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German Bosque Letter

German Bosque Letter

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Published by mikem2483

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Published by: mikem2483 on Jul 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 By Sgt German Bosque July 16, 2012
I wanted to begin by separating myself from the City of Opa-Locka, but after almost twenty (20)years of service, I am proud to say, I am Opa-Locka.My City of Opa-Locka is a beautiful city, with beautiful , decent citizens. Since 1993, I havepersonally witness my city come a long way. We have both had our share of black eyes, andstruggled through some rough times, but have overcome the obstacles and continue to moveforward.We are not the richest city, yet the police officers are a priority for the city when caring for thecomfort and safety of their officers, supplying individual officers with take home vehicles, bulletproof vests, Assault Rifles, laptop computers, etc.But
as of now, we’ll just focus on me since that’s who
the media
’s eyes are on.
 For starters, a
s I’ve said before, I’m conceded about one thing only and it’s that I’m a
n honestand excellent Police Officer, yet not better than a
ny other good Police Officer. I’ve always loved
my chosen profession of Law Enforcement. I am against bad Police Officers, dirty cops, anyofficer that would bring any shame to the profession, etc. As a Police Officer,
I’ve never
kicked anyone’s ass, or ‘beat up’ anyone.
My personal life is mirrored by my professional one. I do not drink or smoke. I have never beeninvolved in a Domestic Battery incident with any of my past girlfriends and two (2) ex-
that are all winners inside and out. I was with one of my ex-girlfriends for approximately four(4) years and she had no intention of becoming a Police Officer until she met me and my smallcircle of police friends, that are all winners, she then became a Miami-Dade Police Officer.For starters, much of my career has been tainted by the ill will investigations conducted by theOpa-Locka Police Internal Affairs Captain, who has always unfairly and wrongfully had a historyof a personal vendetta towards me, as reflected in his unfair and biased investigations of me.Also evident is the difference of the findings of his investigations and the unfounded results of the State Attorney
s Office investigations. This Captain has repeatedly presented criminalcharges against me with the State Attorney
s Office, Public Corruption division, which NONEhave been filed. As one of many cases, he presented a criminal charge of 
Medical Fraud
 because I called out sick and went to Cancun, Mexico. He has blown allegations/accusationsagainst me out of proportion, if not initiating his own bogus allegations.Next, the media first catches wind of my existence when a reporter for the Sarasota, Florida,Herald-Tribune,
wrote an article titled ‘
Unfit for Duty
’. According to his research, he checked
with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and discovered that I was the most
Officer in the State of Florida that was still presently employed as an Officer. Hefurthers his investigation by responding to the Opa-Locka Police Department (OLPD) to review
my complete history of ‘Internal Affairs’ cases.
In order to sensationalize his article, the reportermisquotes and lies by changing a word here and there to completely change the readersinterpretation of the facts.He never mentions other facts he discovered during his investigation. That I have succeeded allobstacles against me as a white Hispanic Police Officer that loves serving my community of apredominantly black city, that I am the most Commended Police Officer in Opa-Locka, receivingthe most written commendations.
That I’ve had hundreds of good arrests per year and to
receive an average of three (3) complaints (mostly unsustained) per year is below the averagefor a high performance officer.His article was printed in The Sarasota Herald-Tribune on December 6, 2011.In the same month of December of 2011, into my life steps the newly hired Assistant Chief of Police, for OLPD. He is formerly from Biscayne Park Police Department, Hialeah Gardens PoliceDepartment and Sweetwater Police Department. He is friends with the mentioned Captain.When hired, this Assistant Chief always preached that he was bringing
‘Professionalism’ to the
table, a condiment that all good police officers welcome. I verbalized out loud and in emails,that I welcomed him and gave him my full support for anything he needed to accomplish this journey of bettering OLPD. I also preached to the officers in my squad and all others to supporthim.Since I started in March of 1993, I have had approximately sixteen (16) Chiefs of Police andOLPD has never given a Sergeants exam because Sergeants positions are covered by our union,the Police Benevolent Association (PBA), giving OLPD less control over (wrongfully) demotingSergeants, thus giving supervisory positions to appointed Corporals, a rank not covered by thePBA.In 2010, Chief Cheryl Cason rightfully gave the Sergeants promotional test that consisted of awritten exam and a oral Interview process conducted by different outside agencies. I proudlyscored number two on the list and five (5) Sergeants were promoted to Sergeant on January21
, 2011, with a one year probation period to serve that consisted of monthly evaluations.Simultaneously, as I am the new Sergeant for the afternoon shift, the mentioned Captain isreassigned from Internal affairs to being directly assigned to me as my road patrol Captain formy shift. Even with this Captain evaluating me as a Sergeant (even if he never held the rank, hewas appointed to Corporal, then promoted to Captain) I still passed the one (1) year probationperiod on January 21
, 2012.
Yet, on January 24
, 2012, as one of the Assistant Chief 
first tasks in the department, he sendso
ut an email to all five Sergeants (and cc’
d the City Manager and the Chief of Police) stating thathe was extending our probationary period for six (6) months in order for him to evaluate us. Asan experienced administrator (that he promoted himself as) he
should’ve known this was a
violation of our rights. (per the PBA contract)Prior to me arriving to work the midnight shift, he also had a one on one meeting with theother four (4) Sergeants in his office to advise of his email. Upon my arrival to work mymidnight shift, all the Sergeants corralled me as I walked in to advise me of his email, their oneon one meetings with him and that he was waiting in his office to see me. They all said thatthey were going to the PBA first thing in the morning to file a grievance. I asked the Sergeants if any of them, during their meeting, had advised the Assistant Chief that he was violating our
rights. They all said no. I told them that they should’ve told him of their intention to file a
grievance, giving him an opportunity to correct his actions.Prior to my 11:00pm roll call, as ordered, I responded to the Assistant Chief 
office. He advised
me of his email and his one on one meeting’s with the other Sergeants. His explained his
intention was to conduct his own
evaluation of the Sergeants. I then humbly advised him, “
AsstChief, with all due respect,
I don’t believe
what you’re doing holds a lot of water. Humblysaid Sir, it’s not our fault that you were hired at the end of our probationary period. Everyone’
running to the PBA tomorrow morning”. He then upsettingly answered, “I know you’re wrong, Iknow what I’m doing does hold water”. I then said, “No problem sir, I’ll accept whatever the
PBA says, please let Chief Cason
know”, and left his office. Prior to
this meeting, I could tell youthat I liked him and even tell you that he liked me, my professionalism, my report writing, etc.But after this meeting, he was upset at me, and even more significant, out to get me. Thefollowing day, per the PBA, he rescinded his email. I then hoped I was wrong about him beingout to get me but approximately a couple of weeks later, he called me into his office and in thepresence of Internal Affairs Sgt Michael Steel (also, presently relieved of duty) gave me anunlawful order to accept a one (1) day suspension for a Red light Camera infraction, from theCity of Aventura, that I committed in my Police Vehicle in June of 2011. I explained to him that I
could not accept a one (1) day suspension due to it wasn’t progressive di
scipline and if Iaccepted it, I would then fall to the bottom of the Sergeants seniority list. (leaving me onmidnights forever) He insisted and again ordered me to accept it. I did not agree with thisdiscipline and asked to be given an opportunity to see Chief Cason, which is procedure, goingup the Chain of Command. He said I could not see her, that he made a decision and I needed toaccept it. When I refused to accept it, he was visibly upset, picking up the suspension form,
ripping it up, stating. “One day suspension was an opportunity I was giving you, now it’spending further disciplinary action, possible termination, leave my office”.

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