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APD Unbiased Policing Policy

APD Unbiased Policing Policy

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Published by WMarieJones

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Published by: WMarieJones on Jul 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Effective: 8/11/2006; Addition to the ManualEffective: 8/11/2006; Addition to the Manual
It is the policy of the Albuquerque Police Department to respect and protect the constitutional rightsof all individuals during law enforcement contacts and/or enforcement actions and that suchenforcement decisions will not be predicated solely on the basis of an individual’s race, color,national origin or ancestry, citizenship status, language spoken, religion, gender, gender identity,sexual orientation, age, disability, or economic status.
To this end, biased-based policing and/or profiling in the Department are unacceptable practices thatwill not be tolerated. DEFINITIONS: 1-03-1BIASED-BASED POLICING/PROFILING The interdiction, detention, arrest or other nonconsensual treatment of an individualbecause of a characteristic or status, i.e., race, color, national origin or ancestry,citizenship status, language spoken, religion, gender, gender identity, sexualorientation, age, disability, or economic status.RULES:
1-03-2GENERAL PROCEDURES A.Biased-based policing / profiling by any member of this Department isprohibited. Investigative detentions, field contacts, traffic stops, arrests,searches, property seizures and forfeiture efforts will be based on a standardof reasonable suspicion or probable cause in accordance with the FourthAmendment of the U.S. Constitution. B.Officers may take into account the reported race, ethnicity or national originof a specific suspect or suspects in the same way they would use specificinformation regarding height, weight, hair color, etc. C.Department personnel will provide the same level of police service to everycitizen regardless of their race, color, national origin or ancestry, citizenshipstatus, language spoken, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation,age, disability, or economic status.
Effective: 8/11/2006; Addition to the ManualEffective: 8/11/2006; Addition to the Manual
1-03-3DUTIES OF DEPARTMENT PERSONNEL A.Any member of this Department who is aware of a violation of this sectionshall immediately report the violation to a supervisor. B.Personnel shall not discourage citizens from filing complaints of biased-basedpolicing / profiling and will avoid actions that could be interpreted toconstitute intimidation, coercion, or threatened retaliation against citizens todiscourage or prevent them from filing complaints. 1-03-4SUPERVISOR DUTIES A.Supervisors will ensure that all personnel under their command are familiarwith this policy. B.Supervisors will continually monitor the activities of personnel under theircommand in order to identify behaviors that may be indicative of a violationof this policy. C.Supervisors, when notified, will respond to all citizen complaints of biased-based policing / profiling. Supervisors will not discourage citizens from filingcomplaints of biased-based policing / profiling and will avoid actions thatcould be interpreted to constitute intimidation, coercion, or threatenedretaliation against citizens to discourage or prevent them from filingcomplaints. Supervisors will ensure the complaint is handled in accordancewith established Department policy (See Administrative Orders 3-43).
The Operations Review Lieutenant will conduct an annual administrative review of the agency’s practices to include citizen concerns. The report will be forwarded tothe Accreditation Unit and the Chief of Police.
 1-03-6DIRECTOR OF TRAINING RESPONSIBILITIES The director of training will insure that
, all agency enforcement personnelreceive training in bias based policing / profiling issues including legal aspects. 

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