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Linked List 1

Linked List 1

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Published by Balaji Rajendran

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Published by: Balaji Rajendran on Jul 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Linked List
linked list 
is a data structure that is used to model,linked lists as one of the data structures is important.
An array is represented in memory using sequential mapping,which has the property that elements are fixed distance apart.
u s as e oowng savanage: maes nseron ordeletion at any arbitrary position in an array a costly operation,because this involves the movement of some of the existingelements.
When we want to represent several lists by using arrays ofvarin size either we have to reresent each list usin aseparate array of maximum size or we have to represent each ofthe lists using one single array. The first one will lead to wastageof storage, and the second will involve a lot of data movement.
Alternative is a linked representation:
In a linked reresentation, it is not necessar that the elements
be at a fixed distance apart.
Instead, we can place elements anywhere in memory, but tomake it a part of the same list, an element is required to be linkedwith a previous element of the list. This can be done by storingthe address of the next element in the previous element itself.This requires that every element be capable of holding the dataas we as e aress o e nex eemen. us every eemenmust be a structure with a minimum of two fields, one for holdingthe data value, which we call a data field, and the other forholding the address of the next element, which we call link field.

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