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jerusalem compassed #1062

jerusalem compassed #1062

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Published by Inga Cold

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Published by: Inga Cold on Jan 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jerusalem Compassed
Tape 1062

This particular setting is going to synchronization. That is to say, let us all set our
watches for the attack. Because, you have to work together to get something done if you
are serving to the Lord. And He has many people going in different directions but you
must go by the one sign and that is God's sign. He tells you when. He tells you how. And
probably, one of the things that pulls more people off is when you start listening to one
verse revs or people that don't know what they are talking about. Trying to translate
prophecy. And they will say, `watch the united nations. That's the beast.' `watch the big
computer in Belgium. That's the beast.' where is there any foundation for nonsense?
There isn't. when some people would even publish something like `America is really
Babylon'. yeah, if you would listen to someone like that, you would listen to anything.
You could be had, friend. Well, how do you prevent that? You stick to God's Word. ALL
ever forget it and you won't be lead astray. Jerusalem is the barometer of the end times.
Its not Rome. Anyone who would listen to that has been had. The Bible, all the teachings
of Christ concerning prophecy points to Jerusalem. So get that set in your mind and let
that sink in real good. That basically is what this particular lecture is about. Jerusalem
and how it applies.Jerusalem has been occupied up til the year of 1948 for a 1300 year
period by one particular people. That's a long time. But there was a change and there
hasn't been a day the same since. The fig tree. Both the evil and the good were, the plant,
the shoot was set out in Jerusalem. So don't get your eyes too far away from it when it
comes to prophecy.
Open your Bibles to Luke. Let's ask a word of wisdom from our Father. Open your
Bibles to Luke chapter 4. And this is going to be ever so simple but for lectures that are
going to follow I want you all at least to be, I want you to have your watches set. That is
to say, where we are all on the same page. So that we know what our Father is relating to
us. Okay. Let's pick it up, if we may. Jesus has incidentally in this fourth chapter, has just
been tempted by satan. And satan does that to you every day if you give him the
opportunity. So that falls in place and especially as you begin to serve God with a closer
walk, he is going to tempt you more so. You must work as a unit. You know, destroyers
are satan's little children. They like to destroy the work of God. And maybe they do it, as
Jesus would warn you, in the name of God. So as satan has quoted scripture to pull
people off, and in this case, even attempting to pull off course, the Lord Jesus Christ
Himself. So, why do you think you would frighten him as thinking that you were tough to
pull off course. So he is going to try you with ever seemingly wonderful great swelling
words. Stick to the Word of God. Stay focused. But that is so simple. That's because God
loves you. He wants it kept simple so that we can all be on the same page so that we
conquer satan and have the victory.

Chapter 4 verse 17 and it reads. "and there was delivered unto Him" being Christ "the
book of the prophet Esias" that is to say Isaiah "and when He had opened the Book, He
found the place where it was written, 'the Spirit of the Lord was upon Me because He had
anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor" that is to say, to the humble "He hath sent
me to heal the broken hearted" that is to say those that know better, that know something

is wrong and it breaks their heart to see people mislead. "to preach deliverance to the
captives" those that satan might have wrapped up. The whole families in some cases. To
teach you how to break free from that. To teach you how to be a servant of the living
God. "and recovering the sight to the blind" that is to say, the blind to the truth and in
many cases where they can see that light. See that truth "and recovering of sight to the
blind. To set at liberty them that are bruised" bruised for what? Bruised for serving God.
Just because you serve the Lord and because you plant seeds occasionally, you are going
to get bruised for it. You are going to have some knucklehead come along that will try to
draw you off course or have his own agenda. Not God's agenda. God didn't send any
heroes or special people. We are one body. This is what is special. It is the Word of God.
And a person that is not in it, just isn't with God. Period. But to wound those that are
bruised or that suffer, what does that mean? it means, He is going to take care of you.
That was His first advent. And that is what we are talking about here.

And then He says, verse 19 "to preach the acceptable year of the Lord" comma. Now He stopped in the middle of the verse. And satan had just been quoting a lot of verses and I know you that have studied with me, you know what the rest of that verse is. And you know why He stopped right there. Because that is setting your watch. That is letting you know where you are. What He is talking about. Why? So that you are not deceived. He is talking about the first advent.

Verse 20 "and He closed the book and he gave it again to the minister and He sat down.
And the eyes of all of them that were in the synagogue were fastened on Him. And He
began to say unto them "this day" set your watch friend in your mind "this day is this
scripture fulfilled in your ears" that is the first part. Now we got part number two and you
are very much involved with part number two. That's why it is important that you pay
attention to God's Word because there are prophecies unfolding daily and you have to
know where to look to see them. Not through another man's eyes but through your own
eyes because Christ came the first time to open your eyes to what is happening. Whereby
you are not blinded to it. Where you are not deceived. That you are a child of His. Able
to function as a servant of the living God.

Verse 22 "and all bear Him witness" they listened "and wondered at the glorious words
which proceeded out of His mouth. And they said `is this not Joseph's son?' now many of
you when you learn a Truth, you mention it in your family. `you surely don't believe
that?' `well, it is written right here in the Bible' `well, you surely don't believe that?' now
that is pretty dangerous stuff, friend. When people will not see what is plainly and simply
written on the pages of God's Word. Of exactly how it is going down in the end
generation. It's not going to be nice when your family doesn't listen to you. But should
you cry a lot about that?

Let's see what happened to Christ about this. " and He said unto them, `ye will surely say
unto me this proverb `physician, heal thyself' whatsoever we have heard done in
Capaurnum, do also here in thy community." in other words, Christ had quite a reputation
at this time for healing the sick and so on and so forth. For teaching the Word. They
didn't believe it. And if there is another way that you want to put it, they are challenging

Him. `show us a sign'. that's a cry of so many people when He has given you the whole book. And you would ask for a sign. What you need to do is familiarize yourself with what the signs are and read them for yourself. That's why we are here.

Verse 24. "and He said `verily I say unto you, no prophet is accepted in his own country'" so may of you, I know you have problems with some of your own families. Do you think you are better than Christ? You think you can tell it better than He did? Naturally, you are going to have some problems. That in itself will ultimately works to the positive as it is written in Mark 13 for your own family deliver you because they think the false Jesus is indeed Jesus. Why? A bunch of yo-yo's told them. Don't listen to yo-yo's. listen to the Word of God.

Verse 25. "but I tell you of a Truth," Christ speaking. "many widows were in Israel in the
days of Elias" in the days of Elijah. When the heaven was shut up three years and six
months." the same equivalent of time as the final days so to speak, to give an example.
He is drawing and using the analogy. "when great famine was throughout the land." and
you know what the great famine is today. It is for people hearing the real true Word of
God. Not bread. Amos chapter 8 verse 11 documents it.

Verse 26 "and to none of them was Elias" Elijah "sent save unto Sereptah a city of sidon
unto a woman who was a widow." what made this widow different then? Well for one
thing, she only had enough for her and her son, one meal. and then they were going to
die. She was willing to share that with a man of God. And of course, he blessed her. God
blessed her through that one. Well, why did God pick her? Because the son and her was a
sign unto you.

Verse 27. "and many lepers were in Israel in the time of Elisias" which is the Greek for
Elisha, of the servant of Elijah the prophet. "but none of them was cleansed saving
Namon the Syrian." well, he wasn't even of the house of Israel. And old Namon almost
missed it. You know why? As it is written in 2 Kings, the prophet told him to go out
there and dip seven times in the water. And he said, I have come all of this way and have
brought all of these goods and that is going to heal me? You see, it is obedience and it is
the Word. So he went and he finally dipped himself seven times and he was white as a
newborn child. That is to say of leporasy. He was cleansed of leporasy, the scaly
substances were gone. Why? He obeyed God. Did God do that for everyone? No. well
why did he do it for him? Because he finally mustered up the faith to go and dip seven
times. Its much like some of you, you do what many so called hearers do in this
generation, the Word is very clear that you should annoint with the oil of our people.
They spit on them and blow on them and kick them and shove them and have men catch
them and roll them. You know, so help me God, I am not making fun of them but it is
kind of funny, isn't it? Really. But you are supposed to annoint them and let God do the
rest. That is His promise and He will do it. And so help me God. I like all our dear
brethren of the cloth and so forth, I think, and whatever but it is just not Biblical. Do I
think they are healing anyone? Not really. Because no man heals unless he practices the
art. God does the healing. Man just likes to take himself for something he is not, if you
are not careful. We serve God.

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