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Effect of Misguided Teachings in the Beyond....

Effect of Misguided Teachings in the Beyond....

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Published by BORIS

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Published by: BORIS on Jul 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde -27.1.1956
Effect of misguided teachings in the beyond....Many incorrect thoughts were imparted to humanity which, however,has been people's own fault or the powers of darkness could not have causedsuch devastating work. With a bit of thought people could have recognisedthat they were not given the truth, but they neglected to do this andthoughtlessly accepted everything. These misguided teachings are now soentrenched in human thought that it is difficult to expel them, but the dangerrests in the fact that ever more misguided teachings will emerge from thiserror. No spiritual progress can be achieved, neither on earth nor in thekingdom of the beyond, as long as such misguided teachings are notcorrected and thus rendered harmless, which can only be done by impartingthe pure truth again. But it is difficult to correct every (single) doctrine, because the understanding of it requires a clear description of the divineplan of love and salvation, which will subsequently prove the futility of suchwrong teachings, so that every error becomes evident if a person genuinelywants to know the truth.When a soul enters the spiritual kingdom fraught with erroneousthoughts, it will continue to exist with its misconceptions and will neverachieve spiritual progress.... It will hardly accept the truth, and it is far moredifficult to guide someone, who deems himself knowledgeable, into truththan someone completely ignorant, who is more willing to accept beingtaught, who thus is willing to accept the truth. The former will only start tothink when they are feeling dissatisfied and are permanently living indarkness or in very faint twilight.... providing they are not hostile....but itwill not give them a sense of happiness.... Then they will start to ponder thefalse promises which they had held on to on earth as sacred gospel.

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