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(Re-)Digressus ad (In-)Finitum

(Re-)Digressus ad (In-)Finitum

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Published by Putado

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Published by: Putado on Jul 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(or ‘No Title’)
byF.H.July 2012
Hate the neon light and the humming of the AC, complain about the lowtemperature of the AC inside your head, feel an itch behind your ear, pull your ear,read messages on the shirts of males and become aware that most of them areabsurd and/or meaningless,
trying to understand what people whisper behind you,realise it is an unknown foreign language, scratch off the brand name of your pen,smell the glitter-stuff you just have scratched off and that is now sticking under your thumbs nail and making it look dirty, try to remove the glitter-stuff by usingyour other hand’s index fingernail, which, in return, is now dirty itself, imaginewhat the people at the door across the room are talking about and start becominginfuriated by (a) the noise of the talk, which is a perfectly reasonable cause for your lack of attention or (b) not being able to imagine something realistic they aretalking about,
look up angrily at the vibration alarm of a muted mobile, use theindex fingernail of the other hand to remove the smudge from the dirty indexfingernail, imagine the temperature in the reading room you are seated in withoutthe AC and acknowledge its use, look at your sheet of paper and remember nothing, get hypnotised for over half a minute by a defect light above the bathroom-door on the right wall that constantly switches off and on withoutapparent pattern or reason, ask yourself if the janitor is already informed and onhis way or if everybody just thinks the same and nobody ever went to tell him, sothat the janitor does not know about the annoying light and which is, of course,not his fault, look at the slightly bowed and shaved back head of the male personin front of you, staring at his computer screen, his face illuminated withPhasebook-blue, realise the alienated and twisted form and the piggy-pink colour of ears, observe people running around seemingly aimlessly and as if they try todivert their attention from whatever they are actually doing, hear somebody coughon the other, invisible side of the bookshelf, feel frosty, ask yourself why thetemperature of the AC has been set on ‘polar’, wonder if the janitor is aware thatthe AC’s temperature is set on ‘polar’, wonder if the blinking light and the AC’stemperature are sufficient reasons that would legitimate a complaint at the janitors
21 E.g. ‘Waikiki Beach Surf 1976’ or ‘No Limit West Coast’ or the name of a brand and itsfounding year, e.g. ‘Holfiger Denim 1958’.2 In other words: p
q. Problem: logical language does not match our to natural language. p
q, p
q are both true, unproblematic, while
q do not match. There is an option I mayhave not considered: p
?, or a different operator (p><q).
office, be fascinated by the choice of words in the previous sentence, wonder whatthe books without visible title on their backs on your left are about
, look at your mobile watch after you have starred on your papers, acknowledge that the neonlight and temperature perfectly go together with grey carpet and grey chairs andgrey tables and grey books, think of what accountants in the tax agencies aredoing all day and judge that their job is drowsy and much more boring than whatyou do, but that these jobs are important and irreplaceable, observe someone packing up his stuff (consisting of pencils (brand: Caber-Fastell), a college block (checkered, filled with all other kinds of dog-eared copies and sheets), three textmarkers (orange, yellow, green), a small eraser stub (brown, bought and used for approximately 2 years and 132 days), his pIhone, his sweater (dark blue, nomessage) and a bottle of diet-coke (but filled with water)), wonder why people sooften play with their body parts while concentrated
, hearing someone typing amessage on his mobile, imagine what the guy next to you, headphones in his ears,is listening to, decide that most people listen to crap anyway, try to figure out thedifference between house and techno, decide there is none, look at your sheets andrealise that despite reading them for the tenth time you still can not tell what iswritten on them or even meant by it, look around and evaluate the breast sizes of women, discard the ranking because the whole package must be beautiful andremind yourself that you also have to take a look at their faces, abandon thisthought because you realise that there have to be twoankings, one for breasts andone for the beauty of the faces, realise you are tired, weigh the possibility of usingthis as a reason to go to the vending machine in the foyer, think about your smell,observe a girl tying her long blonde wavy hair in a tight knot she then placesasymmetrically on her head, pull your outstretched legs back under your table because a woman wants to pass the aisle in front of you, sit up straight, judge thatthe stuff of students of law and students of economics is much more boring thanyours, look at your mobile again though there are obviously still no newmessages, feel that the sweat under your arm has dried and left lakes of faint salton your orange shirt, think about your smell, get annoyed by the neon light, again
33 Physics or economics or chemistry or linguistics or copyright law or some forbidden knowledgeof Buddhist Mysticism?4 Pulling ears, poke one’s nose, scratch beards and chins, massage lips, rub eyes, looking closely/cross-eyed at the hair twirled around a finger right before your face, &c.

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