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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. A Guided Tour Of The MySQL Source Code
1.1. BitKeeper
1.2. The Major Directories
1.2.1. Major Directories: BUILD
1.2.2. Major Directories: client
1.2.3. Major Directories: Docs
1.2.4. Major Directories: myisam
1.2.5. Major Directories: mysys
1.2.6. Major Directories: sql
1.2.7. Major Directories: vio
1.3. The Flow
1.4. The Open-source Directories
1.5. The Internal and External Storage Engine Director- ies
1.6. The "OS Specific" Directories
1.7. Odds and Ends
1.8. A Chunk of Code in /sql/sql_update.cc
1.9. The Skeleton Of The Server Code
1.10. Recap
2.1. C/C++ Coding Guidelines
2.2. configure Support for Plugins
2.2.1. configure Command-Line Plugin Options
2.2.2. Autotools Plugin Macros
3.1. Code and Concepts
3.1.1. Definitions
3.1.2. The Optimizer Code
3.2. Primary Optimizations
3.2.1. Optimizing Constant Relations
3.2.2. Optimizing Joins
3.2.3. Transpositions
3.2.4. ORDER BY Clauses
3.2.5. GROUP BY and Related Conditions
3.3. Other Optimizations
3.3.1. NULLs Filtering for ref and eq_ref Access
3.3.2. Partitioning-Related Optimizations
Chapter 4. Important Algorithms and Structures
4.1. The Item Class
4.2. How MySQL Does Sorting (filesort)
4.3. Bulk Insert
4.4. How MySQL Does Caching
4.5. How MySQL Uses the Join Buffer Cache
4.6. How MySQL Handles FLUSH TABLES
4.7. Full-text Search
4.8. FLOAT and DOUBLE data types and their represent- ation
4.9. Threads
4.10. Character/Collation Sets
4.11. Error flags and functions
4.12. Functions in the mysys Library
4.13. Bitmaps
5.1. MySQL .frm File Format
Chapter 6. How MySQL Performs Different Selects
6.1. Steps of Select Execution
6.2. select_result Class
6.4. Structure Of Complex Select
6.5. Non-Subquery UNION Execution
6.6. Derived Table Execution
6.7. Subqueries
6.8. Single Select Engine
6.9. Union Engine
6.10. Special Engines
6.11. Explain Execution
Chapter 7. How MySQL Transforms Subqueries
7.1. Item_in_subselect::select_transformer
7.1.1. Scalar IN Subquery
7.1.2. Row IN Subquery
7.2. Item_allany_subselect
7.3. Item_singlerow_subselect
Chapter 8. MySQL Client/Server Protocol
8.1. Licensing Notice
8.2. Organization
8.3. Elements
8.4. The Packet Header
8.5. Packet Types
8.6. Handshake Initialization Packet
8.7. Client Authentication Packet
8.8. Password functions
8.9. Command Packet
8.10. Types Of Result Packets
8.11. OK Packet
8.12. Error Packet
8.13. Result Set Header Packet
8.14. Field Packet
8.15. EOF Packet
8.16. Row Data Packet
8.17. Row Data Packet: Binary (Tentative Description)
8.18. Prepared Statement Initialization Packet (Tentative Description)
8.19. OK for Prepared Statement Initialization Packet (Tentative Description)
8.20. Parameter Packet (Tentative Description)
8.21. Long Data Packet (Tentative Description)
8.22. Execute Packet (Tentative Description)
8.23. Compression
9.1. Statement Re-execution Requirements
9.2. Preparation of a Prepared Statement
9.3. Execution of a Prepared Statement
9.4. Execution of a Stored Procedure Statement
10.1. Main Code Files
10.2. The Binary Log
10.3. Replication Threads
10.3.1. The Slave I/O Thread
10.3.2. The Slave SQL Thread
10.3.3. Why 2 Threads?
10.3.4. The Binlog Dump Thread
10.4. How Replication Deals With
10.4.1. auto_increment Columns, LAST_INSERT_ID()
10.4.2. User Variables (Since 4.1)
10.4.3. System Variables
10.4.4. Some Functions
10.4.5. Non-repeatable UDF Functions
10.4.6. Prepared Statements
10.4.7. Temporary Tables
10.4.8. LOAD DATA [LOCAL] INFILE (Since 4.0)
10.5. How a Slave Asks Its Master to Send Its Binary Log
10.6. Network Packets in Detail
10.7. Replication Event Format in Detail
10.7.1. The Common Header
10.7.2. The “Post-headers” (Event-specific Headers)
10.8. Plans
Chapter 11. MyISAM Storage Engine
11.1. MyISAM Record Structure
11.1.1. Introduction
11.1.2. Physical Attributes of Columns
11.1.3. Where to Look For More Information
11.2. The .MYI file
11.2.1. MyISAM Files
11.3. MyISAM Compressed Data File Layout
11.3.1. Huffman compression
11.3.2. The myisampack Program
11.3.3. Record and Blob Length Encoding
11.3.4. Code Tree Representation
11.3.5. Usage of the Index File
11.3.6. myisampack Tricks
11.3.7. Detailed Specification of the Decoding:
Chapter 12. InnoDB Storage Engine
12.1. InnoDB Record Structure
12.1.1. High-Altitude Picture
12.1.2. Where to Look For More Information
12.2. InnoDB Page Structure
12.2.1. High-Altitude View
12.2.2. Example
12.2.3. Where to Look For More Information
13.5. Handling Handler Instantiation
13.6. Defining Filename Extensions
13.7. Creating Tables
13.8. Opening a Table
13.11. Adding Support for INSERT to a Storage Engine
13.12. Adding Support for UPDATE to a Storage Engine
13.13. Adding Support for DELETE to a Storage Engine
13.14. Supporting Non-Sequential Reads
13.14.1. Implementing the position() Method
13.14.2. Implementing the rnd_pos() Method
13.15. Supporting Indexing
13.15.1. Indexing Overview
13.15.2. Getting Index Information During CREATE TABLE Op- erations
13.15.3. Creating Index Keys
13.15.4. Parsing Key Information
13.15.5. Providing Index Information to the Optimizer
13.15.6. Preparing for Index Use with index_init()
13.15.7. Cleaning up with index_end()
13.15.8. Implementing the index_read() Method
13.15.9. Implementing the index_read_idx() Method
13.15.10. Implementing the index_next() Method
13.15.11. Implementing the index_prev() Method
13.15.12. Implementing the index_first() Method
13.15.13. Implementing the index_last() Method
13.16. Supporting Transactions
13.16.1. Transaction Overview
13.16.2. Starting a Transaction
13.16.3. Implementing ROLLBACK
13.16.4. Implementing COMMIT
13.16.5. Adding Support for Savepoints
13.17. API Reference
13.17.1. bas_ext
13.17.2. close
13.17.3. create
13.17.4. delete_row
13.17.11. index_last
13.17.12. index_next
13.17.13. index_prev
13.17.14. index_read_idx
13.17.15. index_read
13.17.16. info
13.17.17. open
13.17.18. position
13.17.19. records_in_range
13.17.20. rnd_init
13.17.21. rnd_next
13.17.22. rnd_pos
13.17.23. start_stmt
13.17.24. store_lock
13.17.25. update_row
13.17.26. write_row
14.1. Adding New Error Messages to MySQL
14.2. Adding Storage Engine Error Messages
Appendix A. MySQL Source Code Distribution
A.1. Directory Listing
A.1.1. The bdb Directory
A.1.2. The BitKeeper Directory
A.1.3. The BUILD Directory
A.1.4. The client Directory
A.1.5. The config Directory
A.1.6. The cmd-line-utils Directory
A.1.7. The dbug Directory
A.1.8. The Docs Directory
A.1.9. The extra Directory
A.1.10. The heap Directory
A.1.11. The include Directory
A.1.12. The innobase Directory
A.1.13. The libmysql Directory
A.1.14. The libmysql_r Directory
A.1.15. The libmysqld Directory
A.1.16. The man Directory
A.1.17. The myisam Directory
A.1.18. The myisammrg Directory
A.1.19. The mysql-test Directory
A.1.20. The mysys Directory
A.1.21. The ndb Directory
A.1.22. The netware Directory
A.1.23. The NEW-RPMS Directory
A.1.24. The os2 Directory
A.1.25. The pstack Directory
A.1.26. The regex Directory
A.1.27. The SCCS Directory
A.1.28. The scripts Directory
A.1.29. The server-tools Directory
A.1.30. The sql Directory
A.1.31. The sql-bench Directory
A.1.32. The sql-common Directory
A.1.33. The SSL Directory
A.1.34. The strings Directory
A.1.35. The support-files Directory
A.1.36. The tests Directory
A.1.37. The tools Directory
A.1.38. The VC++Files Directory
A.1.39. The vio Directory
A.1.40. The zlib Directory
Appendix B. InnoDB Source Code Distribution
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MySQL Internals Manual

MySQL Internals Manual



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MySQL Internals Manual
MySQL Internals Manual

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Published by: Saravanan on Jan 10, 2009
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