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Indian History

Indian History

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Published by wingroups
indian history text book..useful state psc exams
indian history text book..useful state psc exams

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Published by: wingroups on Jul 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Higher Secondary - First Year
Prepared as per recommendation of theTextbook Development Committee, this New Textbook isprepared according to the Syllabus published in 2003-04.A Publication under Government ofTamilnadu Distribution ofFree Textbook Programme(Not for Sale)
Untouchability is a sinUntouchability is a crimeUntouchability is inhuman
College Road, Chennai - 600 006.
Government of TamilnaduFirst Edition - 2007
Dr. C. Thiruvenkadam
Reader in History,Pachaiyappa’s College,Chennai - 600 030.
Dr. K.Vijaya
Lecturer in History, (Selection Grade)Quaid-e-Milleth Govt. College for WomenChennai - 600 002.
V. Zafar Ahmed
P.G. Asst. (History)P.G. Asst. Headmaster (History)Perum Thalivar Kamarajar Govt.The Muslim Hr. Sec.SchoolGirls Higher Secondary Shcool,Triplicane,Ambattur, Chennai - 600 053.Chennai - 600 005.
Price : Rs.
This book has been prepared by the Directorate of School Educationon behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu.This book has been printed on 60 GSM Paper
PeriodsUnit I
1.The Impact of Geography on Indian History -Unity in Diversity52.The Stone Age - The Old Stone Age(Paleolithic Age) - New Stone Age(Neolithic Age) - Metal Age - Salient featuresof Harappan culture.53.Vedic Period - Sources - Early Vedic Period(Rig Vedic Period) - Later Vedic Period -Epic age - Social, Economic and Cultural life5
Unit II
4.Condition of India in the 6th Century B.C.- Magadhan empire and other kindgoms.55.Rise of Jainism - Mahavira - Principles of Jainism -Digambaras and Swedambaras - Spread of Jainism -Contributions.56.Rise of Buddhism - Buddha - Principles of Buddhism - Hinayana and Mahayana sects -Spread of Buddhism - Contributions. TheSimilarities and dissimilarities of these two religions.5
Unit III
7.India of the Pre-Mauryan period - Nandas -Persian invasion - Alexander’s invasion - Results.58.The Mauryan period - Sources - ChandraguptaMaurya - Asoka - Mauryan Administration -Asoka’s Dharma - Development of Art andArchitecture - Decline of Mauryas.10
Unit IV
9.India after the Mauryas - the Sungas - Kanvas -Satavahanas Kushnas - Kanishka - Gandhara Art.1010. Sangam Age in Tamil Nadu - Sources - Brief History of Kingdoms - Social, Religious andEconomic life of the people.5
Unit V
11.India of Gupta period - Administration -Social, Economic and Cultural conditions - Huninvasions and decline of the Guptas.1012.Harshavardhana - Sources - Social, Religiousand Cultural life.5
Unit VI
13.South Indian Empires15A. Pallavas - Sources - Administration - Social, Economic andCultural conditions.B. Chalukyas - Development of Arts.C. Rashtrakutas - Contribution to Arts.D. Cholas - Social, Economic and Cultural conditions.14.The Cultural Relations between India and theAsian countries5

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