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Honest Money

Honest Money

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Published by Feisal Mansoor
This document describes a practical method for exchanging good and services between voluntary subscribers to a mutual debit system based on internet based time-energy accounting for work as proposed by Buckminster Fuller et al.
This document describes a practical method for exchanging good and services between voluntary subscribers to a mutual debit system based on internet based time-energy accounting for work as proposed by Buckminster Fuller et al.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Feisal Mansoor on Jan 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Honest MoneyBy Feizal Mansoor
© December, 2008. Nikang Press. All Rights Reserved although permission is granted for free circulation or publishing unchanged.
At a time when the Central Bank administered global financialsystem flounders on its iniquities it is important to understand itsfundamental flaw: it is unable to distribute its goods and services towilling consumers. The shops are full of goods, but no one has themoney to buy them. We are a technological society in infancy stillsearching for methods of equitable distribution. It maybe we find theanswers we seek in the ancient past through all that remains of thelast Golden Age: maybe after the winter solstice 2012,it will all bemoot anyway.Whether we are sliding down Hubbert’s Peak, whether thorium istruly a source of renewable nuclear energy, whether the Indiansshould be held at the breach, these are all questions that need timeto be answered. The good thing is that in a temporal world that isabout all we have. We need energy in order to make the gears of machinery spin but automation continues to make workersredundant. An economic system that requires more and more peopleto do less and less work makes a virtue out of slavery and a crimeout of leisure. It is also nonsensical in the extreme.Every crisis of humanitarian aid usually involves massive quantitiesof goods and services being delivered “in time” to “avert”“unthinkable consequences”. The societies from where these goodsand services issue are not going to be short of them, so they werealways available, those societies that require them as aid have beenimpoverished to the point where they can only get them when theyare dieing. At some point somewhere, some one at some level, like
Madeline Albright, is talking about an “acceptable” number of deaths.Don’t even talk to me about tsunamis in a country that hasalmsgiving as a way of life and coconut and other fruit trees fromcoast to hinterland. Oh no! We must burn our million-year-old fossilfuel to take our fossil fuel plastic encased water from the breach tothe other side of the island. Makes me good to feel good aboutmyself, I’ve done my bit, and confirmed, Oh My God! How luckyam I? So I better play my part in the scam or else I might end up likethat. Thankfully I did not screw up in my last life, to “deserve” it.There but for the grace...In to such hapless sentiment has causation devolved.Up to about five hundred years ago we understood on our littleisland that ours was a shared inheritance, a common responsibilityto leave the earth little disturbed by our passing. We lived in aculture of hurtlessness and cyclical renewal. We found commonalityin the ways of others and welcomed all wisdom to the deep recessesof our caves and labyrinths beckoning from Sri Pada to mariners of yore, from days out at sea, in the
of Lord Skanda.In
your responsibility to your village, kith and clanoutweighed any other because in fulfilling this obligation lay yourown understanding of yourself. As a friend put it recently man is asocial animal, seeing in each other, ourselves. MudiyanseTennekoon said we were all dreamers but that this current dreamingwas not his. He told me of a time when in Lanka the King embodied
and by his example set the standard for the kingdom.Each according to his share according to his contribution: the great
consensus being that one lived in dhamma knowing that the peopleand the land would be safe.The Prophet told us to tie our camel and when in doubt follow hisexample, and the Annointed One said Only through Him. Oneeternal wisdom from Maya to Veda, from Ur to Plato’s Atlantis. Dowhat you say you will do (contract) and use reasonable means to doit (tort).With more than just that promise in mind a simple perusal of theevidence makes it plain we have been conned in to believing in aplanet of insufficient resources when it is obvious there is plenty foreveryone.But there is a brighter light to shine, a light of unremitting humanity,that talks not only in ancient tongues but in the example of theSchweizers, the Avneries, the Zinns, the Bolivars, the Freires, theGandhis, the Lincolns. It talks in the silent tongues of trees thatgather their daily allotment of cosmic energy and pass on carbon toplants in the shade through microbial action between roots.Our societal cohesion is an integral of how much work we get donefor the effort, and when we understand that as a species we havealways been doing more and more with less and less, we come tothe implausibility of Malthusian and Ehrlician theory of planetaryinsufficiency. In fact we live in poverty amid plenty in an artificialmarket controlled by credit masquerading as money that belies thereal work and energy spent in producing a good or service.Money has only one societal function of necessity and that is aslegal tender: currency. All other functions of money issue from thespeculative nature of its modern creation. Working backwards from

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