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two churches #1063

two churches #1063



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Published by Inga Cold

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Published by: Inga Cold on Jan 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Two Churches
tape 1063 PO '01

Two churches. Very Biblical. Very serious and something we need be
made aware of because\u2026first let's take the word most commonly used,
let's say in the book of revelation about churches, it would better be
translated assemblies. It's where people assemble together and they
make up the body of Christ. Alright. Which is the old German word
kurch or church. And, I tell you, let us get right into it. We ask a word of
wisdom from our Father and I see Dennis left his notes up here\u2026wow,
that looks like a good sermon. It sure does\u2026 open your Bibles if you
would to the great book of Matthew. We are to head about chapter 16.
What did Christ do when he formed the church? You know, you need to
pay attention to Him because He is the head. And what He advises is
ever so important, that is if you want to be successful. And I think you
know as long as you try, you should be, and I guarantee you if you do it
God's way, you always will be. That is just the way it is. That's His
promise and if you meet His conditions, you can rest assuredSo opening
your Bibles to chapter 16 the great book of Matthew, let's pick it up if we
may verse 6. Where Christ will soon be talking about forming His church.
"Then Jesus said unto them `take heed and beware of the leaven of the
Pharisees and saducees'" and of course, leaven spiritually means sin.
Beware of sin that comes in from that quarter or any quarter.

Verse 7. "and they reasoned among themselves saying `it is because we
have taken no bread'" isn't it strange how people wonder about their
stomachs so much, isn't it? I guess when you are a wayfaring person in
those days back out on the trails, a piece of bread could be very
important. But can you imagine walking with the master and not
following His thought? And it is easy for us to say that now, that's
Monday back quarterbacking or whatever you call it, you know, but it
makes one wonder.

Verse 8. "which when Jesus perceived" He can read your mind "He said
unto them, `o ye of little faith'" now the little girl from Tyre in the prior
chapter had said even concerning bread in verse 27 of the prior chapter
said `and she said `truth Lord, yet the dogs eat the crumbs which fall
from the master's table' and Jesus answered and said `o woman, great is
thy faith' she was listening to Him. They are not. These disciples are not
listening. Not thinking. Do you know what the real truth is? They weren't
focused and that is what I was talking about this morning. You've got to
be focused on God's Word. Think what it is He has a message to you, it
doesn't matter what man thinks. This man or any other man. Stay
focused on the head of the church which is to say Christ. Jesus told

them right to their face. "O ye of little faith. Why reason ye among
yourselves because you have brought no bread? Do you not yet
understand neither remember the five loaves and the five thousand and
how many baskets you took up?" there were twelve baskets of crumbs
left over in the miracle of that feeding. Stop and think for a moment.
What do you get when you pick up a bunch of crumbs? Do you listen to
crumbs or do you listen to the Lord? Naturally it meant when you are
dealing with Christ you don't have to worry about bread, there is more
than enough to go around. But there is something else that He wants
you to be aware of. He just warned. Beware of the doctrine. And anytime
you gather a group like that together, you are going to have some
oddballs there. Squirrels sent directly by satan to disrupt. That's what
He is talking about. When He forms His church, He does not expect
church leaders to tolerate that. And you shouldn't.

Verse 10. "and neither the seven loaves of the four thousand and how
many baskets you took up" well, how many was there? There was seven.
Meaning again, you can even call this God's elect if you want to and
there would be plenty to go around.

Verse 11. "how is it that you do not understand that it not to you
concerning bread, that you should be aware of the leaven of the
Pharisees and the saducees" that's what I was talking about. The sin and
false teaching that they would bring. "then understood they how that He
bade then not beware of the leaven of bread, but of the doctrine of the
Pharisees and the Sadducees."it was doctrine that He was concerned
with. Anytime that you have a large gathering, you are going to have a lot
of doctrines slip in that are a waste of time. Absolutely nonsense
compared to the true Word of God. And it is important. Hey, something
like that can drive you off and cause you to be cut off if you go far
enough. Of course, there is always repentance. We have the precious
Word of God. Focus on it. Study it for yourself. You are the one that will
have to answer on judgment day. I am not going to answer for you nor is
anyone else. Your Father wrote you this letter, see that you read it.

Verse 13. "when Jesus came into the coast of Caesarea Philippi, He
asked His disciples saying `Who do men say that I the Son of Man am?"
now listen carefully "and they said `some say that thou are John the
Baptist'" I mean, he had been beheaded "'some Elias" that would be
Elijah in the Hebrew tongue "and others Jeremias" old Jeremy "or one of
the prophets" that's what they say about you.

Verse 15. "and He saith unto them `but whom say ye that I am?"
Sixteen. "and Simon Peter answered and said "thou art the Christ, the
Son of the living God."

Seventeen. "and Jesus answered and said unto him, `blessed art thou
Simon Bar-jona" meaning son of the dove "for flesh and blood hath not
revealed it unto thee but my Father which is in heaven" He caused you to
say that. "and I say unto thee, thou art Peter and upon this rock I will
build my church." listen up friend. "and the gates of hell shall not prevail
against it." how could they? If you cast out the false doctrine, if you listen
only truly to the teachings of God or that that Father in heaven reveals
through the Holy Spirit to cause people to speak the truth and be able to
document it, hey, if a man or a woman can't document what they say,
throw it out and them with it. You don't have time for that sort of\u2026.we
are late in the day. Now many people misunderstand this statement
thinking that it was Peter Christ was saying whom Christ would build
His church on. Not true. The word Peter is petrus. Petrus in the Greek
tongue is a movable stone. But petra is the rock the church is built on
and that is Christ. And He is immovable. You can stand on Him and
know that you are not going to come up short. And you are not going to
be left behind even though you might read books `left behind' today. I
guarantee you, you are the one that will move to the forefront."and I will
give unto thee" now listen to this. If you are part of that church, I will
give unto thee "the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatsoever thou
shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. And whatsoever thou shall
loose on earth shall be loose in heaven." that's kind of power and
authority but it is work. Those that you can drag from the fire, in the role
of church, assembly, okay, sounds better assembly, doesn't it? Because
it is a group of people that work together, pull together, have one
common goal and that is to establish and work within Christ's church.
He said, that is how I am going to build it and if you are really in it, I am
going to hand you a key. You can unlock doors and nobody can shut
them. When you start listening to someone that has been gathered in a
large crowd, ask yourself how God has blessed them. One of the main
things that we have these meetings for is so that like-minded people can
listen to each other. Why? Because I know that all of you are intelligent
enough that you could spot a phony when you see one. Okay? And they
will show up. You can count on it. I like to consider it as comical myself.
You know, it is a challenge. God expects you to rise above, kind of the
norm of people that are easily deceived because on of the main things He
warns the assembly about, don't let anyone who comes claiming to be a
Christian deceive you. You will find that in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and
even Luke 21 infers. We see here what Christ was teaching just before He
told Peter of the establishing of the church and it would be on Pentecost
day that 120 would join that assembly and it would move forth. And I
guarantee you that there were no crumbs in the basket that day. Peter
taught a sermon in Acts chapter 2 that anyone can be proud of. It was
straight on and Christ did very well in choosing him. Let's follow the

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