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Pennington County Courant, July 19, 2012

Pennington County Courant, July 19, 2012

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Jul 18, 2012
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(tax included)
Number 29Volume 107July 19, 2012
by Laurie Hindman
President of the Wall Badlands Area Chamber of Commerce MaryWilliams called the Monday, July 9meeting to order at the Wall Com-munity meeting room.Main speakers for the meetingwere Kelly Lurz with the Celebra-tion Committee and Donna Currwith the Rodeo Booster Club. Lurzgave a run down of events that willtake place during the 105 annualWall celebration. Curr also re-ported on the SDRA rodeo thatwas held at the Wall Rodeogrounds July 12 - 14. Butch and Ann Kitterman along with the Cel-ebration Committee will be theGrand Marshall's for the “Party onthe Prairie” parade held on Satur-day, July 14.City of Walls Mayor Dave Hahnintroduced his guest for the meet-ing Lyndell Peterson. Hahn wouldlike the community to know if theyhave any action for the Wall CityCouncil meetings the informationneeds to be turned into the FinanceOfficer Carolynn Anderson 24hours before the meeting. Sales taxfor 2012 is up 12.1 percent for theyear. The August city council meet-ing will be held on Thursday, Au-gust 9.Hahn also noted the Sr. Citizenpotluck will be held on Thursday,July 19 at Prairie Village begin-ning at 6:00 p.m.Superintendent Dennis Rieck-man reported for the Wall School.The Powerhouse painting projecthas been completed and the treeson the east side of the Powerhousewill be taken down during themonth of July. The gym will beclosed from the 23 - 27 for mainte-nance and cleaning.Minuteman Missile NationalHistoric Site SuperintendentReuben Andrade announced thatvisitation is up 14.69 percent fromlast June and overall 18.93 per-cent. They have reached tworecords on June 30, they had 564visitors and on July 2, there were683 visitors. Andrade also notedthat Badlands National Park visi-tation is up 10.3 percent from thebeginning of the year to date.Forest Service District Ranger Alan Anderson will take over asthe new District Ranger for Wallbeginning on Sunday, July 15. Healso reported that visitation is up30 percent from last year. Type 6firefighters have returned to Walland Nadia Eisenbraun who hasbeen helping at the Edgmont fireshould also be returning home bythe end of the week.Chamber Director LindseyHildebrand gave the report forGolden West. Their annual meet-ing will be held on Saturday, Sep-tember 22. Go to goldenwest.comand register to WatchTVEvery-where.Robyn Miller with Black HillsFederal Credit Union informed thechamber of their upcoming mem-ber appreciation to be held on Fri-day, July 20.First Interstate Bank PresidentBrett Blasius announced theyhave Central States Fair buttonsat the bank.President Williams presentedthe 2013 Budget for review whichwas approved by the chamber.It was announced Play Days willstart on Thursday, July 19 begin-ning at 6:00 p.m.There will be no August Cham-ber luncheon meeting. The nextcity council meeting will be held onThursday, August 9 at 6:30 p.m. inthe Wall Community Center meet-ing room. Sturgis Rally week is August 6 -12. With no other busi-ness the meeting was adjourned. 
by Laurie Hindman
Wall City Council met on Mon-day, July 9 at 6:30 p.m. Council-man Pete Dunker was absent forthe meeting.Mayor Dave Hahn asked for ap-proval for the agenda in which Fi-nance Officer Carolynn Andersonasked for a building permit to beadded to the agenda. Council gavetheir approval.Lt. Kraig Wood with the Pen-nington County Sheriff’s Depart-ment informed the council the cityhours were met and the Sheriff’sDepartment will have extra patrolin Wall for the celebration.Skyler Anders who would like tohold water aerobics at the WallPool related she is unable to obtainliability insurance at this time.Council approved to hire Anders asa contract employee so she will fallunder the city insurance policy forthis summer.Badlands National Park Super-intendent Eric Brunnemannpitched an idea to the council mem-bers. Since Wall is a Gateway Com-munity to the badlands, Brunne-mann would like to put banners uparound town to promote certainevents at the park. Council mem-ber Rick Hustead was opposed tothe idea, he felt that banners onmain street should be about Wallsince tourism is a fragile business.Brunnemann said, “he doesn’twant to replace all the banners per-haps every other one or in otherspots around the town.” Hahnasked Brunnemann to put some-thing together for the next citycouncil meeting.Council approved the ambulancedoor proposal.Building permits for Jim Frem-stad and Darin and Rachel Buh-mann were approved.Council approved the noise per-mit and to waive the fee for theWall Celebration Committee.At the last council meeting it wasdiscussed as to what type of dogbreeds are not covered under thecity liability insurance. C. Ander-son has talked to the insurancecompany and relayed their mes-sage to the council that there isn’tone specific type of breed that ismore vicious, but any dog can be-come vicious. Council will review
Wall Badlands Chamber approves 2013 bdget
Monday, July 2 was a big day forKent and Eileen Jordan as theytook over ownership of the WallFood Center.Kent said, “This was a big deci-sion that Eileen and I made. Theopportunity came along and wehope to pass this down to our nextgeneration.” Jordan also com-mented that Troy and Gina Schulzand the experienced staff havebeen great in making the transi-tion smooth and Gina and the foodcenter empolyees are planning tocontinue on with the new owners.Jordan noted that the store willbe staying with Affliated Foodsand at this time they are not plan-ning any changes to the store.Eileen will become the newmanager of the store while Kentwill remain with First InterstateBank and will take the eveningshift and weekends at the store.The Jordan’s will continue toserve the community as well as theSchulzs have and if there are anyneeds that aren’t available let thenew owners know and they willhelp to assist your needs.
Jordans take over ownershpof Wall Food Center 
and update their policy on dogbreeds within the city limits.Water at the golf course, SouthBoulevard, City park and used me-ters was reviewed. Since thereisn’t a meter at the golf course onthe south side of the clubhouse andbetween the clubhouse and main-tenance shop it will be put on thebudget for next year. Water at theSouth Boulevard will be cut backto a half-hour each day. PublicWorks Director Jeff Clark hasbeen able to salvage some of theused meters to use around town.The airport project which hasbeen on and off for the past year isback on again and the new build-ing should be put up by this fall ac-cording to Hahn. The cost to Wallwill be around three to four thou-sand dollars. The city will get backall the money they have spent onengineering cost for the project.Librarian Wendy Brunnemannhas been out of the library withhealth issues for the past twoweeks. The council approved aboard member to fill in for her andpay her $9.00 per hour retroactivewhen she started to fill in.Jim Kitterman has turned inhours for a March fire. The fire de-partment has been to several firesthis year and will receive $16,000for responding to them. Councilapproved a motion to pay thosehours retroactive to March 1.A request to have a concessiontrailer in the city park for tailgat-ing at home football games was de-nied.Street signs on the west side of the railroad tracks will have a Wput on and the street signs on theeast side of the tracks will be leftas is.A motion to reject Silver OakTower request to block main streetwas approved.Second reading of Ordinance 12-3: Commercial building permitwas approved.Second reading of Ordinance 12-4; Residential building permit wasalso approved.Council approved a plat to re-zone property on James Avenue.C. Anderson asked for a specialmeeting if the election for the Am-bulance District passes.
Wall Cty Concl approvesto rase sewer rates
by Laurie Hindman
Wall School Board met on Thurs-day, July 12 at 8:00 a.m., with allboard members present.Motion to approve the agenda wasgiven.Motion to approve the consentagenda for: minutes of the June 26,board meeting; June and Julyclaims and 2012-2013 activity con-tract for Mike Anderson, assistantmiddle school football coach.The meeting was adjourned.Superintendent Dennis Rieck-man opened the meeting to reor-
Eisenbraun and Johnson retainpositions on Wall School Board
ganize the board for the 2012 -2013 school year. Rieckman askedfor nominations for board chair-person. Scot Eisenbraun wasunanimously vote in while PamJohnson will retain her position asvice-president.Assigned committees will re-main the same as last year.A motion to approve official en-tities for 2012 - 2013 was ap-proved.Business Manager Nike Mohrand Pam Johnson were appointedto the Health Insurance Board.Elementary Principal ChuckSykora asked for the Elementary,Big White, Elementary Title 1 andMiddle School Title 1 handbooks tobe approved. The board approvedthe handbooks.Rieckman asked for the Augustboard meeting be moved to Tues-day, August 14 with the board ap-proving the new date.Rieckman who has recently re-turned from an Impact Aid meet-ing in Oklahoma gave an update.The meeting centered around 8002funding. Rieckman related theamendment was attached to theDefense bill and if it passes itwould give the Wall School addi-tional money.Second reading of EducationHomeless Children policy was cov-ered.Third reading of the Bullyingpolicy was approved by the boardalong with the third reading of theFacility Use policy.High School football rules wereapproved with the board wantingclarification on a paragraph.High School and middle schoolvolleyball rules were approved.The meeting was stopped for the8:30 a.m. budget hearing. Since noone was present for the hearingthe meeting resumed.Rieckman reminded board mem-bers of the upcoming board retreatto be held at the Wall School on August 22. He also informedEisenbraun of a board presidentretreat to be held August 24 - 25.Rieckman noted that releasetime is not cut in concrete yet andwill continue to find a commonground for all those who partici-pate in the release time. 
by Laurie Hindman
Wall community members meton Wednesday, July 11 to establisha board for the Ambulance Districtwhich won the election by an over-whelming 264 votes.Larry Gravatt who has been in-strumental in helping to get thedistrict established open the meet-ing and explained the next step informing the board. Gravatt firstasked a motion to appoint a tempo-rary chairman and secretary. Gra-vatt was appointed to be temporarychairperson and Carolynn Ander-son temporary secretary. Gravattrelated the Eastern PenningtonCounty Ambulance District was es-tablished with approval by an elec-tion. The district will not cover thesouthern portion of Eastern Pen-nington County.Gravatt declared that all mem-bers who are residents, landownersand voters of the area are enrolledin the district.Next on the agenda was electionof directors. Norman Eisenbraunwas elected to serve as the vicepresident for a one year term.Wally Hoffman and Eldon Helmswere elected to serve for two yearsand Carolynn Anderson and PeteDunker will each serve three yearson the board. Hoffman was thenelected to be president of the boardwith Eisenbraun as vice-president, Anderson will be the secretarywhile Dunker will be the treas-urer.Gravatt then informedthe new board the steps that haveto be taken next. The mill levy willhave to be determined and turnedinto the Pennington County Com-missioners by September 1. Theyshould form a non-profit corpora-tion and meet with the city councilto see what money they hold andreach an agreement with the cityon how to disperse the city ownedequipment. Committees, bylawsand a checking account need to beestablished.The ambulance will continue onwith billing until the district hasbeen formed.The next meeting will be held onWednesday, July 25 at 7:00 p.m.,at the Wall Community Centermeeting room. Gravatt then ad- journed the meeting.
Newly elected Presdent of the Eastern Pennngton Conty Am-blance Dstrct Wally Hoffman lstens as Larry Gravatt explansthe steps the board wll have to make to form the new dstrct.
~Photo Laurie Hindman
 Ambulance District becomes realityfor Eastern Pennington County
(contned on page 3)
Wall celebrates 105th brthday
Wall Celebraton Commttee dsplays a banner for the Cty of Wall’s brthday drng the paradeheld on Satrday, Jly 14..
~Photo Laurie Hindman
Wall Hgh School Class of 1962 who celebrated ther 50th renon were the honored class at theAlmn program held on Satrday, Jly 14 at the Wall Commnty Center Grand Hall.
~Photo Laurie Hindman
Area News
PenningtonCounty Courant
Don Ravellette
General Manager of Operatons:
Kelly Penticoff 
Offce Manager/Graphcs:
Ann Clark
Staff Wrter:Lare Hndman 
Sbscrpton Rates:
In PenningtonCountyand those having Kadoka,Belvidere, Cottonwood, Elm Springs, Inte-rior, Philip, Midland, Milesville, and Cedar Pass addresses:
$35.00 per year;
PLUSapplicable sales tax. In-State:
$42.00 per year 
; PLUS applicable sales tax. Out-of-State:
$42.00 per year.
Periodicals Postage Paid at Wall, SD.
Postmaster Send change of address notces to:Pennngton Co. CorantPO Box 435Wall, SD 57790-0435.
Established in 1906. The PenningtonCo. Courant, an official newspaper of Pen-
nington County, the towns of Wall, Quinnand Wasta, and the school district in Wall,SD, is published weekly by Ravellette Pub-lications, Inc. The Pennington CountyCourant office is located on the corner of 4th Ave. and Norris St. in Wall, SD.
Telephone: (605)279-2565FAX: (605)279-2965E-mal Address: corant@gwtc.net Copyrghted 1982:
Ravellette Publica-tions, Inc. All rights reserved. Nothing maybe reprinted, photocopied, or in any way re-produced from this publication, in whole or in part, without the written consent of thepublisher.
South Dakota Newspaper Association
U.S.P.S 425-720
Pennington County Courant • July 19, 2012 •
Page 2
"6&--&44&5#-*$"4*0/3*3)"119402&$&*6&-&44&23$0/$&2/*/($0..&/430/"/9/&7334029021&230/"-'&&-*/(0/"/935#+&$4&%02&3&26&4)&2*()440&%*4"/90''&/3*6&."4&2*"-"/%"-3040&%*440'*--4)&"--044&%31"$&52%&"%-*/&'02*/3&24*0/*/4)&)523%"9*335&*34)&12&$&%*/(0/%"9"41.&%0)"6&4)&2*()4402&+&$4"/902"---&44&23404)&%*402&44&23*/4&/%&%'02.02&4)"/0/&"6&--&44&5#-*$"4*0/3/&731"1&2 3)05-%#&."*-&%02)"/%%&-*6&2&%40&"$)*/%*6*%5"-/&731"1&20''*$& ---&44&23
#&"24)&02*(*/"-3*(/"452&"%%2&33"/%4&-&1)0/&/5.#&2 0'4)&"54)02
010-*4*$"--&44&23"2&4025/4)&4707&&,312*0240"/&-&$4*0/)&;&44&23<$0-5./*3*/4&/%&%400''&22&"%&234)&0110245/*4940&812&334)&*201*/*0/34*3/04.&"/4402&1-"$&"%6&24*3*/("3".&"/30'2&"$)*/(1&01-&)*315#-*$"4*0/=3(0"-*3401204&$44)&'*234".&/%.&/4(5"2"/4&&0' '2&&31&&$)!052$0..&/43"2&7&-$0.&%"/%&/$052"(&%)&*0/&&2&6*&7 &//*/(40/0052"/40808)*-*1 "--)&"%0,"2&33 )&"*4)/%&1&/%&/40808"%0," "*4))&*30/052*&2 )&52%00904&0808*30/52%0&7/%&2700%03408:&7/%&2700%
Emal s wth yor news tem or photo to corant @ gwtc.net
Need a gft dea for that hard-to-by someone?How abot a gft that keeps on gvng all year?A sbscrpton to the
Pennington County Courant.
Call to start yor sbscrpton gft! (605) 279-2565
South Dakota is reporting itsfirst West Nile virus (WNV) detec-tions of the season, a positive mos-quito pool in Brookings Countyand one in Brown County.“This will be the eleventh year of West Nile transmission in SouthDakota and it may be tempting tobe complacent,” said Dr. LonKightlinger, State Epidemiologistfor the Department of Health. “Weneed to remember that it can be aserious, even fatal illness, and getin the habit of protecting ourselvesby using repellents, limiting expo-sure, and getting rid of mosquito
First West Nile detections reported
breeding spots.”To prevent mosquito bites andreduce the risk of WNV, the de-partment recommends the follow-ing personal precautions:•Use mosquito repellents(DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eu-calyptus, or IR3535) and limit ex-posure by covering up.•Limit time outdoors from duskto midnight when Culex mosqui-toes are most active.•Get rid of standing water thatgives mosquitoes a place to breed.•Support local mosquito controlefforts.In South Dakota, peak trans-mission of WNV is July throughearly September. South Dakotahas reported 1,759 cases, including26 deaths, since its first case in2002.Personal precautions are espe-cially important for those at highrisk for WNV – people over 50,pregnant women, transplant pa-tients, individuals with diabetes orhigh blood pressure, and thosewith a history of alcohol abuse.People with a severe or unusualheadache should see their physi-cian.Find WNV prevention informa-tion on the Web athttp://westnile.sd.gov. Informationis also available from the SDSUCooperative Extension Service athttp://www.sdstate.edu/sdces/is-sues/wnv.cfm
June 2012, PenningtonCounty Sheriff’s report
During the month of June 2012,the Pennington County Sheriff'sOffice recorded the following statis-tics in and around the communityof Wall:
City hours: . . . . . . . . . . . . .304.50City hrs other deputies . . .128.00
Total City hours . . . . . .432.50
Training hrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0.00 Vacation/Sick hrs . . . . . . . . .56.00County hrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0.00 # of times called out/Hrs . . . .1.00
Warrants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0Non-Warrants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1
Calls For Service
 Alarms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Alcohol Violations . . . . . . . . . . . .1 Animal Complaints . . . . . . . . . . .2 Assaults . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Assist Other Agencies . . . . . . . . .9 Attempt to Locate . . . . . . . . . . . .2Burglary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0Civil Problem . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3Community Activity . . . . . . . . .11Coroner Calls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0Court . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0Disturbance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5DPP/Vandalism . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2Drugs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1Extra Patrol . . . . . . . . . . . . . .167Fire Medical Assist . . . . . . . . . . .7Follow-up Investigation . . . . . .21Found or Lost Property . . . . . . .2
Calls for Service
Keep the Peace . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0Minor Consuming . . . . . . . . . . . .0Murder . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1Robbery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0Runaway . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2School Function . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0SOLV Check . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0Suicide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0Suspicious Activity . . . . . . . . . .10Theft . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1Weapons Call . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0Welfare Check . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3911 Hang up Calls . . . . . . . . . . . .2
Civil Patrol
 Attempted . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1Served . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3City Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
Traffic Activity
Citations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6Warnings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21Injury Accidents . . . . . . . . . . . . .0Non-Injury Accident . . . . . . . . . .8DUI's . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1Motorist Assist . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9School Zone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0Skate/Bike Citation . . . . . . . . . .0Skate/Bike Warning . . . . . . . . . .0Speed Trailer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0 Vehicle/Parking Comp . . . . . . .15Please feel free to visit withDeputies Louis Lange, DarrenGinn, Sgt. Dustin Morrison, Lt.Kraig Wood or Capt. CoreyBrubakken with any questions orconcerns related to law enforce-ment in and around the Wall Com-munity.Hahn would also like a memberof the city council to sit on the Am-bulance District Board.Minutes for the city, fire depart-ment, ambulance and library wereapproved.Bills for the City of Wall, fire de-partment, ambulance, library andcemetery were approved.Public Works Director Clark re-ported the engineer is still workingof the plans for the sewer mainproject. The cost of the project is$420,000 and there are grants outthere to help with the cost. Councilapproved a motion to have C. An-derson pursue grants. C. Andersonasked to increase the sewer rates.Effective August 1, residentialrates will go up $1.50 and commer-cial rates $2.00; then on January1, 2013, the rates will go up $1.50again for residential and $2.00 forcommercial. An update on electri-cal work at the park bathroom andtennis court will be considered forthe 2013 budget.Under items for discussion Kit-terman informed the council that10 skunks were killed in the last24 hours and 86 skunks have beenkilled this year so far.The next city council meetingwill be held on Thursday, August 9at 6:30 in the Wall CommunityCenter meeting roomWith no other business themeeting was adjourned.
Wall Cty Concl approves torase sewer rates
contned from page1
The next meeting of the WallWriters Group is scheduled forSaturday, July 21. The meetingdate was changed due to the WallCelebration.At the June meeting writers ex-amined using “first lines.” Theidea came from the website “the-firstline.com” where the first linefor a story is used as a topic.Some of the first lines the Wallwriters used were: “I’ll be back ina minute,” “All my dad said was,”and “Notes from a….” The resultsin these assignments were as var-ied and exciting as the partici-pants doing the writings.For the July 21 meeting, the (a)topic choice is from the websitehttp://thefirstline.com. This topic
Wall Wrters Grop to meet Jly 21
is for the Fall 2012 competition onthis website.(a) A light snow was falling asCharlie Reardon left the diner andmade his way down MadisonStreet.Or chose the second topic, also tobe used as a first line in writing:(b) And, the dog laid down be-side….On Saturday, July 21, startingat 9:30 a.m. at 416 Sixth Avenue inWall, the writers will share the re-sults of either of these suggestedwriting topics or bring somethingelse they have written. Anyone of any writing ability and interest inwriting is welcome to participate.Any questions, please call Dave279-2952 or Linda (605) 786-6937.
Local veterans carry the flags kckng off the 105th Wall Cele-braton parade held on Jly 14.
~Photos Laurie Hindman
“Party on the Prairie” themedWall Celebration parade
Wlle Hstead and the rest of the Wall Drg gang take part nthe 105th annal Wall Celebraton parade.Class of 1972 celebratng ther 40th class renon drng theWall Celebraton.
Town ’N Country FROG’s10th annual cancer run/walk
Joining in the fight against can-cer on Saturday morning, July 14,2012. Forty - one participants reg-istered to run and 33 registered towalk the 10th Annual 5K CancerRun/Walk Relay for Lifefundraiser.The runners and their times areas follows:
 Women: 13-19 age group
•Tia Carlson - 20:33•Anna Fairey - 20:34•Melissa Fairey - 21:27•Caitlyn Fairey - 21:30•Kristin Fairey - 23:14•Emmy Antonsen - 29:56•Brittany Barnes - 34:18
•Greta Maruskinova - 23:06•Shayla Johnson - 26:37•Mallory Scott - 33:41
•Amy Renner - 29:52•Tina Scott - 31:29•Heather Beck - 34:02•Kelli Sundall - 34:17•Holly Curr - 35:54•Niki Mohr - 37:04
•Shannon Amiotte - 27:14•Jenny Patterson - 27:57•Amy Pisha - 32:52•Lisa Heier - 34:01•Dawn Hilgenkamp - 41.37 un-official
•Darci McManigal - 29:32•Deborah Antonsen - 29:54•Jan Schaefer - 33:42
Men: 13-19
•Austin Huether - 18:50•Nathan Patterson - 25:52•Alex Pisha - 26:30
•Matt Scott - 20:22•Lex Heathershaw - 22:04•Turner Johnson - 22:07•Robert Reiss - 23:06•Matthew McQuown - 22:23•Matthew Anderson - 24:40•Martin Bielik - 27:11
•Michael Eisenbraun - 20:12•Timothy Eisenbraun - 22:29•Dustin Curr - 35:53
•Chip King - 25:47
•Wayne Fairey - 22:00•Richard Johnson - 26:14•Mike Pisha - 38:37
•Wally Little Moon - 22:10 All the proceeds from this eventgo to Relay for Life and the hope toone day find a cure for cancer.The Town ‘N Country FROGRelay Team greatly appreciates allthe sponsors, and the runners andwalkers who show up bright andearly to participate in this event togive your continued support!
Qnn Hgh School class of 1952 stll lookng good.
~Photo Laurie Hindman
Class of 1952 from Qnn
Drought meetings will be heldJuly 23 at each of the regionalSouth Dakota State University Ex-tension centers.As far as officials know, the for-mat will be somewhat informal,with plans to connect via interac-tive audio-video conferencing withSDSU campus, the West River AgCenter and each of the eight re-gional Extension centers to ad-dress questions with the best ex-pertise available through SDSUExtension.“We fully expect agriculturalproducers will have questionsabout salvaging drought-stressedcorn for livestock feed as hay orsilage, nitrate poisoning, testingwater for salt levels, and other
Droght meetngs Jly 23 atregonal Extenson centers
drought related issues and will tryto address those as best we can,”stated Bob Fanning, plant pathol-ogy field specialist at the SDSUWinner Regional Center.For starting times and other in-formation, email robert.fanning@sdstate.edu, call 842-1267 or 730-4072, or visit iGrow: http://igrow.org.The regional centers in SouthDakota are Aberdeen – 13 2nd Av-enue SE, Lemmon – 408 8th StreetW., Mitchell – 821 North CapitalStreet, Pierre – 412 West Missouri,Rapid City – 1530 Samco Road,Sioux Falls – 2001 E. 8th Street,Watertown – 1910 West Kemp Av-enue, and Winner – 325 S. MonroeStreet.
Emal swth yor news temor photo tocorant @gwtc.net
Area News
Pennington County Courant • July 19, 2012•
Page 3
July 20-21-22-23:
Magic Mike
(R)Fri: 8:00 p.m. Sat: 8:00 p.m.Sun: 1:30 p.m.Mon: 7:00 p.m.
 July 27-28-29-30:The Amazing Spider-Man
 August 3-4-5-6:Ice Age 4: Continental Drift 
 August 10-11-2-13:The Dark Knight Rises
   
   
Gov. Dennis Daugaard an-nounced recently a six-part DriverLicensing Improvement Plan toaddress long wait times in theSioux Falls area and to make theDriver Licensing system more effi-cient and convenient to customersstatewide.A combination of staff shortagesand the traditionally busy summerseason created longer wait timesthan normal at driver exam sta-tions in Sioux Falls. GovernorDaugaard said state governmenthas an obligation to serve cus-tomers well, and aggressive actionis needed to bring wait times forapplicants to acceptable levels.“Two hours is too long to wait,’’the Governor said. “Our Driver Li-censing staff is working hard, butwe need to step up and get themthe tools they need to take care of the problem. This plan does that.’’The six parts of the Driver Li-censing Improvement Plan are:1. Extended hours of operation – Extending special hours of opera-tion at the two Sioux Falls examstations to each stay open until 7p.m.2. Employee overtime – Author-izing overtime as needed to re-spond to the increased traffic atstations during times of staff shortages.3. Hiring and training – Institut-ing aggressive hiring and trainingprograms to fill vacancies.4. Advance scheduling – An-nouncing the development of a sys-tem allowing citizens to scheduletheir driver license and non-driverID card renewals and duplicate li-censes.5. Self-service kiosks – Signing acontract for the installation of self-
Governor annonces drver lcensng mprovement plan
service kiosks at several exam sta-tions.6. Temporary licenses – Urgingcitizens in immediate need of re-newal services but unable or un-willing to wait in line to call theDriver Licensing Program inPierre to obtain a temporary li-cense, good for six months, underthe current process. The numberto call is 1-800-952-3696.Two parts of the initiative – ad-vance scheduling and self-servicekiosks, will take time to imple-ment, but the other efforts shouldreduce wait times soon, accordingto Cindy Gerber, Director of theDriver Licensing Program.The advance scheduling projectshould be operational within a fewweeks and will allow citizens to goonline to schedule appointmentsfor renewals and duplicate li-censes. A similar program alreadyin operation allows for scheduleddriving tests in several of thestate’s larger cities. The expansionto scheduled renewals will begin inSioux Falls and Rapid City on atrial basis and will be expanded aswarranted.This week, a $1.2 million con-tract was signed to install, pro-gram and maintain the self-servicekiosks in several exam stationsacross the state, including SiouxFalls. A federal grant funds thecontract, which will be fulfilled inthe coming months. The kioskswill allow citizens to complete partof the application or renewalprocess themselves. Customersstill will need to see an examinerfor a vision test, to have docu-ments checked and to pay neces-sary fees, but they will be able tofill out the application and takethe driver license photograph be-fore visiting the examiner. Thatwill shorten the time each cus-tomer is with an examiner.Sioux Falls currently has twoexam stations. The station at 3716S. Westport Avenue is a full-servicesite and will be open until 7 p.m.on weekdays. The station at 415 N.Dakota Avenue, which offers re-newal services, will also be openuntil 7 p.m., as soon as the changeis approved by the county. After much discussion over thenumber of days high school stu-dents can miss, the 7-12 Handbookwas approved.Cross Country schedule washanded out to board members.Mary Williams is having an issuewith meets falling on school daysand the coach being absent fromher classroom during that time.Rieckman will invite the AthleticDirector and Cross Country Coachto the next board meeting to dis-cuss the issue.Rieckman passed around aquote that was received to fix thehail damages and do some remod-eling to the Big White School. Thequote did not include taking theporch off on the east side butRieckman felt the cost would beunder $200. Todd Trask wants theschool to be fixed-up properly andmake sure that house wrap isused. Rieckman will call JudyGoldhammer to have an insuranceadjustor come up and get a quote
Esenbran and Johnson retanpostons on Wall School Board
contned from page 1
for the damages.The board approved to enter intoexecutive session for the purposeof discussing personnel accordingto SDCL 1-25.2The board entered out of execu-tive session where Rieckman rec-ognized Wayne Shull for beingnamed 9A Assistant FootballCoach of the Year, John Hess forbeing named Regional Girls Bas-ketball Coach of the Year andMark Ammann Regional Girls andBoys Golf Coach of the Year.The next school board meetingwill be held on Tuesday, August 14at 7:00 p.m. in the school library.With no other business themeeting was adjourned.
#  "% $ 
 ! 
The 2012 Badlands Alumni pro-gram was held during the Wall Cel-ebration on July 14 at the WallCommunity Center Grand Hall.Debbie Bryan who has been incharge of the program said, “It wasa huge success with approximately100 people attending and the en-tertainment did a superb job.Former administration andteachers were recognized alongwith the honored classes of theyear.Former administrators attend-ing were: Pat Deering, Gale Patter-son, Merlin Doyle, Dave Hahn andKen Poppe.Former teachers were: DeloresLuze, Mike Luze, LorraineFauske, Mike Erz, Shari Ochs,Jerry Perrott, Dan Badger, KarenPoppe, Sandy Feller, Gale Patter-son, Karol Patterson, RichardKirsch, Chuck Carlbom. SharonDodge, Mary Wilson, Zona Hair-grove, Barry Field, Carol Field,Marcine Patterson, Diane Geigle,Donna Belle Talty, Darla Crownand Nick Feller.Former classmates at the pro-gram were: Dean Pierson, LarryCollier, Ed Eisenbraun, Jim Peter-son, Linda Peterson, Dorothy Gei-gle, Kathryn Stone, GaryStone,Amie Estes, Ruby Flatt,Wanda Goodrich, Barbara Craw-ford, Neva Hamann, Don Kjerstad,Mary Jane Parks, Shirley Ten-nyson, Edith Paulsen, Peggy Lurz,Dave LaFee, Linda LaFee, KayDahlquist, Jim Joyce, Leila Joyce,Diane Patterson, Frances Poste,Helen Crawford, Loretta Ramsey,Twila Roopman, Charlene Jones,Florence Crowser, Norman Geigle,Dan Dartt, Don Schleferstein, BillHamann, Virginia Ferguson, KarlDeLand, Sandra Merchan, DonnaStaben, Joan Ferguson, VioletSmoot, Bud Estes, Don Goodsell,Lyndell Peterson, Arla Olsen, Es-ther Carsten, Darwin Hocking,Glenn Alishouse, Betty Alishouse,Freddie Ferguson, Rodney Hin-
Badlands Almn 2012 program
Bd Estes who gradated 75 years ago was crowned for bengthe oldest almn attendng the 2012 Badlands Alnm programheld on Satrday, Jly 14 at the WallCommnty Center GrandHall.
~Photo Laurie Hindman
Honored classes joned hands as Dense Baldwn sngs a trbtesong to them at the end of another sccessfl renon.
~Photo Laurie Hindman
man, Ronald Johannesen, LyleWilliams, Neal Lurz, Norm Mer-rill, Bob Johnson, Marge Huether,JoAnn Tennyson, Fran Tennyson,Paul Eisenbraun, Connie Ryan,Janeen Trevillyan, Kimberly Sims, Valerie Sims, Denise Baldwin,Cheryl Hinman, Anita Peterson, Allen Foster, Bernard Foster,Laine Halverson, Ginger Sandake,Deb Johnson, Bill Bielmaier, JoeCrawford, Ardie Crawford, CraigBryan, Debbie Bryan, Connie Wolf,Eileen Flatt, Dawna Tsitrian, Mil-dred Harnish, Dorothy Shearer, Viola Williams, Larry Eisenbraun,Delja Hoffman, Goldie Eason,Shirley Crawford and DennisWalsh.Bryan noted she hopes that the Almuni Committee will be able tocontinue having past alumni at-tend the program.The U.S. Forest Service remindsthe public that very high fire dan-ger remains across the Black Hillsarea and everyone can help pre-vent human-caused fires by abid-ing by the restrictions that are inplace. The Plains are reportingvery high to extreme fire danger.Local, state, and federal officialsare meeting each week to discussthe need for fire restrictions as theseason continues. They considerfactors such as current and pre-dicted weather, fuel moisture, fireactivity, and available resources todetermine whether fire restric-tions need to be revised or main-tained at the current level.Craig Bobzien, Black Hills Na-tional Forest Supervisor, says,“The restrictions will remain in
Fre danger remans hgh
place until fire managers deem itis appropriate to rescind them.” Headds, “We understand this may beinconvenient for residents and vis-itors, especially those wishing toenjoy a campfire. However, giventhe hot gusty winds and this year’sfire activity, we need to take neces-sary precautions to prevent ahuman-caused fire from startingand growing rapidly.”While there have been occa-sional thunderstorms and showersthe past week, these are generallyisolated in nature and not wide-spread enough to lessen the over-all fire danger. According to theNational Weather Service, the po-tential for large fire growth re-mains over the area the early partof this week.Fire restrictions are in effect forthe Black Hills Forest Fire Protec-tion District, which encompassesthe following counties: Lawrence,Meade, Pennington, Custer, andFall River.Campfires in federal, state, localand private campgrounds are pro-hibited during the duration of these restrictions. The definition of campfires includes: building, maintaining, attending orusing a fire, campfire, charcoalgrill, coal, wood burning stove orsheepherder’s stove.Additional restrictions are inplace on the Black Hills NationalForest. For more information,please call 605-673-9200.
Mayor Dave Hahn rdes hsMayor Cycle drng the WallCelebraton parade held onSatrday, Jly 14. Hahn hasbeen the mayor for the Cty of Wall for 28 years.
~Photo Laurie Hindman
Rodeo action
Little Cowboys and Cowgirls en-tered in the Stick Horse Rodeosponsored by Super 8 underneaththe Wall Celebration Tent: theycame from their hometowns of Platte, Parker, Rapid City, Wall,Wasta and Quinn South Dakota.They came with their stickhorses, chaps, boots, spurs, hats,and were given a back number. If they could not get their stick horseloaded they had stick horses forthem to ride.There were two events theycould enter, barrel racing wherethey raced around three barrelsand had their name annouced byCelebration Chairperson DustinCurr. The second event was theWild Ride where they could ridetheir stick horse for six secondsand they could buck, stomp, kick,wave, or do what ever they wantedto do. After the event was finishedthey were called up by name to re-ceive a particpation prize.The Celebration Committee alsohad water ballon fights, sand box,and bubbles for the kids to play in.What a fun day for all!!
Stick Horse participants.
Alle Kjerstad, Sherdan Deerng, Js-ts Mehlaff, Tyson Dartt, Gabrel Faske, Jaden Faske, JettMohr, Dawson Hancock, Jace Mohr, Taten Gttngs, (helper)Charle Rose Heathershaw, Kyler Strand, (helper) EmmaMcheals, Braylee Walker, (helper) Karle Dartt, Lcy Moon andEmmy Moon. Other partcpates were: Brady Heltzel, BrttanyWalker, Brooks Dedrck, Lbby Dedrck and Hayden Strand.
~Photo Laurie Hindman

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