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The Challenge Issue 29

The Challenge Issue 29

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Published by mandy_simpson5476

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Published by: mandy_simpson5476 on Jul 19, 2012
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ranked the CarolMartin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science inKentucky as the best publichigh school in the UnitedStates. Surely this #1 rankingis cause for celebrationacross the Commonwealth.In fact, it is the right time tocelebrate opportunities theGatton Academy providesfor Kentucky’s high school studentsspecifically and to encourage academicexcellence in elementary, middle, andhigh schools in all corners of our state andbeyond.The Gatton Academy’s history isintertwined with that of The Center forGifted Studies. In 1998, Charles McGruder,Professor of Physics, and Julia Roberts,Executive Director of The Center for GiftedStudies, submitted a small proposal fora residential school of mathematics andscience. That was the beginning of adecade of advocacy to secure legislativesupport and funding for this statewideinitiative.Many people supported the conceptand joined in as advocates. The fundingand bonding capacity provided by theKentucky General Assembly made itpossible to renovate Florence SchneiderHall, bringing up to date this classicbuilding. Florence Schneider Hall islocated in the center of the WKU campusand serves as the home of The Center forGifted Studies and the Gatton Academy.The official opening of the GattonAcademy took place in August, 2007.Carol Martin “Bill” Gatton made a giftof $4 million, and the Academy wasnamed in his honor. Five classes of graduates have earned at least 60 hoursof college credit from WKU as well as ahigh school diploma fromthe Gatton Academy. Theyhave taken college classesacross the campus. They haveexperienced Italy, studied atHarlaxton, and conductedresearch in the rain forestof Costa Rica. They haveengaged in research withdedicated professors in variousSTEM (Science, Technology,Engineering, and Mathematics)disciplines, presented papers, and evenpublished. They have gone on to attenduniversities on both coasts as well aspublic and private schools in Kentucky.The Center for Gifted Studies’decades of experiences with childrenand young people made WKU the rightplace to locate the Academy. The Centerfor Gifted Studies congratulates the staff and students at the Gatton Academy,WKU faculty and administrators, as wellas members of the Kentucky GeneralAssembly. We at The Center for GiftedStudies are proud to be involved with theGatton Academy’s past and future. Wecelebrate both academic excellence andthe #1 ranking by
The Gatton Academy Ranks #1 on Newsweek’s List
    C   a   r   r    i   e    G   u   g   g   e   n   m   o   s
    N    O .    2    9    |    S    U    M    M    E    R    2    0    1    2
The Mission for The Center 
We are committed to encouraging excellence by providing educationalopportunities and resources to three populations: gifed and talented students,educators working with gifed students, and parents o gifed students.
The Vision for The Center 
Becoming an internationally preeminent center is the vision o Te Centeror Gifed Studies. Tis vision includes expanding services in ve areas:(1) oering educational programs or gifed children and youth, (2) providingproessional development opportunities or educators, (3) enhancingcommunication and advocacy or gifed children, (4) conducting researchand developing curriculum to remove the learning ceiling, and (5) buildinga testing and counseling component or gifed children and their amilies.
Dear Friends of The Center,The Center for Gifted Studies’ calendarfor the summer is packed full. In fact, wehave more than one program going on atthe same time during two weeks.Summer is annually ushered in with theKentucky Awards Ceremony of the Duke Tal-ent Identification Program. This event brings7th graders from across the Commonwealthto campus for a day of celebrating theirtremendous potentials as shown on a scoreequivalent to a graduating senior on oneor more portions of the ACT or SAT. Familyand friends of the students being honoredalmost fill Diddle Arena.On Memorial Day a group of 21 travel-ers with The Center flew to London. Whata bonus to be there when Queen Elizabethwas celebrating her 60th year on the throne.This summer will be filled with multipleactivities sponsored by The Center for GiftedStudies – activities steeped in tradition andone program that is brand new. The Centerwill be buzzing with about 200 SCATS camp-ers who will be living and learning togetherfor the 30th summer of the camp and 250VAMPY campers spending three weeks oncampus for the 29th year of the program.Our new program is The Summer Camp, aone-week day camp for first, second, andthird graders.After the last campers have gone home,members of the Executive Committee forthe World Council for Gifted and TalentedChildren will arrive to visit the internationalheadquarters. It will be special to have themat the headquarters in the beautiful newGary A. Ransdell Hall, as well as at SchneiderHall, home of The Center for Gifted Studiesand the Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky.These activities continue to be offeredto young people who could not afford toparticipate without financial assistance.This summer The Center has awarded over$50,000 in financial assistance. Gifts of Friends of The Center make that financialassistance possible, and I thank you for eachgift. Gifts also make our programming pos-sible. I encourage you to get in touch if youwould like to establish an ongoing scholar-ship, lecture series, or any other programthat would be important to you and conse-quently valuable to children, young people,educators, and/or parents.Thank you for being a friend of TheCenter for Gifted Studies.Sincerely,Julia Link Roberts
Mahurin Professor of Gifted Studies
Letter  from Julia 
The Challenge
| Summer 2012
Eclectic Energy InfusesWinter Super Saturdays
This year’s Winter Super Saturdayscourses explored a wide range o top-ics ranging rom the art o King Arthur,to the twists o mystery theater, to theboundaries o bridge building, the lim-itless possibilities o LEGO Robotics,and much more. In act, the only thing more eclectic than the classes were thestudents taking them. More than 440frst through eighth graders rom 38Kentucky school districts and nine Ten-nessee districts participated in 32 Win-ter Super Saturdays classes held eachSaturday rom January 28 to February18. The program took place on WesternKentucky University’s Main and Southcampuses in Bowling Green and at theLouisville Science Center.
Our Super Saturdays classes and Parent Seminars will continue stimulating and challeng-ing students and their parents during Fall Super Saturdays on October 27, November 3,10 and 17, 2012. Visit our website this all or details (www.wku.edu/gited).
Super Saturdays has long inspired students to reachor the sky. But this winter aspecial event on the fnal Sat-urday urther illustrated justhow high a dream can rise.During our “Aiming Sky High”kicko o Gited EducationWeek in Kentucky, studentsshouted their greatest ambi-tion as they watched a biode-gradable balloon representing its potential soar out o sight. “Do youaspire to be an engineer, a dancer?Whatever you want to be, I want youto shout it out,” Executive Director Ju-lia Roberts prompted beore counting down to the balloon launch. A canopy o bright colors as diverse as our studentsand as brilliant as their hopes thenascended above Gary A. Ransdell Hall,providing students with a memorablemoment o inspiration and encourage-ment or years to come.Exposing students to an expansivearray o subjects through interactive,engaging approaches to learning is vitalto developing creativity and maintain-ing engagement. So, the unique WinterSuper Saturdays experience ocused onthe students’ imaginations and innerdrives to achieve. “We want these young people thinking early on they can doanything they set their minds to,” TheCenter’s Associate Director Tracy Inmansaid.
    P    h   o    t   o   s    b   y    K   e    l    l   y    L   a    f   e   r    t   y

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