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Remedial Teaching

Remedial Teaching



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Published by Umbu Lado

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Published by: Umbu Lado on Jul 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Remedial Teaching | What is RemedialTeaching?
Remedial Teaching (RT) means that help is offered to pupils who need (pedagogical/didactic)assistance. These are often children who function at a lower than average level because of acertain learning- or behavioural problem/disorder, but RT can also be offered to pupils whoachieve at a higher than average level, they too can do with the extra attention and care. The bestknown learning disorder is dyslexia.  The parents of children with a learning- and/or behavioural disorder/problem have their ownassociation:"Balans"(balance). The help includes the pupil who is being put forward for RT to the remedial teacher 
(rt ‘er) isexamined by means of an intake conversation, checks, tests and/or observations. The rt’er tries to
form a picture of the pupil also by way of talks with the group teacher and the parents in order todiscover where the problem lies. When this is clear (diagnosis) a therapy plan is drawn up. In atherapy plan it states amongst others which aims should be achieved. The treatment that ensues iscalled remedial teaching. It is help that is completely specialized in the problem of the pupil, it iscustom-made.The therapy plan is drawn up for a fixed period of time. Remedial teaching is usually givenduring 6 weeks to 3 months, once or twice a week at school or in the remedial teacher's ownpractice. The aim being that the pupil can join his own group again after this period of time (orpossibly after a continuation).Remedial teaching is offered at many schools. However, a school is allowed to establish its ownpriorities and is not obliged to offer R.T.. There has to be a course of care though, theorganization of which is determined by the whole team, although the directives and rules are laiddown by the Ministery of Education an Science (OC&W).There is a clear distinction between remedial teaching and coaching. Coaching is a repetition of lessons already offered before (re-teaching).RT in short:
individual counselling (also in small groups)
working systematically: observing, diagnosing, remedy, evaluation
working purposefully and intensively with a pupil or pupils
custom-made help following from a request for help
acquiring skills in order to deal with learning problems/-disorders
seeing to it that the pupil can remain at his/her school
making a plan that can be used in the group when the RTer is absent
providing information to the child and the persons involved (below)
 Bureau LBRT | Kosterijland 7 | 3981 AJ Bunnik | tel 030-6571020© 2001-2007 Landelijke Beroepsvereniging Remedial Teachers
RemedialSkilsUniversally students will have fundamental academic problems in respect of learning concepts,particularly abstract in nature, computational skills, oral and written expressions. Suchproblems may be attributed to almost all the subjects, and may occur at all stages of learning.There is no such
mirror with crystal clear image
that reflects the learning difficulties of thestudents. There is no such precise tool either that can suggest perfect corrective measures.There is always some percentage of failure in whatever tool or method you adopt to rectify thedeficiencies unless the
Diagnosis of learning
difficulties is devoid of error element.As a teacher, as and when you encounter a student facing some kind of learning problem or theother, try to gather as much information or data as you can from all angles and make a record of it and arrange it on some basis for further inference. It may happen that certain observations myappear silly and irrational at the beginning but may hold some underlying specific reason whichmay be the key for solving the problems. All language teachers, while conversing in theclassroom, can easily identify the errors in oral communication-be it intonation, pitch orrhythm. In case a student is performing a written task, you can notice his difficulties ingrasping the summary, repeated grammatical errors, copying, neatness in presentation andspeed of completion of work and so on and make a note of them so that you can devise asolution at your leisure time.It is possible that you may notice in a particular student helplessness in carrying out homework in terms of initiative and drive, self-study habits, vocabulary, resourcefulness, cooperativenessand the ability to get along with a group.Before we talk of 
remedial skills
in teaching, let us make a rough list of factors that contributeto learning difficulties:1.
Over expectation of parents2.
Parental comparisons3.
Apathetic attitude of Parents as well as teachers4.
Too much ambitious nature of parents of nucleated families5.
l ignorance of their ward’s education
Poor and ill planned Home assignments7.
Insipid and boring methods of teaching8.
Lack of proper methods of Counseling and Guidance to the students at the appropriatetime9.
Fear of autocratic teachers
Remedial skills
 Sending the students for tuitions is not termed as rendering the academic assistance to the weak.
Remedial teaching is not the repetition of earlier teaching in the class.The Remedial teachers
Should design separate specific assignments to deal with the children of learningdeficiencies.
Should plan interesting games covering the potential content
Should use Substitution tables
Should lay clear emphasis on repeated drill
both oral and written
Should be patient and pay attention to the academic grievances
Should devote extra time in a meaningful way to boost the morale
Should plan for simple notes in requisite doses
Should take the help of Counsellor or Psychologist
Should use of relevant remedial techniques
Must go for separate scheduling
Should devise alternative activities if earlier activities does not yield fruitful results
Should focus on continuous and comprehensive evaluation
Take the performance feedback from time to time
Should bear in mind the background of the child
Should invariable drop the methods of corporal of punishment
Give due emphasis on the strength rather than the weakness of the child
Remedial teaching (pengajaran perbaikan)
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More About : remedial in teaching  Adalah suatu bentuk pengajaran yang bersifat menyembuhkan ataumembetulkan, atau dengansingkat pengajaran yang membuat menjadilebih baik. Maka pengajaran perbaikan atau remedialteaching itu adalahbentuk khusus pengajaran yang berfungsi untuk menyembuhkan,membetulkan atau membuat menjadi baik.Adapun sasaran pokok dari tindakanremedial teaching adalah:1) Siswa yang prestasinya dibawah minimal, diusahakan dapatmemenuhikriteria keberhasilan minimal.2) Siswa yang sedikit atau kurang atau telah mencapaibakat maksimaldalam keberhasilan akan dapat disempurnakan atau ditingkatkan padaprogramyang lebih tinggi .Keterampilan mengadakan variasiVariasi disini mengandung arti suatu k e giat a n g u r u d a l a m p r o s e s b e l a j a r m e ng a j a r y a n g d i t u j u k a n u n t u k m e n ga t a s i k e b o s a n a n a n a k d i di k p e n g gu n a a n k e t r a m p i l a n b e r v a r i a s i d a pa t m enggairahkan belajar anakdidik 

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