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LSG Minutes of Emergency Meeting No.3

LSG Minutes of Emergency Meeting No.3

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Published by Up Lsg

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Published by: Up Lsg on Jul 18, 2012
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Law Student Government Central BoardMinutes of the MeetingEmergency Meeting No. 3July 6, 2012, 8PM ATTENDANCE:
Benedict G. Nisperos
, President Present 2.
Marie Louise N. Camino
, Internals Vice President Present 3.
Julienne Marie A. Morada
, Externals Vice President Present 4.
 Anne Jaycelle C. Sacramento,
Secretary Present 5.
Jose Antonio Rafael G. Santos,
Treasurer Absent 6.
Patrick Chris D. Carbonell,
Public Relations Officer Present 7.
Ma. Christina S. Reyes,
College Representative to the USC Present 8.
Diega D. Villanueva,
Evening Representative Present 9.
Jelorie F. Gallego,
Evening Representative Absent 10.
Jian Paulo P. Boller,
Year Representative Absent 11.
Paolo O. Celeridad,
Year Representative Absent 12.
Gerard Emmanuel V. Tayao
, 3
Year Representative Present 13.
John Paul R. Rotap,
Year Representative Present 14.
Hanna Keila H. Garcia,
Year Representative Present 15.
Ranulfo J. Javelosa III
, 2
Year Representative Present 
Report on the Registration2.
The meeting was called to order at 8:00 PM at the LSG Room with the LSG President presiding overthe meeting.On 06 July 2012, a law student demanded from the LSG President the release of the report allegedlyprepared by the LSG Central Board regarding the registration for the first semester of the current academic year. Invoking transparency and accountability of the LSG Central Board members, saidstudent informed the LSG president that if the latter will not release the report on the registration, apetition will be filed formally demanding from the LSG Central Board the release of the report.The members of the LSG Central Board commented on the issue and came up with a resolution toaddress such concern.
Ms. Camino, who heads the Student Rights and Welfare Committee, emphasized to the membersof the Central Board (CB) that whatever discussed during the meeting should not be discussedwith other people before the LSG Meeting Minutes is released. Also, the demand of the student is clearly premature because the alleged report has not yet been prepared. In the previousmeeting,
the CB agreed that a report will be released by the LSG to the students and theCollege Administration
. This report will be prepared and released after the concerned CBmembers have met and consulted with the College Secretary. Furthermore, the CB is doing what they can do to protect the rights of the students who are appealing. Ms. Camino noted that theappeals of those who were affected by the delinquency rules were being processed by theCollege Administration. There are considerations that are to be weighed first before the releaseof the Report. If the CB will throw another issue to the College Administration, this might affect the result of the appeals. The academic standing of these students is at stake.Ms. Reyes manifested that she has an idea as to who divulged the information. Said person isdisclosing some pieces of information which were discussed during the meetings of the LSG CB.Ms. Reyes emphasized that the LSG aims for transparency but delicate matters should betreated with confidentiality because it might jeopardize the action of the CB.Ms. Villanueva suggested that the CB should talk to the person who prematurely divulged theinformation. Ms. Morada agreed and noted that the present issue all boils down to the personwho prematurely leaked the information. The other CB members present agreed that the CBshould address this issue in order to prevent the same issue in the future.Mr. Nisperos emphasized the importance of clarifying all the issues with the rest of themembers of the CB before divulging it to studentry. The problem is that there could bemisinformation coming from the member especially if it is a delicate issues thus it should beaddressed to the body first. Also, he noted that the CB needs to be wary because all of themembers may have the tendency to leak the wrong information. If there are things that need tobe clarified, the concerned CB member can call him to clarify such matter. Mr. Nisperos likewisenoted that there are still those students who are concerned regarding the report on theregistration this semester, especially with the seniors and some of the evening students. The CBshould reassure these students that the LSG is doing something to solve the problemsencountered during the registration. He added that the vote during the discussion was torelease a contextualized report on the registration process to include the proposals forimprovement and the agreements reached with the College Administration. In addition, heemphasized that the CB is not a puppet of the college administration. The CB is doing its best toserve the studentry and represent the students to the college administration.
 Action/s taken and to be taken:
The batch representatives were given until Sunday, 08 July 2012 at 9:00PM to compile and  present to the CB the registration concerns of their respective batches. A meeting will be scheduled for the preparation of the report after all the registration concerns have been submitted. A meeting with the College Secretary will likewise be scheduled.
Mr. Nisperos and Mr. Boller had a meeting with the Dean and Associate Dean regarding thesituation of the OSG externs, and the conflict of OLA component schedule with other classes.Mr. Nisperos told the Dean that 18 out of 19 OSG externs were given certificate of completion by the OSG. But only 4 were given a passing grade and the others were given agrade of incomplete.The Dean and Associate Dean noted that the giving of grade by the OLA Director to OSGExterns is ministerial. In addition, it was emphasized that the Director was asked to providethe guidelines for OSG externship before the start of said program. However, the Directorfailed to provide the same. Hence, the OSG prepared their own guidelines, which theyfollowed, for the externship program.The Dean likewise said that he will meet with the OLA Director to discuss the issue. Inaddition, he shared during the meeting his plan of creating a UP Law Office which willconsist of several divisions, one of which is OLA.
Mr. Nisperos was informed of the plan of the College Administration to send a letter to allthe freshmen students asking if they can donate the P5,000 reservation fee to the Collegefor its scholarship program. However, it was emphasized that the donation is only anoption. The students may still opt to get the money they paid.
The LSG already submitted a letter to the Dean regarding the displacement of the kiosksoutside the Student Lounge. In the letter, the LSG is asking the Dean to provide other venuefor these kiosks within the college premises. The LSG argued on the accessibility, variety,affordability of the Maninina and the livelihood of the vendors. The Dean refused, arguingthat the presence of such kiosks contribute to rats and cockroaches infestation. He said that he plans to lower the rental fee of the Café in order lower the price of the products they sell.The Dean likewise manifested his plan to put up a cooperative which will provide all theservices to the students. This cooperative will be for the benefit of the employees of theCollege.

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