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Icici Case Study Final

Icici Case Study Final

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Published by Kumar Raghav Maurya

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Published by: Kumar Raghav Maurya on Jul 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ICICI bank was incorporated as a commercial banking company, by the Industrial Credit andInvestment Corporation of India (ICICI), in May 1994. The first ICICI branch was started inJune 1994 at Chennai. The bank provides an array of domestic and international bankingservices to enable national and international trade and business, investment and foreignexchange and treasury services. Right from its inception the bank focused more onincorporating advanced technology. The bank operated the largest chain of ATMs in thecountry, which amounted to more than 450 in 2000. All the bank's branches were fullycomputerized and networked through V-SAT technology. By 1999, the number of branchesincreased to 65 and the bank plans to have over 200 branches by the end of 2002. In April2000, ICICI became the first Indian bank to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange
ICICI was always regarded as one of the best private banks to foster advanced technologiesin the banking sector. As part of its technology drive, in 1997, ICICI launched 'Infinity,' thefirst Indian Internet banking service. The service was launched to reduce transaction cost andoffer convenient banking to customers. This meant enabling the customers to access theirbank account and make transactions at any time. ICICI realized that to make Infinity asuccess, it would have to invest heavily in sound Internet banking e-commerce technology.During 1995-99, ICICI invested Rs50 million in online banking technology solutions. In1997, ICICI bought the 'BankAway' software from Infosys. BankAway was an e-commercesolution that provided the bank a platform to offer an integrated financial services portal tothe customers. It offered access to account information, bill payment, cash management,trade, finance and online shopping.
was initially targeted at the non-resident Indians (NRIs) to enable them to managetheir bank accounts in India through the Internet. According to the bank's sources, Infinityhelped to increase the business generated from NRI customers from Rs300 million in 1997 toRs1.4 billion in 1998. The service was also aimed at individuals in the age group of 30 to 50
years working in the corporate sector and proficient in using technology. However, over thenext few years, the bank enhanced its services to attract other customers as well. As a result,by early 2000, ICICI had over 110,000 Internet banking customers. In the first half of 2000,ICICI's Internet banking customer base touched 275,000.
At ICICI Bank, corporates are offered a wide range of products and services, the technologiesto leverage them anytime, anywhere and the expertise to customize them to client-specificrequirements. From cash management to corporate finance, from forex to acquisitionfinancing, we provide you with end-to-end services for all your banking needs.
The result is an overall financial solution for your company that helps youaccomplish your objectives:
ICICI Bank can guide you through the universe of strategic alternatives - fromidentifying potential merger or acquisition targets to realigning your business' capitalstructure.
ICICI Bank has been the foremost arrangers of acquisition finance for cross bordertransactions and is the preferred financer for acquisitions by Indian companies in overseasmarkets.
The Bank has also developed Forex risk hedging products for clients aftercomprehensive research of the risks a corporate body is exposed to, e.g., Interest Rate, Forex,Commodity, Credit Risk, etc.
We offer you global services through our correspondent banking relationship with950 foreign banks and maintain a NOSTRO account in 19 currencies to service you betterand have strong ties with our neighbouring countries
ICICI Bank is the leading collecting bankers to Public & Private Placement/ MutualFunds/ Capital Gains Bonds issues. Besides, we have products specially designed for thefinancial intermediaries to meet their unique requirements.
We support your international business by meeting working capital requirements of export and import financing. We also have a host of non-funded services for our clients.
Whatever your industry, size or financial requirements, ICICI Bank has the expertiseand the solutions to partner you all the way.
The Bank delivers world class banking services to financial sector clients. Our currentroaming accounts empower you with 'Anytime, Anywhere Banking'. They are designed foryour convenience. Our comprehensive collection and payment services span India's largestCMS network of over 4,500 branches. We provide correspondent banking tie-ups withforeign banks to assist them in their India-related businesses.
The FISG is responsible for syndication of loans to corporate clients. ICIC ensure theparticipation of banks and financial institution for the syndication of loans. Some of theproducts syndicated are
Project Finance
Corporate Term Loans
Working Capital Loans
Acquisition Finance, etc.
ICICI Bank is a market leader in the securitisation and asset sell-down market. From itsportfolio, the FISG offers different products to its clients in this segment. The products are:
Asset-Backed Securities (ABS).

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