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JBC Opposition July 20, 2012

JBC Opposition July 20, 2012

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Urgent Verified Oppositions -
To the Nominations-Applications of CJ Candidates:
1.) Cesar L. Villanueva, 2.) Retired Malolos City RTC Judge Manuel Siaynco (Manuel de Jesus Siayngco), 3.) Amado D. Valdez, 4.) Vicente R. Velasquez, and 5.) Maria Carolina T. Legarda, 15 pages July 20, 2012
Urgent Verified Oppositions -
To the Nominations-Applications of CJ Candidates:
1.) Cesar L. Villanueva, 2.) Retired Malolos City RTC Judge Manuel Siaynco (Manuel de Jesus Siayngco), 3.) Amado D. Valdez, 4.) Vicente R. Velasquez, and 5.) Maria Carolina T. Legarda, 15 pages July 20, 2012

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Published by: Judge Florentino Floro on Jul 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Republic of the Philippines,
 En Banc
, Manila
Urgent Verified Oppositions -
To the Nominations-Applications of CJ Candidates
:1.) Cesar L. Villanueva
, 2.)
Retired Malolos City RTC Judge ManuelSiaynco
(Manuel de Jesus Siayngco), 3.) Amado D. Valdez, 4.) Vicente R.Velasquez, and 5.)
Maria Carolina T. Legarda, and
Urgent Verified Motions -1.) To Exclude from the July 25, 2012 2-5 p.m. Televised Panel Interview,Retired Malolos City RTC Judge Manuel Siaynco
(Manuel de JesusSiayngco - adjudged with finality as philanderer, immoral, shackled, by the2004
G.R. NO. 158896 Justice Minita Viray-Chico Nazario annulment of marriageDecision in
 Siaynco vs. Judge Manuel Siaynco” 
,2.) To Expunge from the JBC records and file, the Opposition of LauroVisconde (co-conspirator) and Dante Jimenez (guilty of another indirectcontempt and palpable forum-shopping to reverse his SC finalpunishment-fine for Indirect Contempt);
it is trifling with the Courts,contrary to the elementary principles of right dealing and good faith."(
 People vs. Acierto
, 92 Phil. 534),3) To Consider the Quezon City prosecutor’s office (Fiscal Donald Lee)1995 National Health Insurance Act filed criminal case against LauroVisconde, as International Broadcasting Co. (IBC) Director (who wasgiven the job, since Visconde has no visible means of support),4) To Direct
Atty. Annaliza S. Ty-Capacite, JBC Executive Officer, to fileComment (R.A. 6713,
inter alia
, and furnish copy) to Oppositor’s FormalComplaint against her f 
a) gross ignorance of the law, b) gross incompetenceand c) gross disregard of JBC-009 & the 1987 Constitution, d) violation of her lawyer’s oath of office and e) professional indiscretion.SC Associate Justice
 Diosdado M. Peralta
, Chairman,The
, the
and the
Ex-officio Secretary
Judicial and Bar Council
 En Banc
Supreme Court
, Manila
Your Honors,
Undersigned Applicant-Oppositor,
 Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr.
himself and for himself, as Applicant-Nominee and Oppositor, unto thisHonorable Judicial and Bar Council, most respectfully
that:1. On July 18, 2012, about 2 p.m., Oppositor Judge FlorentinoFloro talked to Atty. Annaliza S. Ty-Capacite, JBC Executive Officer, thusly:
a.) Oppositor formally complained against Capacite’s failure to alert inwriting the JBC members of the lack of qualifications and grossdisqualifications of an immoral CJ candidate
retired Malolos City, BulacanRTC Judge Manuel Siaynco;b.) Oppositor demanded, asked and required Capacite to explain inwriting and manufacture a written Urgent Report to the JBC members (anexplanation, summary and finding on this sick retired RTC Judge);c.) Capacite said that “
napakarami nang mga dokumentong pina-fileditto!’ 
Oppositor told her, that she need not go over the Personal DataSheet of this philanderer Judge, for if she would only type the name “
 Judge Manuel Siaynco
in Google or Yahoo search engines, in the Internetcomputer in front of her, she would readily find the final Judgment in hisannulment of marriage case decided by poor Justice Minita Viray Chico-Nazario (Puno, Austria-Martinez, Callejo, Sr., and Tinga, JJ., concur), towit:
[http://lawphil.net/judjuris/juri2004/oct2004/gr_158896_2004.htmlG.R. NO. 158896 October 27, 2004 JUANITA CARATING-SIAYNGCO, petitioner,vs. MANUEL SIAYNGCO, respondent. CHICO-NAZARIO, J.]
d) JBC members including Capacite’s office received the hard copy of the 2004 Decision. For this reason, the JBC repeatedly rejected this sick Judge’smultiple Applications for the CA position,
inter alia
, until he retired due tofrustrations in his shackled sexual life. Capacite told Oppositor that it is only aCertiorari case, and not even a ground for disqualification under JBC-009, for itis not an administrative case and it is no longer pending;e) Oppositor told Capacite that as a lawyer, she should know that theannulment immorality final Judgment against this mentally-sexually sick JudgeCJ candidate is not only a disqualification but even a bar under JBC-009 JBC-009 RULE - CONSTITUTIONAL AND STATUTORY QUALIFICATIONSFOR APPOINTMENT Rule 2 - SECTION 1. Qualifications and Sec. 5,Disqualifications;f) Capacite wrote the SC case docket Number, and then, she opened thecopy of this sick Judge’s Personal Data Sheet. She read the entered annulmentof Judgment case. Then she lectured upon Oppositor on the JBC processes, thatOppositor must file an Opposition, then, this sick Judge would be entitled toReply within 5 days, and would even be allowed to explain in the PanelInterview his sick and traumatic position;g) Oppositor demanded that Capacite should furnish copy of her writtenReport to alert the JBC members on this sick Judge, within 24 hours, due to
urgency, considering that this mentally disturbed Nominee would beInterviewed on July 25, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. But Capacite was stubborn, evenciting R.A. 6713, that she has 15 days to respond and inform Oppositor;h) Oppositor asked her to reconsider her ruling, but she remainedimpertinent and even demonstrated her gross misconduct and disrespect toOppositor, a Judge and Lawyer, whom she must pay homage to, under the Codeof Professional Responsibity, and her lawyer’s Oath of office, to give justice toevery man;i) Oppositor further showed and furnished her (as evidenced by the rubber stamp mark JBC secretariat receipt by her staff) copy of the G.R. No. 202465,filed on July 18, 2012, 4:30 p.m. "
 Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr. vs. The Judicial and Bar Council 
 Annex 2
).j) Capacite said that she has yet to read the 2004 annulment decision,informing Oppositor that is is too long and she needs time. Oppositor objectedsince the latter already read the pertinent parts to her, and the Nazario Decisionis very short. Capacite refused to grant Oppositor’s request for her to file awritten report to the JBC members so that this sick Judge would not be includedin the January 25, 2012 2 p.m. Televised Panel Interview;k) Finally, Oppositor told Capacity that the former reserves his right tofile a Disbarment case against her, so that pending the proceedings she could be placed under preventive suspension by the Court.
 Legal and Constitutional Grounds
2. Respondents
Cesar L. Villanueva
Retired Malolos City RTCJudge Manuel Siaynco
(Manuel de Jesus Siayngco), Amado D. Valdez,Vicente R. Velasquez, and
Maria Carolina T. Legarda, should be disqualifiedfrom the selection process for at least three main reasons: a) they lack thenecessary experiences when it comes to cases involving public interest,sensitive, high profile or landmark cases, b) they cannot get the respect of SCJustices and the legal community, do not possess the moral qualifications tohold the position of chief justice, and c) they do not possess the competence,integrity and probity of the Chief Justice position, as required under Article VIIIof the Constitution.

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