoveredThe scope of this report includes only the market for semiconductor devices manufacturedusing Gallium Nitride, as their epitaxy or substrate material. Thus, it only comprises the marketfor core discrete devices (diodes & transistors) and ICs. The market statistics of more complexand typically used electronic devices such as modules, packages, electronic equipments, andthe other similar devices are not included in any way in the market statistics mentioned in thisreport. The complete market viewed and analyzed in this report is only for GaN semiconductordevices in all the aspects and chapters.The market statistics with regards to revenue and volume mentioned throughout this report donot cover the aspects related to gallium raw material, wafers, dies or any other intermediatestage of the several industry processes in the supply chain. An illustrative diagram of the GaNsemiconductors monetary chain, showing the clear view of the market considered and analyzedin this report for quantitative data and statistics is given in the report.In this report, the global GaN semiconductors market and industry is fully segmented into thefollowing categories and aspects:
• Value chain
& industry segments: GaN semiconductor industry value chain, raw materialvendors, EDA & design tool vendors, IP vendors, foundry vendors, fabless vendors, fab vendors,Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs), Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs), Original
Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), wafer equipment manufacturers, Assembly, Testing &Packaging (ATP) players
• Supply chain & product life cycle: GaN semiconductor industry supply chain; upstream chain
covering raw material acquisition, etching & doping, vapor preparation, wafer coating &manufacturing; downstream chain covering device fabrication, cutting & mounting, assembly &packaging; front-end, and back-end processes in both streams; product life cycle coveringepitaxial growth, device fabrication, testing & packaging and system integration
• Overall market: GaN semiconductor devices market, overall semiconductor devices market,Porter’s analysis
• Market by technology: Market by semiconductor materials in GaN devices, market by GaN
transistor applications
• Market by semiconductor materials in devices: IV
-IV GaN Semiconductor devices includingGaN & silicon, GaN & sapphire, GaN & SiC-based devices and III-V SiC semiconductor devicesincluding GaN & AlN, GaN-on-GaN based devices along with composite structures & alloymaterials (Indium compounds) based GaN devices
• Market by transistor application: RF applications, DC
-DC & AC-DC converters, UPS systems &inverters, motor drives (Industrial & Automotive)
• Market by application: computers sector, ICT sect
or, consumer electronics sector, automotivesector, industrial, power, solar & wind sector, military, defense & aerospace sector, medicalsector and other sectors
• Market in computers sector: computer hardware power modules, UPS systems
• Market in ICT se
ctor: Signal amplifiers & switching systems, wireless application devices,wired communication devices, satellite communication applications, RADAR applications, RFapplications
• Market in consumer electronics sector: inverters in consumer applications, L
ED lights inconsumer applications, switch mode consumer power supply systems
• Market in automotive sector: electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, automotive braking
systems, automotive motor drives
• Market in industrial, power, solar & wind sector
: smart grid power systems, wind turbines andwind power systems, power factor correction (PFC) systems, photovoltaic inverters, solarpanels, industrial motor drives, High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) systems, electro-mechanicalcomputing system, high temperature electronics & sensors
• Market in military, defense & aerospace sector: combat vehicles, ships & vessels, microwave
-radiation applications, radiation-hard electronics, electronic warfare applications & radiocommunications
• Market in medical sec
tor: implantable medical devices, bio-medical electronics
• Market by geography: North America, Europe, Japan, Asia
-Pacific (excluding Japan), and Restof the Word (includes Latin-South America, Middle East and Africa)Key Take-Aways
• Global Gallium Nitr
ide Semiconductors market statistics with detailed classifications and split-ups by revenue and volume
• Analysis of the global GaN semiconductors market with high growth technologies and
• Impact analysis of the market dynamics with factors curre
ntly driving and restraining thegrowth of the market, along with their impact in the short, medium, and long term landscapes
and porter’s analysis of the market
• Illustrative and detailed segmentation of the GaN semiconductors by end
-user verticals and

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