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Email to Pareene01

Email to Pareene01

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Published by AaronWorthing
Email from me to Alex Pareene of Salon
Email from me to Alex Pareene of Salon

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Published by: AaronWorthing on Jul 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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7/17/12Gmail - Your article on Brett Kimberlin (this is Aaron Walker)1/8https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=e1b0744f2e&view=pt&search=inbox&msg=138729164cb81fea
Aaron Worthing <edmd5.20.10@gmail.com>
 Your article on Brett Kimberlin (this is Aaron Walker)
Aaron Worthing
<edmd5.20.10@gmail.com>Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 4:25 PMTo: apareene@salon.comMr. Pereene, Let me start by offering a partial apology. While I do continue to fault your decision not to contact anyone on theother side of the story, you would not be the first or the last person to be taken in by Brett Kimberlin and thus Ishouldn’t have called you out so much on Twitter this morning. I should have started by doing what I am doingnow, contacting you privately and offering corrections. That is the more civilized way to handle things. Let me start with something big. This is not so much a matter of correcting you, because this is too subjectiveto be a matter of correction, but I think it is important to say it. I do not think this is truly a right/left issue.Seriously, is there any party in
of attempting to frame a person for a crime just because they saidsomething you don’t like? I think McCain said something like this: Sociopath is not a party designation. Of course Brett Kimberlin has glommed on to various liberal funders and causes, but his truest devotion is tohimself. You will find no shortage of people on the right who will argue that Kimberlin typifies all that is wrongwith the left these days, but I am not one of them. I think the worst you can say is that people like GeorgeSoros, Teresa Heinz-Kerry and Barbara Streisand were all too quick to believe in a story of redemption that isultimately false, but that doesn’t make them bad people—just inappropriately optimistic about human nature. Let’s go through this bit-by-bit: Meanwhile, some prominent bloggers were the victims of terrifying (and potentially dangerous) false 911calls, which most of the bloggers claim — without a shred of evidence — to be related, somehow, totheir brave decisions to blog about Kimberlin. Well, actually each of the people who have either written critical pieces about Kimberlin, or have been accused of doing so (including Mike Stack). And indeed in my case, the swatting occurred on the same day as when I wona legal victory against Brett Kimberlin. Now I want to say that carefully. First, I do not believe that Kimberlin haspersonally swatted anyone; I have listened to the prior three voices and they don’t sound like him. I am presentlywaiting to hear my own swatting call, but frankly when I do, I am likely to be asked not to discuss it. As for thepossibility of him having someone else do this, at this point I don’t have a shred of evidence implicating Kimberlinin that manner. But it is plain as day that this is a person who does it motivated by love of Kimberlin or hatred of his enemies. That is the Occam’s razor answer. Next: 
7/17/12Gmail - Your article on Brett Kimberlin (this is Aaron Walker)2/8https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=e1b0744f2e&view=pt&search=inbox&msg=138729164cb81fea
Walker’s post is mainly a lengthy (oh god, so lengthy) account of two people repeatedly filing motions ateach other  This sounds like we are equivalent in this. The fact is Kimberlin started this legal battle. Kimberlin then subpoenaed Comcast and Google to get Walker’s real name and tried to compel Walker to testify, in what Walker says was an attempt to get him to stop blogging about Kimberlin and his past. That’s not accurate. His prima facie motivation was dumber and crazier than that. He was trying to get revengefor the very slight legal help I provided to Seth Allen. Prior to his attempt to out me, this is the sum total of what Ihad written about him in any blog post: Brynaert is almost certainly referring to this case, involving the alleged defamation of Brett Kimberlin, theconvicted terrorist known as the Speedway Bomber. I suppose next he will assert that I have defamedbin Laden. Seriously, defamation is a cause of action for damage to reputation; does Kimberlin evenhave a public reputation capable of being damaged? You can read that, here:http://allergic2bull.blogspot.com/2011/12/thuggery-fail-brynaert-tries.html He also professes a belief that there is some kind of massive conspiracy against him of which I am a part. Whoknows if he really believes that, though, although I guess it is slightly less insane than going after me for brieflyrepresenting Seth. I also think that your characterization of Seth short-hands the issue. Troll or not, he had a right to freedom of speech that Kimberlin has walked all over.  According to Kimberlin, he was merely seeking Walker’s real name because he thought Walker hadthreatened his life, or had incited others to violence against him. Did Kimberlin say that to you when you interviewed him? Or did you gleam that from the documents? I havenever heard him previously claim that in regards to anything I wrote prior to May, well after those subpoenas weredismissed. The accusation that I had threatened his life or incited others to do so was first voiced by him inconnection with the latest peace order, which he filed for on May 19. And I suspect reading later that you didn’trealize there were more than one. I will point that out when it becomes relevant.  And I would appreciate it if you noted that there was absolutely no evidence of threats or incitement. Indeed, thelower court judge only found incitement by accepting Kimberlin’s argument that merely saying someone hasengaged in reprehensible conduct is incitement. So by Kimberlin’s theory, if you report accurately on the Enronscandal, you are inciting violence against Jeffery Skilling and Ken Lay. And for that matter, if you are the parentsof Trayvon Martin and you protest your belief that George Zimmerman unlawfully murdered your son, then you arealso inciting violence. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that this is not the law.
7/17/12Gmail - Your article on Brett Kimberlin (this is Aaron Walker)3/8https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=e1b0744f2e&view=pt&search=inbox&msg=138729164cb81fea
 In any case, any claim that he was seeking my information for any proper purpose has to be squared with histestimony to the contrary. In his testimony on May 29 it was all about my “Everyone Draw Mohammed” website: THE WITNESS [Kimberlin]: He's a publisher of a blog called, "Everyone Draw Muhammad." There is— THE COURT: Everyone Draws Muhammad? THE WITNESS: There are 800 depictions of the Prophet Muhammad on that blog in very insulting andvile depictions. He's asking people to defile and defame the Prophet Muhammad. And-- BY MR. WALKER: With what words did I have (unintelligible) to defame him?  A He asked me a question. THE COURT: Hang on a second. THE WITNESS: Okay. As part of my work on human rights and supporting Muslim artists and activistsoverseas, I thought that this was wrong, The State Department has said that it's wrong for him to do this,The Government of Pakistan has banned his blog, Osama Bin Laden used his blog to recruit suicidebombers to kill Americans, I felt this was wrong, And so I filed a motion in this case, in front of JudgeJordan, on this contempt-- You can read that, here:http://allergic2bull.blogspot.com/2012/07/story-i-couldnt-tell-part-v-may-29.html Not that I believe that explanation from him, either. But it is plain that he did not have an interest in mytestimony, as he claimed in his subpoenas, given the fact that I was there on the day he claimed he needed mytestimony and he never called me to testify.  And this is wrong: But a “peace order” still forbade Walker from threatening, harassing or personally contacting Kimberlin,and a confused old judge who didn’t understand the Internetfound that Walker’s blog posts about

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