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A Guide to Missionary Tactics

A Guide to Missionary Tactics



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Published by Jamshaidzubairee

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Published by: Jamshaidzubairee on Jan 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 www.answering-christianity.comJanuary 7, 2009PDF by: www.esnips.com/user/Jam2000
A Guide to Missionary Tactics
Jamshaid Zubairee
   A   G  u   i   d   e   t   o   M   i   s   s   i   o   n   a   r  y   T   a   c   t   i   c   s   |   1   /   7   /   2   0   0   9
A Guide to Missionary Tactics
Jamshaid Zubairee
This guide is intended to improve awareness about the tacticsused by some groups and cults. The tactics of missionaries andmissionary groups may vary, but there are some basicguidelines to keep in mind that will be helpful in dealing withthem.
 Some missionaries attempt to develop a rapport (relationship)with their subject without divulgingtheir own religiousaffiliation or intention. As an example to make making themseem less "Christian" missionaries are coached by theirsuperiors to avoid using words such as "Christ" or "savior" or"baptize". If you are not sure about the religious identity of the stranger who begins talking to you about religion, ask himdirectly about his beliefs and agenda. Be suspicious of anindirect answer. Remember these people aren't interested indialogue or trying to improve Anglo-Muslim links but are oftenin SECURE PAID EMPLOYMENT to Sell Christianity.
When talking to a Muslim about religion, a missionary mayattempt to elicit as many "I don't know" responses aspossible,in order to establish his superiority in matters of religion. Don't allow yourself to be intimidated! Remember,the missionary hasstudied Islamic beliefsfor the sole purpose tosell Christianity toMuslims. There heartsare sealed and they areno longer interested intruth. Keep in mind thathe is not speaking toyou in order toexchange ideas, butrather to create asmuch doubt in yourmind and lead you awayfrom your faith. If youwant to learn moreabout the Quran, do sofrom someone who doesn't have hidden motives. Therefore,
 You may want tolisten to theirarguments and thenlearn the Muslimresponse, in order to be better prepared forfuture encounters.
 You may be thinking that why theypropagate faith in such a deceitfuland underhanded way? Is itbecause that God will not aid onesseeking the true path? Keep inmind that a bad product is difficultto sell unless you dupe someone?If they are really interested in faithwhy don't they go and asksomeone with a sound knowledgeand understanding of Islam,instead of targeting the naive,vulnerable and the weak. Why theyask mischievous questions fromnaive and week when they havebeen answered many times bylearned scholars? By this we seethem clearly unveiling their realsnake-face and showing their truemissionary colors here as amissionary liar and a deceitfulChristian infidel! This is typical ofChristians world-wide. They mass-slaughtered, terrorized andenslaved all of the earth's nationswith their colonization, slavery andworld wars, and still continue to doso today, and yet, at the sametime they display their snake-facesto you and preach love to you!They're ready to blow you up withtheir atom bombs in a second andkill every single innocent living soulin your country, and yet, at thesame time they lie to you and tell
you how much love they got foryou. During CRUSADES theseChristians Butchered everyoneincluding defenseless women andchildren or any one else that got inthere way. Although it has takenmany hundreds of years, Crusadershave improved; they now only killsome women and RAPE THE REST.The twentieth centaury has seen"Ethnic Cleansing" replacing theword Crusade; in 1996 one of theyoungest recorded victim of rape inBosnia was a baby of 4 Monthsold. Many women and children hadtwo of there fingers severed by theSerbs so that the three remainingfingers would remind them of theTrinity
   A   G  u   i   d   e   t   o   M   i   s   s   i   o   n   a   r  y   T   a   c   t   i   c   s   |   1   /   7   /   2   0   0   9
feel free to simply end the conversation and walk away.Remember that many of these questions and associationsthey are trying to sell have been debunked many times bymore learned Muslims. If they were interested in dialogue,they would be speaking to respected elders and communityleaders exploring common ground improving understandingand faith in the community, but all one sees are the oftenthe same question again to unsuspecting victims. Askyourself what do they hope to gain? However, some of youmay want to listen to their arguments and then learn theMuslim response, in order to be better prepared for futureencounters. One must also remember that manymissionaries intentionally go into Muslim areas in Britain sothey train themselves and create the most seductive "SalesPitch" they can manage. Once they have finished theretraining in salesmanship they will target unsuspectingMuslims (the lonely, vulnerable and weak) lacking inknowledge. The following pointers should give you a basicidea of what to look for.
 The missionary may tell you that he (or a Christian friend oracquaintance) was once a Muslim, or that he had a solidMuslim education, a traditional Muslim family life, etc. Thisis almost always a lie, so don't let him fool you. The hiddenmessage that he is attempting to convey is that he came toaccept Christianity after knowing and overcoming all of theMuslim objections (Jesus being son of god, Bible beingcorrupted by man etc.), and therefore, why should youbother to check it out? He may drop certain Islamic phrasesor talk about the details of his "traditional" Muslimupbringing, in order to lend more credence to his story. Infact, his "memory" is often the result of careful coaching.The missionary might tell you that he knows the Islamicobjections to his arguments, and will then proceed to showhow such objectives are ill-founded. Don't expect to hearthe real Islamic response from such a source.
 Don't be taken in by the "good cop - bad cop" routine. Thisroutine involves a "bad cop" who threatens the subject,and a "good cop" who protects him from the "bad cop". Thesubject is so grateful to the "good cop", and so worriedabout losing the good-will of his protector, that heinvariably shows his appreciation by telling the "good cop"what he wants to hear. In similar fashion, the "good"Christian talks about how much he loves and respectsMuslims, while denouncing the "bad" Christians who hate
Remember, the missionaryhas studied Islamic beliefsfor the sole purpose to sellChristianity to Muslims.There hearts are sealed andthey are no longer interestedin truth. Keep in mind thathe is not speaking to you inorder to exchange ideas, butrather to create as muchdoubt in your mind and leadyou away from your faith. Ifyou want to learn moreabout the Quran, do so fromsomeone who doesn't havehidden motives. Therefore,feel free to simply end theconversation and walk away.Remember that many ofthese questions and beliefsthey are trying to sell havebeen debunked many timesby more learned Muslims. Ifthey were interested indialogue, they would bespeaking to respected eldersand community leadersexploring common groundimproving understandingand faith in the community,but all one sees are theoften the same questionagain to unsuspectingvictims.

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