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Soc. Sci. Group 2 the Execution of Dr. Jose Rizal Drama Script

Soc. Sci. Group 2 the Execution of Dr. Jose Rizal Drama Script



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Published by Jake Balaba Wagas

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Published by: Jake Balaba Wagas on Jul 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Execution of Dr. Jose Rizal
A Role Play by Group 2
Soc. Sci. 1 Class, BSMT III AlfaCast of Characters1.
Ligones, Jo-em Lain J. as Dr. Jose Rizal2.
Jaselle Dianne Orcullo as Doña Teadora Alonso3.
Panis, Christopher as Judge/Governor General Camilo de Polavieja4.
Mumar, Donald John as Lieutenant Luis Taviel de Andrade5.
Laid, Aldrian J. as Jesuit6.
Analay, Mark Jayson as Jesuit7.
Baculio, Neri James A. as Spanish Officer8.
Talle, Kent Jason as Announcer9.
Gumapac, Rey Vincent as Filipino Soldier/Guard10.
Madayag, Billy as Filipino Soldier/Guard11.
Salem, Kent Ervin as Filipino Soldier/Guard12.
Velez, Mark Ramvie P. as Filipino Soldier/Guard13.
Sultan, Shun L. as Filipino Soldier/Guard14.
Alaura, Ryan O. as Filipino Soldier/Guard15.
Felizaria, Michael as Filipino Soldier/Guard16.
Pagara, Genaro Jr. as Filipino Soldier/Guard17.
Wagas, Jake Balaba as Director18.
Iniego, Rhoniel D. as Narrator
Scene 1:The final verdict of the Spanish military court martial on the caseof Dr. Jose Rizal
December 28, 1896
After Rizal’s trial before a Spanish Military Court Martial,
Governor-General Camilo de Polavieja and Captain Rafael Dominguez, signed the documentconfirming the death sentence of Dr. Jose Rizal scheduled on December 30, 1896 atBagumbayan Field.
Este tribunal condena, don José Rizal Mercado Y. Alonso con la pena de muerte, así decretado y ordenado por el tribunal ordinario marcial del cargo como testigo por el presidentey los miembros del tribunal 
(While the narrator reads the following lines, Dr. Jose Rizal looks at the papers bearing thedecision on his case wile Lt. Andrade walks on his way to the prison cell of his client)
This tribunal condemns, Don Jose Rizal Mercado Y. Alonso with the penalty of death,so decreed and ordered by the ordinary court martial of the post as witnessed by the presidentand members of the tribunal
Meanwhile, at Dr. Jose Rizal’s prison cell, Lt. Andrade tries to argue with him on theoutcome of his case and speaks…
Lieutenant Luis Taviel de Andrade:
(Drops the paper on the table Rizal is facing and
Jose Rizal:
(Replying calmly
This is my first time to hear you utter such words Taviel, it appears
you’re good at it 
Lieutenant Luis Taviel de Andrade:
what happened was not fair, they didn’t give us enough
chances to defend the case! They manipulated the proceedings! They just used us!
Jose Rizal:
How come you’re so angry when in fact it’s me who’s going to die? 
Lieutenant Luis Taviel de Andrade:
Good that you still have the guts to joke
Jose Rizal:
Lieutenant Luis Taviel de Andrade:
Enough! I shall resign from all my duties in the government.
I will go back to Spain!... I am ashamed to you… I am ashamed to all of you…
Jose Rizal:
Lieutenant Luis Taviel de Andrade:
Because I have failed 
A moment of silence comes across between the two and Rizal stands up to pat Lt.
Andrade on his right shoulder and spoke…
Jose Rizal:
You’re not a Spaniard Taviel, we’re just the same…
Scene 2:Doña Teodora Alonso Begs Gov. General Polaviejo for Help
Meanwhile, at the house of Governor General Polavieja, Doña Teodora Alonso with
teary eyes and fear he approaches the guards and speaks…
Teodora Alonso:
Excuse me Senior, May I talk to Gov. Polaviejo, I want to ask for help from him for my son Dr. Jose Rizal 
The governor has no time for that, leave!
Teodora Alonso:
Please, have mercy, he’s the only chance we got to save my son’s life…
Senyora, bor pabor!
Madame, Please…
 (After hearing the word pabor, the Governor General comes down and walks his way towardsthe door where Doña Alonso was trying to plead for help from him. As he approaches halfwayto the door, the guards let her enter the place and quickly she approached the governor
Teodora Alonso:
Oh Governor!, Governor!, Governor…
General Camilo de Polavieja:
Senyora, bor pabor!... No tengo tiempo
Teodora Alonso:
Have pity Governor, Please, I beg you…
(hands over an envelope to the
governor while begging and speaks…)
 for my son Jose Rizal 
General Camilo de Polavieja:
(gets the envelope and speaks…)
Lo Siento
(and thegovernor continues to walk his way through the door of his house, leaving the mother of Dr.Rizal grieving for his expected death)
Scene 3:
The gathering of the Katipunero’s
Meanwhile, at the gathering of the KKK, Andres Bonifacio exclaims…
Andres Bonifacio:
We are going to invade the Spaniards in the soonest time possible, we shallsave Dr. Jose Rizal! All hail Dr. Jose Rizal!
All hail Dr. Jose Rizal! All hail Dr. Jose Rizal!
Wait! Please come down! Wait! Please come down! The security over my brother is
heavy, the Spaniards are prepared for any plans to save my brother…
Andres Bonifacio:
And so are we, we are not scared of them, my fellow katipunero’s, till death
for Dr. Jose Rizal!
Wait! Please come down! Wait! Please come down! Even I, would want to save my
dearest brother Rizal, But Jose Rizal himself don’t w
ant us to risk our lives defenseless from the
Spaniards… Pepe’s fate lies now in the hands of God… We can’t do anything else about that…
(Paciano looks at Andres Bonifacio and bonifacio pats paciano on his right shoulder…)
Scene 4:
Rizal’s love ones pay 
s him a visit before his death

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