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The Book of Ashtaroth

The Book of Ashtaroth

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Published by: Dru De Nicola De Nicola on Jul 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Damned be the godwho calleth himself the One!And damned be all thosewho bend their knees before him!Damned be those and their god,damned to the end of time!
Behold, darkness covereth the earth,and the stench of Zabaoth filleth the air!He is the god of slavery,and wherever he putteth his feet,there everybody will lose his freedom.He is the enemy of life,and wherever he ruleth,there he forces the flesh to decay.He is the prince of ugliness,and wherever his sight falleth upon,there beauty veileth itself.Beware,because Zabaoth and his herd wander about the land;and they will not tolerate anybody which doeth notwander with them!*But the day will come, when Ashtaroth will cross the abyss of centuries and the reign of darkness will tremble of her.
From the dust of the earth man rose.And man subdued the earth, upon which he set his foot. Hesubdued each living creature and each dead rock.And man recognised the gods, and he recognised theirstrength, so that he bowed himself under their will. Thus thegods ruled over man, and their power was great.The mightiest among all gods however was Belet-ili, the GreatMother, the creatress of life. Man thanked her for the gifts,which he received and which had risen from her womb.And like Belet ruled the earth, so Ereshkigal ruled theunderworld. Hither she took the souls of all mortals, whoselifetime had ended.Great was the power of the. Because all that which was bornby the Great Mother, would once be devoured by the Dark Goddess.The most beautiful and most splendid among all goddesseshowever was Ashtaroth. She possessed the sublime beauty of the crescent, which illuminates the night with its light.And the fire of passion made her body shine so splendid thatall mortal men were consumed by desire for her.Red was the colour of her soul, red like the fire, red like theblood, red like the colour of life.She was the mistress of love and force, of life and battle.

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