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Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health

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Published by soniabellani
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Published by: soniabellani on Jul 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Secrets of Spiritual Health
The Path of Allowing Spiritual Health
 As most people know, no Human Being on Earth is an "accident of birth" and neitheris being born on Earth akin to a "lottery" where some are born in to "fortunatecircumstances" and others in to "less fortunate circumstances".Every Life has a true purpose, meaning and potential to learn those lessons and gainthat Experience needed in order for the Higher Self to become more Complete.No Human is ever, ever placed on Earth in to circumstances over which they cannotprevail, learn and Spiritually Grow from -no matter how challenging it may seem.Challenging circumstances mean, quite simply, that we have it within us to Prevail. When the Individuality of our Higher Self incarnates a new Personality -our PresentFocus -into the physical world, it is always in full knowledge of who our parents will be, what challenges may be faced with, what, if any special missions and objectives we must accomplish, and the inherent means through which to fully realise these. Again, because this is crucial -no personality ever arrives in to this physical vibrationof Earth into an environment over which we cannot fully prevail over all challenges,and/or with a particular mission, reason or objective over which they cannot fulfil.
Our Present Experience is Perfectly Suited to our purpose in this Life.
 When a feeling of "hopelessness" descends, it is because we have "sabotaged" ourown Divine Connectivity, Powers of Expression and Being through the seemingly relentless demands of the Conscious, Ego Mind -which we are here to subjugate. We are all Expressions of Source, Supreme Intelligence , God if you prefer, AlwaysExpressed Perfectly in all Spheres of Experience and "Reality" with Unconditional,Divine Love and the Natural, Instinctive, Intuitive desire to Evolve Within,Spiritually, ultimately completing the Path back to Source as a Perfected Expressionof Source.This is indeed the absolute Ultimate Meaning Of All Life -"Sentient" or otherwise.
 We Are All Eternal, Immortal, Spiritual, Divine Beings Joyfully Travelling The Glorious Path to Unite With Source Who first "gave" usour Gift of Life.
Over the years, as so often happens towards the conclusion of each Human cycle,humanity has steadily, and increasingly turned its back on Our Divine Source, ourCreator, God, towards an alternative, darker existence, often involving materialism,dogma and indoctrination, through contrived anthropomorphic deities, becomingthe "slave of mammon", at the mercy of those who seek power and control.People are influenced by such erroneous factors such as what is expected by thosearound them, the pressure to conform to socio-economic demands in accordance
 with contrived sets of human created rules and expectations, and the overwhelmingdesire to satisfy the demands of vanity and the Ego before family, friends and peers.It is only when an individual realizesthese truths and has the courage, strength andfortitude, all of which will be fully supported by Source Energy, and to confront them,can that individual may freely embark on the Path of True Freedom with True Joy,Meaning and Purpose through Experience.In order to achieve this state of awareness it is necessary to consciously become an"Open Channel" through which the Universe, The Source, God may Fully Express.This includes Always Being Totally Open to the Universe and acting accordingly inthe same direction free of the demands of the Conscious, Thinking Ego Mind.Many people today unfortunately do exactly the opposite, always endeavouring toconform to society and live up to the expectations of others, the pursuit of materialgain, and forcing themselves in such a perceived direction through physical means.Instead of Being an Open Channel, an Expression of Source and of Higher-Self, they simply "think" about everything with a desire to physically “do” things in an attemptto force things the way they "want" or think they need them to go, which very often istotally contrary to the Knowledge of Higher Self and Flow of Source Energy.Quite simply such people have failed to “
Let Go and Let God
”, the only outcome of  which is anxiety, suffering, and failure to achieve Full Joyous Potential andEvolution.In the 21st century, "society" is still operating a system of power, control andoppression that has been in operation for many centuries, trapping people from a very young age in to an insidious cycle that precludes Joy, Freedom and Evolution. A child is taught from birth to focus on the five physical senses, learn "skills", andprovided with the tactile "toys" to facilitate these -and to behave in a certain way thatprecludes maintaining their still strong connections with Higher Self and Source.Later children are taught to treasure material things, again through older toys andmore recently video games that symbolise this, representing what their parents hopethey will materially become, often hoping their children may achieve that which they never could or did, but while still indoctrinating them as they were onceindoctrinated.There is also a gender differentiation whereby boys are given "macho" toys and videogames that represent war -GI Joe in the US, "Action Man" in the UK, whereas girlsreceive the symbols of domestication -dolls, dolls houses, toy kitchens etc.This is all part of the programming which can only lead away from Source Oneness.Later children are told by parents, relatives and teachers that they must "go toschool" in order to get the "qualifications" required in order to get a “job” so that they may "work" for food and shelter for the next 50 years, with a couple of days off per week to recover, before "retiring" on a "pension". However, the physical body, Mind

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