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nov 08 en

nov 08 en

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Published by Christ4ro
Misiune Mozambic-Noiembrie 2008 newsletter
Misiune Mozambic-Noiembrie 2008 newsletter

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Published by: Christ4ro on Jan 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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November - December 2008 Simona Caba Afrika Wa Yesu
Inhaminga, Mozambique
Dearest and precious friends and family,Our amazing and powerful God has a dream. That dreamis you and me. In His perfect love and communion withHis Son and The Holy Spirit, He decided to include us.That was His plan from the beginning and it continued tobe even after men made his wrong and selfish decision. It
looked that God’s dream was destroyed.
In spite of all welive today the reality of His continuous love, knowing thatHis dream can never die. He came in the flesh to liveamong us. His death not only saves us but shows us theway to live our lives: giving away love even when we
don’t receive it back. His plan for us to live in the
communion with Him, in His perfect love, to be like HisSon, is fulfilled through you and me and daily we desiret
o include others in this “communion”.
That was thepurpose and theme of the youth conferences this year weheld in different parts of the country. We preached andtaught about
God’s plan in their lives and how they can
 find their place in Him.
This year we included in our team Bruno and Abednego.Abednego is a teenager from our youth group, friend withBruno and one of the worship leaders. We could see thathe was growing spiritually a lot this year so this trip was areward and a great life lesson for him. The same was forBruno. We pray and believe that they will be able toreplace us in the future, continuing the work with evenmore anointing.
It is a place with people with mixed culture, language andreligion; macua and maconde tribes are living togetherspeaking at least 3 important dialects:
 Macua, Maconde
are mostly muslims and
aregenerally catolics. Abdul and Lucas (our missionariesthere) were there for 3 weeks only. The chief gave them aplace to live and to hold meetings - under a big tree whichis actually used for at least 2 more other kind of meetings:Catolic services and initiation ceremonies for the younggirls. Butwe claimthe place
for God’s
Kingdom.We hadto planandstrategizedifferentthananotherplaces aswe were in a new territory. The catolics are very strong
and they certainly didn’t welcome us. Every morning we
divided in groups and programs changed each day. Otherswent to evangelize house to house; others stayed at the
camp for the “visitors” and the curious; Diogo and Bruno
took the responsibility to play and minister to the youngguys; Leidi taught the girls and I had the kids and enjoyedministering to
ladies. They havestrength and abilities that other ladies from the other
tribes don’t have.
And are very involved in all kinds of ceremonies and traditional practice. The Word of Godonly has the power to break their strong will andstubbornness. In a week we had people that receivedsalvation. We prayed for healing and we believe God didsomething great in this time. Some of the youth receivedgreat opposition when they went home and told abouttheir decision to follow Jesus. Their parents were denyingany truth and challenge to live a new life as they wereholding tide on their old religion. Sunday we had our firstmeeting. Slowly people were showing up. At the end wehad at least 8 adults and lots of kids that gave their livesto Jesus. There is lot of work now left for ourambassadors there. Abdul and Lucas are doing anamazing job. It was a pleasant surprise to see Lucasgrowing so much, interested and involved for the changeof these precious people. Of course that we had our
adventure one of the nights when we showed “Jesusfilm”.
The place is called
, few kilometersfrom
. The majority there are muslims and thiswas the first time when they watched the film. It was ok until we started to teach the kids some songs. The olderones came around fast and started to disturb. During thefilm there were more than 800 people watching andPraise God they were mostly quite, so everybody couldsee how Jesus lived and died for each one of us. Thecommotion started right after when Agostinho did thealtar call.

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