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Miss Opportunity Excerpt

Miss Opportunity Excerpt

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Published by Suprina Frazier
If you're looking for an inspirational story with lots of edge, action, and heat, Miss Opportunity is it.

Book 3 of my Mr., Mrs., and Miss series
If you're looking for an inspirational story with lots of edge, action, and heat, Miss Opportunity is it.

Book 3 of my Mr., Mrs., and Miss series

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Published by: Suprina Frazier on Jan 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Miss OpportunityMiss Opportunity
“Not your traditional inspirational romance novel” 
Copyright © 2008 by Suprina FrazierAuthor contact info:suprinafrazier@yahoo.com
* * *
OH, NO SHE DIDN’T!An opportunist to the bone, Cami Edison slept with her cousin’s boyfriend…She propositioned somebody’s husband…She even tried to entice good Christian men at a church carnival…A whole city of men wouldn’t be safe around her.Is Cami redeemable?Does she even want to be?If so, will that be enough for Millsap Monroe to make her his one and only?
Chapter 19Chapter 19
Though Cami didn’t get enough sleep last night, she was as energetic asever at the club. She constantly watched the front entrance, looking for anysign of Millsap. She wanted him to see her in the blue and white, DallasCowboy cheerleader costume she had on tonight.Although it was still summertime and football season hadn’t officiallystarted yet, that didn’t stop the waitresses at The Urban Revue from wearingthe cheerleader uniforms of their favorite teams. Saturday ‘Theme Night’ atthe club was suggested by Cami a few weeks ago. She thought it might be afun way to pull in more customers, particularly male customers who wereusually the biggest tippers.Cami’s idea worked like a charm. There were actually more men in theclub tonight than women and that hardly ever happened. “This was another great idea, Cami,” Tonja said as they stood side byside at the bar. “I’m going to recommend you for a raise behind this one,” she continued as Stefan, the bartender, stacked bottles of the mostexpensive liquor in the club on a large brown tray. “Thanks.” Cami smiled. “Need any help with that order?”  “Actually, yes,” Tonja replied. “Our bosses came in through the back waytonight. They have quite a few people in the skybox with them, so with yourhelp I’ll only have to make one trip up.” 
Millsap is here? Why did he sneak in the back way? 
 And who are these‘people’ they brought along? 
Cami mused, keeping her thoughts to herself.She soon found out the answers to her three questions.One, yes, Millsap was there.Two, he snuck in the back way because he was trying to avoid her again.Three, all of the generals had females with them tonight. One of thosefemales was Daysha Dixon.Cami quickly deduced that although Daysha might not be Millsap’s mainsqueeze since he was so against having one, the woman was definitely hisfavorite. Why else would she accompany him to the club so often?With hot jealousy singeing her insides, Cami immediately sized up thecompetition. Cinnamon-skinned Daysha had long straight black hair, light
brown eyes, and a cute face like Tatyana Ali. Yet for her baby face, the nursehad a killer body that said,
‘I am all woman’ 
, complete with onion.Yet the fact that Daysha was so attractive is not what upset Cami themost right now. She was most angry about being replaced so quickly.First of all, how could the brother not be sated after all the sex they’dhad over the last twenty-four hours? Cami was good to go in the sexdepartment for at least the next two weeks.Secondly, what happened to that strong connection she thought she’dhad with Millsap? What about that tear he’d shed?
Maybe I was feeling him more than he was feeling me,
Cami thought,recalling how Millsap warned her that she might get sprung over him.Well, sprung she was. Cami was totally and completely addicted toMillsap’s unique brand of lovemaking. By far, he’d been the best lover she’dever had.
 And now it’s over,
Cami mused, forcing herself to accept reality.Then careful to keep the pain of rejection out of her eyes, Camiproceeded to do her job. However, she did it differently tonight. Instead of starting with Millsap, she ended with him, serving him last. “Can I get anyone anything else before I go?” Cami asked, changing herusual inquiry to include everyone now. “No thanks. We have everything we need right here,” Millsap replied,speaking for everyone.If Cami hadn’t gotten his message before, she certainly had it now. Thatmessage: That one night between them would remain just that – one night.Nodding, Cami left the room quietly behind Tonja. With her back turned,she failed to see Millsap cut his eyes at her swaying bottom in that tightcheerleading uniform, lick his lips, and then stretch out the fingers of hisright hand before balling them into a fist on the table. He blew a slow breathout through pursed lips when the door finally closed behind Cami.Observant Mike-Mike saw everything. He’d also seen the subtledifferences between Millsap and Cami tonight. Combine that with thewoman’s handprint he’d seen on the skybox window last week when he andTonja had utilized the skybox for a lover’s tryst, and Mike-Mike was startingto think that maybe his partner had gone back on his own rule.

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