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Prosperity Rendering ~ Financial Magick & RTRRT

Prosperity Rendering ~ Financial Magick & RTRRT

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Published by Academic_Zodiac
Enchant your immediate future with personal prosperity. Get rich and stay rich in record time! Create your own prosperity even amidst turbulent financial times. Immediately enjoy your financial prosperity right now. The prosperity rendering tools provide safety for your riches even in midst of global financial meltdown.
Enchant your immediate future with personal prosperity. Get rich and stay rich in record time! Create your own prosperity even amidst turbulent financial times. Immediately enjoy your financial prosperity right now. The prosperity rendering tools provide safety for your riches even in midst of global financial meltdown.

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Published by: Academic_Zodiac on Jan 10, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2009,www.lulu.com/astrology. Copyright © 2009 By Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of the author, except when permitted by law.
 Luk 18:17 Verily I say to you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein.
Copyright © 2009 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved.http://www.lulu.com/astrologyREALITY RENDERINGProsperity renders according to the chosen RTRRT. Reality Rendering Tools are efficientmethods in fast event production
Even childish fantasies can be used in prosperity rendering, in discovering one’s personalabundance as well as revealing that any fantasies were precious personal initiations, ashidden within apparently childish projections.TREASURE MAP
One can see events as producing “out of the blue” such as in Snow Crash instant magick, or as product of one’s own soul kitchen, typically by imprinting a personal treasure chart into Akasa.
As different from local skies. The astronomic skies can nevertheless be advantageously used in avoidingthe traps of global financial meltdown, as setting one’s goals within an appropriate time frame. In periodsof prosperity, there may be no use in forcing positive events, even superseding and overlapping with thegood already created. Periods of darkness are advantageously enlightened and set in motion along the TimeTrack. The Time Track is an imagined blueprint of one’s future activities, as a symbolical road intofuturity, that nevertheless acts as real guideline which represents time in a persona space fashion. The firstsession may show a dirty road with many traps, murky horizons and difficult loops, while further sessionswill open up to a celestial highway. One advantageously marks one’s path with one’s own presence, thusintervening with the RTRRT along the future path. One alights on an event in the future, in discreatingnegativity while installing a positive flash of futurity along one’s path. One is thus the architect of one’sfuturity, which happens exclusively according to one’s Plan, in unison with Divine Providence.
The treasure map is the magician’s best asset. It is a pictorial representation of one’s truewill. Typically done on a piece of paper, it can be nevertheless advantageously carvedinto stone, in being imprinted as concrete ort abstract event in second attention
The treasure chart is a prosperity map that includes a solid green border as traced withone move
A symbolic representation of the ultimate divinity
is expressed over the top border of the map
A realistic drawing of oneself or a photograph forms the central theme of the map.4.
One’s image is put in relation to the object obtained
A formula can be set as expression and affirmation, even Amen, typically at the bottom of the treasure chart, in expressing one’s confident intent towards a givengoal.6.
In order to become Amen
, one’s confidence is distilled by an O5 session. One sitswith eyes closed in attaining mind vacuity
. In beholding the treasure chart as set before one, one sympathizes with the attainment of one’s desired goal. In a timelessmoment, one has already achieved one’s goal
The second attention or astral realm, the upper world that nevertheless coexists with material kingdomright now, right here. One may associate second attention with the fifth element. Bogeyman initiation dealswith the eventual initiation as received on the astral plane, that is, in active dreaming. The sleeper awakensin dreams in order to give and receive initiation on another plane than mere physical.
Without taking the drawing hand off the desk. The thick green line forms a secure frame before anycontent is added within the treasure map. Green stands for Venus and thus prosperity. The frame is amagickal tool that definitely divides the kingdom of demons and chaos from our own creation. Nothingmust be allowed to slip into our creative process, thus the frame not only symbolizes but also divides chaosand bad futurity from personal intent and good karma. Karma thus becomes a prefabricated futurity.
The representation of divinity is set under the upper border of the map, in keeping in mind that theinexpressible can not be represented at all. Useful as a sublime advice is setting the Name, possibly inHebrew, as towering and blessing over the treasure chart. Let all be done on behalf of the Name. Easterninitiates will like to express their admiration towards the Sublime in a holy glyph such as Om. The moreabstract the representation, the less the chance of demoniac elements mis-associating with divine creation.
The map can be scaled according to the five elements.
The object to be obtained is set into vivid relationship with its owner. The object in question beingabstract, a sublime image of Godhead is set crowning and blessing over the top of the map. Note that weavoid “to be obtained” as a hardly advantageous formulation of one’s Plan. We do not want something to be obtained; we obtain it.
Firm, affirmative and “coagulated”, according to the O5 SOLVE ET COAGVLA formula.
The best in using True Mind Distiller.
Akasa is activated, even by the “removal” of any influence from gross elements, which would suggest aheavy fate along with some unmovable obstacle from one’s subconscious mind.

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