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526 Growth Assessment j Tinoco Final

526 Growth Assessment j Tinoco Final

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Published by jimmytinoco

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Published by: jimmytinoco on Jul 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Growth Assessment Jimmy TinocoAzusa Pacific UniversityEDTC 526 July 17, 2012Dr. Kathleen Bacer
EDTC 571
Curriculum Foundation
Summer II, Term 1
Professor Valorie SuffernKey Learnings. Valuable research of ed. theorists to confirm my own teaching philosophy.2. Being aware of the
“multiple intelligences” that students have, and how I
can differentiate instruction in the
EDTC 517 
Fall I, Term 2
Professor Joe BruzzeseKey Learnings1. Have demonstrated the ability to develop a web site and use it forprofessional collaboration.2. Developed an understanding of how to infuse telecommunication intothe academic and personal lives of my
EDTC 524
Instructional Design and Development
Fall II, Term 3
Professor Laura SilvaKey Learnings1. Learned to create and employ a lesson using the Backwards Designwith technology based learning experiences.2. Use of online tools to collaborate and create a presentation.
EDTC 573
Philosophy/Ethics and History of Education
Spring I, Term 4
Professor Valorie Suffern
Key Learnings1. Learned about the development of education, specifically in theUnited States.2. Learned about the education pioneers and their influence on theeducational system that we know today.
EDTC 523
Educ. App. of Info. Design & Hypermedia
Spring I, Term 4
Professor Laura SilvaKey Learnings1. I learned to utilize online tools to use for instruction and communication.2. Learned about hypermedia in education and how to use it to an effectivepotential.
EDTC 515
Emerging Trends in Technology
Spring II, Term 5
Dr. James BrownKey Learnings1. Learned to gain an understanding of various technologies and trends and discover how they are impacting education today.2. Learned to furt
her investigate online (distance) and hybrid learning’s
impact on education
Maters in Educational Technology
Histor of Coursework for Jimm Tinoco
EDTC 520
Foundations in Educational Technology
Spring II, Term 5
Professor Elisabeth SilverKey Learnings
1. Learned to analyze, evaluate, and become familiar with my district’s
technology plan by articulating the vision, goals, and objectives.2. Learned to create a criterion based check list to review software.
EDTC 518
Global Learning/Cross-Cult. Learning
Fall II, Term 3
Dr. Kathleen BacerKey Learnings1. Learned to promote cross-cultural literacy using technology and theWorld Wide Web.2. Learned how to collaborate across different regions through differentcurriculum based telecomputing activity structures.
EDTC 511
Foundations in Educational Technology
Summer II, Term 1
Dr. Kathleen BacerKey Learnings1. Learning more efficient ways to communicate using technology2. Learned skills that will help me analyze and use technology resources
EDTC 527 
Special Topics in Educational Technology
Fall I, Term 2
Professor Barry Bettger
Key Learnings1. Implemented Web 2.0 resources in the design and delivery of classroom.2. Learned to use research and collaboration tools such as, RSS feeds, wikis,and Skype.
EDTC 572
Advanced Educational Psychology
Summer 1, Term 6
Dr. James BrownKey Learnings1. Learned about student motivation and created a motivational lesson.2. Learned about the science behind the
of the brain and how the brain can continue to develop.
EDTC 526
Practicum in Educ. App of Technology
Summer I, Term 6
Dr. Kathleen BacerKey Learnings1. Reflected on my personal, professional, and technical growththroughout this master
s program.2. Developed a comprehensive multimedia ePortfolio that showcasesskills and concepts.
Personal Growth
My experience at Azusa Pacific University has affected my life and personalgrowth in many ways. It has given me the opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually as acompassionate person, and as a reflective educator. Going through this Educational TechnologyM
s Program I was able to grow and change spiritually, cognitively, and affectively.The biggest change that I have gone through has been a spiritual one. Afterreading many scriptures and analyzing many of the different verses found in the Bible, I havegained a new found respect for the Christian worldview. I have also gained spiritual knowledgefrom the insightful discussions that I have had with my fellow cadre members. It has been ablessing having these life altering discussions in all of our different discussion forums. Havingthis worldview has made me more aware and empathetic towards all people. I have also learned how important it is to model these learnings and not just talk about them. One of the firstverses that I saw when I opened my Faith in Action Bible was taken from I John -
I John 3: 18 “
Letus not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.
” (Zondervan Publishing, 2004
, p. 2060).This program has also changed me cognitively and affectively. Being part of thisprogram
I have had to learn how to integrate the skills I’ve learned into my personal life. I have
become more aware of the things that I do, and how they affect everything around me. I havelearned to balance the things in my life a little better so that I can have a happier and morefulfilling personal and professional life. I feel that learning to balance these things has made me astronger and more flexible person. Through all of my hard work in this program I havedeveloped a stronger work ethic, passion, and confidence that have inspired me to be a betterperson and a contributing citizen on many different levels.My personal growth during this program has allowed me to change into a compassionateand responsible family member, educator, colleague, and friend that is ready to take on many

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