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TotalBeauty.com Guide to Anti-Aging

TotalBeauty.com Guide to Anti-Aging

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Published by 6108378

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Published by: 6108378 on Jul 19, 2012
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With over 280,000 user-generated ratings and reviews,TotalBeauty.com makes beauty product purchase decisions andtechniques simple or the 5 million women who visit us monthly.
Deadly Skin Sins
When it comes having youthul-look-ing skin, your rst line o deense isto avoid …
When you smoke, you diminish theskin’s ability to get the oxygen itneeds. Without optimal oxygen, skincells can’t renew themselves. So in ad-dition to the obvious vertical lines andwrinkles around the mouth, your skinoverall will look lackluster and dull.
Wearing Makeup to Bed
When skin is suocated by makeupyour collagen-building process iscompromised. In addition, i you don’twash your ace at night, you’re notdoing anything to ght aging sinceyou’re not exoliating or adding ben-ecial creams or treatments.
Skipping Sleep
When your body is ghting to sayawake, your muscle tone relaxes soyou look saggy, your blood pressuredrops and robs skin o color andyou’re more prone to puness rom poor circulation.
Tanning Beds
Ten minutes in a tanning bed is equalto getting a ull day o unprotectedsun exposure -- yikes! So instead o  baking on your color, apply it by wayo sel-tanner or bronzer.
The Fight Against Aging
Let’s ace it,
aging can be an unpleasant process
to watch.There’s nothing quite like realizing your “cheekbone” isn’tquite where it used to be, or that your eyelids are slowly sag-ging into your line o sight. But you don’t need to wince nexttime you look in the mirror. Aging graceully is not only a beautiul thing but very doable.Whether you’re in your
20s or your 50s,
there are measuresyou can take to slow (or even turn back) the clock, and inuseyour skin with a youthul glow. Here we’ll help you discoverthe
skin care products and technologies
that are most im- portant and eective when it comes to battling common skinissues like multiplying brown spots, sagging skin, loss o volume, deepening wrinkles and more. Next time you’re atthe drugstore or cosmetic counter, you can put this
to use to nd a skin care treatment that addressesyour main concerns -- and makes your skin look gorgeous.
In addition to featuring unbiased,reader-generated product reviews, TotalBeauty.com publishes step-by-step hair and makeup tutori-als, video how-tos and skin careadvice articles to help you look and feel your best. To make sureyou don’t miss out on any of thishelpful advice, visit TotalBeauty.comdaily -- and be sure to sign up forour newsletters to get the scoopon free samples, product reviews,beauty tips and more.
The issues you’re most likely acing are
acne and some discolor-ation
rom sun damage. The most important thing or you to dois to keep your
skin protected with sunscreen
-- everyday. And“start protecting your neck, chest and hands along with yourace,” says Dr. Heidi Waldor, New York dermatologist.
Your Ideal Skin Care Routine:
Use a gentle oaming cleanser (try Aveeno Ultra Calming FoamingCleanser, $7) that will remove makeup and excess oil, but won’tover dry your skin.
Daytime Moisturizer
Use a light moisturizer that provides UVA and UVB protection(try MD Skincare Powerul Sun Protection SPF 30 SunscreenLotion, $45). Look or a product that contains either zinc oxide,titanium dioxide, avobenzone or Mexoryl. Sunscreen is the bestway to prevent premature aging.
I you are one to stay up all hours drinking, smoking, etc., kickstart your anti-aging program now by applying a serum at nightthat contains Vitamin C (like SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum,$135). It’ll help ght the ree radical damage your liestyle iscausing.
Nighttime Moisturizer
Choose a basic light moisturizer (try Cetaphil Moisturizing Lo-tion, $10) i you need it.
Discoloration caused by sun damage or melasma
(aka themask o pregnancy that can also be caused by birth control) aretwo o your biggest skin challenges. “At this point you need to
start exoliating regularly
because skin only exoliatesnaturally every 35 days as opposed to every 14 in your 20s,”says Olga Lorencin, owner o Kinara Spa in Los Angeles, Cali.
Your Ideal Skin Care Routine:
I you used a oaming cleanser in your 20s, it’s time to switchover to a non-oaming, non-drying cleanser (try CeraVe Hydrat-ing Cleanser, $12). 
The Best Anti-AgingPlan for You
Find the age group you all into,then see your ideal skin care plan
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