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Published by: tradingpost on Jul 19, 2012
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Lcal News San News Leers Reginal /Iner News Classifed/Real Esae ADS Srs
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Kilman as minister respon-sible or Inormation andCommunications Technology (ICT) and Telecommunicationhas taken the initiative to cel-ebrate the ofcial launchingo the Vanuatu eGovernmentNetwork today (Friday), atthe Parliament complex.This launching and cele-bration comes in recognitiono the substantial landmark achievement o the accom-plishment o the VanuatueGovernment Network Project.The PM stated that“already over a decade intothe 21st century, the globalcommunity shares a universalunderstanding o the impor-tance o Inormation andCommunications Technology as a key enabler or economicand social development.“In developed, emerging,and developing economiesalike, there is a constant callor “knowledge-based” econ-omies and societies, driven by ICT, as the key to economicgrowth and improved stand-ards o living or all segmentso the population.“For no purpose is thatmovement more importantthan improving the perorm-ance o public institutions andincreasing the value deliveredto the public in return or itsinvestment and its trust ingovernment.“As such, the eectiveapplication o ICT in govern-ment becomes a critical com-ponent o the development o knowledge-based societies,”Kilman said.He went on to say, “In Vanuatu, that understandingo the essential role o ICTled to the signing o a loanagreement with the Export-Import Bank o China tofnance the frst-ever “E-Gov-ernment Project” in the Paci-ic region.“As a result o the E-Gov-ernment loan agreementand the subsequent Supply Contract between our Gov-ernment and Huawei Tech-nologies Co. Ltd., we havebeen able to accomplish agreat deal,” he said.These include;
•The construction and
commissioning o the Gov-ernment Broadband Network (GBN) and Government DataCentre;
• The migration of all Gov 
-ernment telephony to the Voice Over Internet, or VOIPacility included in the com-missioned network;- The migration o all Gov-ernment data traic romcopper leased lines providedby private operators to theGBN ibre optic inrastruc-ture.The GBN is now carryingall o the Government’s voiceand data trafc. The migra-tion has thus ar gone very smoothly. Early on, there were a ew technical issuesthat were quickly resolved with the assistance o theHuawei support engineers.Feedback rom the user com-munity has been overwhelm-ingly positive.
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Gov’t launcheseGovernment Network
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Digicel phones on
 o you have an  op in ion on any ne ws item  you have read i Daily Post  you wa nt heard? 
By Jonas Cullwick
  Vanuatu has allocated a total o  Vt8,421,389 to help communi-ties celebrate the 32nd inde-pendence anniversary o thecountry on July 30.O this amount, Governmenthas given a total o Vt2.900000to the six provincial councils,ive o which have received Vt500,000 each.Torba’s Vt400,000 washanded to the provincialcouncil’s Accounts Oicer,John Rupart by the Ministeror Internal Aairs GeorgeWells
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Vt8 million for IndependenceAnniversary to celebrations
Minister of Internal Affairs George Wells (l) hands cheque to Torba Accountant, John Rupart.
3606frIdAy, JULy 20 2012
 Published since 1993
 vanuatu Daily Post
 |Friday July 20,2012
Courtesy VanuatuMeteo Office Call 22932
General situation:
 A ridge of high pressureover southern Vanuatumaintains tight pressuregradients over the group.
D 3P
HEIGHT (Meters)
HEIGHT (Meters)
Forecast for today:
Partly cloudy to mostly fine weath-er over Vanuatu group. Moderateto fresh east and southeasterly  winds prevail over Vanuatu.
Yesterday’s record-ed weather variables(8am-8am)
Rainfall (mm)
Max. T
emp (•c)
Min. T
emp (•c)
E/SE winds 15/20 knots over all open waters of  Vanuatu with moderate seas to 1.5 meters. Mod-erate east southeasterly swells.
Today: 06-18Tomorrow: 06-18
Today: 17-28Tomorrow:17-28
By Godwin Ligo
Matantapua community, inPort Vila now has a prepaidmeter, set up by UNELCO last week.Not only is the communi-ty made up o dierent islandpeople rom around Vanuatubut also belong to our dier-ent Christian churches includ-ing the Presbyterian, the SDA,the COC and the NTM thatborders one another withinthe Matantapua community near Malapoa College.During his ofcial launchingaddress o the prepaid meteror the community, Lands andEnergy Minister told the com-munity leaders and membersthat such development canonly be made possible by the Vanuatu Government whenthe land owners are willing toallow or sacrifce their land orthe beneft o the entire com-munity or country.“The land belongs to thepeople o Vanuatu which isthe reason or our Independ-ence. We need the land toensure developments that willbeneft our people. And today I thank the land owners whohave agreed and made it pos-sible or both the Governmentand the UNELCO Vanuatuto extend the electricity andinstall the prepaid meter orthis community,” Minister Kal-sakau told the gathering o theleaders and Matantapua com-munity members.Kalsakau stressed that with-out electricity all unctions o the country that uses electrici-ty to unction will be crippled.He said private homes needelectricity or various purpos-es and one important use orthis is or the children to study in the evening as well as many other uses.“I was at Blacksands yes-terday and the leaders thereasked when will their dark area receive light as it is oneo the only present dark spots within Port Vila,” said Min-ister Kalsakau. He told themthe present government andUNELCO Vanuatu will realizetheir need shortly.The land owner rom Ifra,Saurei speaking on behal o the amilies as land own-ers recalled that his parentsmoved rom Ifra to Matanta-pua many years back when thearea was a dark bush with noother people except the Sau-rei amily.“Beore my ather passedaway he allowed the islandersto move in and built homesin the Matantapua becausehe had a heart or the people who ound lie difcult duringthose days. And one o his dreams isrealized today and that is ordierent islanders to live sideby side in peace and harmo-ny.He also wanted to see peo-ple have good things in lie.When my parents moved here, we only used lanterns and lie was diicult. Today I standhere to thank both the Minis-ter o Lands and the VanuatuGovernment and UNELCO tomake it possible or Matan-tapua community to receiveelectricity and the launching o the prepaid meter today,” saidland owner Saurei on behal o the amilies and landowners.Speaking on behal o UNELCO Vanuatu Louis saidit is the responsibility o thecompany to introduce electric-ity throughout the capital, Port Vila, Eate and as ar as it canthroughout Vanuatu. He saidthis is the policy o UNELCO Vanuatu to ensure that betterenjoy better lie through theavailability o the electricity.Energy Minister Kalsakaureiterated the government pol-icy to ensure the population o  Vanuatu have access to elec-tricity but said this dependson the cooperation o the landowners to work closely withthe Government and UNEL-CO Vanuatu to make this pos-sible.Gits o mats were present-ed to the distinguished guestsollowed by kava and sharedlunch.
Lighting up Matantapua
ever gathering o all TongoanSeventh Day Adventist (SDA)Communities who resided onEate at Pentecostal Auditori-um in Port Vila.The auditorium was ully packed with well over 400people.Since 2012 is a cente-nary year o the message o  Adventism to reach the shoreso Vanuatu, the theme o thisgathering was built around itand was entitled, “The Spir-it o our Pioneers and Pass-ing the Torch”. Althoughthe Adventist’s message wasfrst taken to Atchin, Maleku-la on June 19, 1913 ater itreached the shores o Eateon June 10, 1912, it soonspread to other islands but atdierent times.This gathering learntthat among other islands,the message o Adventismreached the island o Tongoa well ater 1940s. Like otherislands, the advent messageo Adventism met sti oppo-sition. The surviving pio-neers told o the sueringsthey aced during that time.Some ollowers o this newaith were actually orced toleave their village and makesettlement in a new village.The stories and experienc-es shared at this gatheringby the island’s pioneers weremeant to uplit and be anencouragement to the youngpeople to hold onto the truththat their pioneers haveunshakeable deended dur-ing those trying times.The newly baptized con- verts o Seaside Tongoa inPort Vila which numberedover 30 in total were alsopresent at the gathering where they also shared theirexperiences.The Speaker o the hour was Luke Simon- the Sec-retary General o the Sev-enth Day Adventist Missiono Vanuatu whose message was based on Matthew Chap-ter 25; ocusing especially onthe parable o the ten virgins.He reminded the gathering o the value o patience whenthe bridegroom delayed hiscoming and some have slum-bered and slept. Likened itto current days where somehave let the aith due tobeing impatient in waitingor Jesus to come.“We are on borrowedtimes,” he reminded theaudience and encouraged allto keep the aith and keep watching.Many expressed ull delightand joy or the manner o el-lowship as organized. ThePresident o the Vila-Ton-goa SDA Development Com-mittee would like to expressits appreciation not only toeveryone who accepted hisinvitation and attended themeeting but also to those who went along simply by hearing about it.His expressed gratitudealso to ASCO Motors or mak-ing available its community bus to transport the people who lived ar rom the meet-ing place.“ASCO is in action by exercising its corporate andsocial responsibility by mak-ing available to the commu-nities the use o its transportree o charge.“Thank you ASCO Motorsor the great oer. Last butnot the least is the permissiongranted to us by the Pastor o the Pentecostal church or theuse o their Auditorium.“Everyone let the com-pound eeling ully bless-ed by the message deliveredby the Speaker including thepersonal testimonies sharedby the pioneers and the newconverts,” a statement romthe community stated.
First assembly for all Tongoan SDA communities on Efate
By Ricky Binihi
composer Joel Kaltank whoirst hit the air waves withhis popular song “Long YiaIa 1980” when he was just17-years-old says i the stringband industry is no vigilant it will lose its soul.“Musicians cheat theirans these days. They go torecording studios and useauto-tuning to correct thelaws in their singing. Ask them to perorm the samesong in public and they can’treach that perect pitch, per-ect time and perect tune,”the 53-year-old musician toldDaily Post. And 10 days beore Vanuatu celebrates its 32 years o Independence thepioneer o modern day stringband o Eate pattern and18 Emau musicians rom sixpopular string bands romtheir island will put out alive concert in the heart o Port Vila at Searont Stageto prove that their music stillhas soul.The string band groupsrange rom Souwia, Tokota-kia, Sarapokasi in the 80’sto current popular bandslike Mangawiarua, Sara-tokwia, and Tokosawia thatregularly hit the radio sta-tions’ music charts now andthen.“The music we play andsing is intrinsic to Emaubut somehow we ind thatthe Emau pattern o stringband has wiped out all theother string band patternsthrough out Vanuatu. Anaim o today’s concert is toencourage the other islandspromote their style o stringband,” veteran musicianKaltank said.Kaltank appealed to allhis ans in Port Vila to attendthe concert and he promisedhe will sing his hit song onIndependence “Long Yia Ia1980”. Another aim o the musicgig he said is to discour-age the use o auto-tuningbecause it is abricated musicthat has no essence.The musicians rom Emau will today launch their IslandPioneer Vol 1 with the titletrack Paramount Nawota tootoday. CD is sold at Vt1500and DVD at Vt2500.
Emau musicians masscampaign against auto-tuning
 vanuatu Daily Post
 |Friday July 20,2012
By Len Garae
isdetermined to make sure that allthe guests attending the OcialLaunching o the Vanuatu TradePolicy Framework by the PrimeMinister at the Holiday Inn thismorning are welcomed withresh, real lie leaves and fow-ers instead o Chinese articialfowers.Director o the Department o Trade Sumbe Antas said the ges-ture is to symbolize the messageto recognise the importance tomake use o value added prod-ucts to trade.It is also in the spirit o thecontent o the TPF which emha-sises 31 high level recommen-dations to conclude Vanuatu’sTrade Policy Framework. Theseinclude over-arching and sector-specic recommendations, rec-ommendations to break specicbarriers to trade, and recommen-dations on trade negotiations.These recommendations rep-resent a comprehensive TradePolice Framework suitable toguide public policy or the yearsto come. Andrea Giacomelli o theDepartment o Trade said whatis happening with the TPF is thatit is going to “marry” the existingPriority Action Agenda (PAA). “A Trade Policy Framework den-ing a national consensus ontrade-based growth policies willsignicantly help to achieve theultimate purpose o an ‘educated,healthy, and wealthy’ Vanuatu,” astatement to the media rom theDepartment said.The Vanuatu Governmenthas already in place a signicantnumber o trade-related poli-cies. The review o those policies,together with extensive nationalconsultations, has been instru-mental to identiy the key con-straints or barriers, preventingthe urther expansion o tradein goods and services (barriersto trade).The most signiicant barri-ers to trade existing in Vanuaturelate to lack o sucient inra-structures, unresolved landissues, lack o a competition pol-icy/law/authority, customs pro-cedures still dependent on apool o untrained/uncertiiedprivate agents, inadequate con-cession contracts or stevedoringservices, lack o proper acilitiesto deal with sanitary and Phy-tosanitary issues and with tech-nical barriers to trade, lack o productive capacity and inade-quate education/training o theni Vanuatu workorce. Vanuatuneeds to tackle those barriers i it is to nd its way out o pervertand into development by boost-ing exports. Aid or trade represents oneo the main tools available tothe Government to addressbarriers to trade. Over the lastdecade donor partners cameto increasingly appreciate theimportance o eliminating bar-riers to trade. “This is dem-onstrated by the act that thesteady increase in ocial devel-opment assistance was mostly due to additional aid or tradeunds – currently standing ataround 50% o ocial devel-opment assistance. Whilst aid ortrade has so ar privileged inra-structural projects it is recom-menced that donor partnerspositively consider the possibili-ty o providing additional undsto the macro-area o productivesectors”, the statement said.“The objectives o the VanuatuTrade Policy Framework are tomainstream trade into Vanuatu’snational development strategy;enhance development throughincreased exports o goods andservices; guide and inorm the workings o Vanuatu’s NationalTrade and Development Com-mittee; inorm trade negotia-tions; and acilitate increasedinfows o Aid or Trade”.Trade negotiations can alsobe used to address barriers totrade. Negotiations are a com-plex tool to achieve a straightorward objective: boosting thedomestic economy by acilitat-ing specialization in areas o comparative advantage. Vanuatuneeds to rame negotiating pro-posals aimed at eliminating key barriers to trade in those areas,in particular on services andlabour mobility. On the goodsside, oensive interests aremore limited but benets can beachieved i smart concessions ontari liberation are coupled withassistance to overcome barriersto trade related to customs andSPS/TBT issues and to supporttruly inant industries.The Vanuatu Trade Policy Framework has been drated by Proessor Biman Chan Prasadand Dr Andrea Giacomelli underthe direction o the Departmento External Trade in the Minis-try o Trade, Commerce, Indus-try and Tourism.
Police News
 Department, Moses Amos,has conirmed that eye wit-nesses have witnessed a dug-ong (Sea Cow) being killedon the Southern end o IraIsland on July 18 (Wednes-day) in the morning.Mr Amos stated: “It hasbeen said that those involvedclaimed or it being caughton their shing nets and alsoeating the sh o their nets which is not true on the dug-ong’s part as its main dietdoes not include sh or any meat but rather sea grass andalgae.“The Department o Fish-eries is well aware o theincident and is urther inves-tigating the matter.“Members o the public arehereby advised that accordingto the Fisheries Act Cap 315No. 55 o 2005 dugongs areclassiied as “Marine Mam-mals” and Section 37 subsec-tion (1) states that A personmust not kill, harm, harass,take or move any marinemammal in the VanuatuWhale Sanctuary.“Also according to theFisheries Act, “VanuatuWhale Sanctuary” means all Vanuatu waters, thereoresuch actions are condemnedunder national legislation,international treaties andconventions on the protec-tion o marine lie.“Members o the publicshould be made aware thatdugongs, dolphins, porpoisesand whales are endangeredspecies and need utmost pro-tection rom harm and dan-ger.“Since Vanuatu has nowbecome a popular tourist des-tination it would be unwise tonot take precautionary meas-ures to protect and conserveour wildlie whether on landor at sea.“The penalty o breach-ing this Act is a ne or notmore than Vatu 50,000,000or a term o imprisonmentnot more than 2 years orboth.“Ignorance o the lawis not a deense, inexcusa-ble and cannot be tolerated.Let this be a warning to the Vanuatu population that kill-ing, harming, harassing, tak-ing or moving any marinemammal in Vanuatu watersis prohibited.“Thereore conserva-tion and protection o ourmarine resources is eve-ryone’s business or ourpresent and uture genera-tion,” Fisheries Director Mr Amos said.
Fisheries investigating killing of dugong at Ira
Prime Minister to launch Trade Policy Framework
charge o Paama Police posthas escorted a suspect romsouth Paama to be remandedat the correctional centre inPort Vila.This suspect was escort-ed to be remanded in Port Vilaater the Magistrate court sit-ing at Paama last week.The suspect was chargedwith sexual intercourse with-out consent.Police in port Vila havearrested two boys who stolea girl’s bag at Joe Restau-rant and run away with thebag.The police are warning thegeneral public, especially girlsto be aware o such activi-ties and take precaution totake extra care while walkingaround in the town.And also independencecelebration is just around thecorner and such activities areexpected to happen and sothe police are taking the meas-ure to advice the general pub-lic to take great considerationo their properties and makesure they are well secured.And to report any suspiciousactivity within your areas to thepolice.Police will not tolerate suchactivities to happen and willtake serious actions to dealwith anyone who is trying toinvolve in such activities.The suspect who wasinvolved with the assault caseo the New Zealand man earlythis month will appear beorethe magistrate court or pre-liminary hearing today Friday20th July 2012..Police ofcers who are incharge o Lamap and Paamapolice post are appeal-ing to the areas which theyare looking ater , especial-ly chies, community leadersand the people to celebratethis 32nd independence cel-ebration with peace and totake extra care while cele-brating.Police ofcers within theseareas will deal with anyonewho tries to be involved tobreak the law o the Repub-lic o Vanuatu.
From Front Page
 Voice communication ismuch clearer than beore, even with and among outer islands.Data access is much aster thanbeore as well.The PM also stated thatAlongside the development andimplementation o the GBN, wehave also developed a StrategiceGovernment Plan called the Vanuatu Integrated Govern-ment Initiative (or iGov Initia-tive) that was endorsed by theCouncil o Ministers in Novem-ber last year.“This iGov Initiative providesa blueprint or the developmentand management o ICT, not asan end in itsel but rather as aacilitator and lever or the com-prehensive reorm o VanuatuGovernment service delivery capabilities.“The core o the iGov Initia-tive is a sustained and intensiveprogramme o ICT applicationto every acet o governmentbusiness to improve perorm-ance and generate incremen-tal value.“I am pleased to inorm youall that we have been able tomake substantial progress onkey components o our iGov strategic Plan.“These include;
• The transfer of the ICT port
-olio rom the Ministry o Inra-structure and Public Utilities tothe Oce o the Prime Minister where it can benet rom top-level attention and support, andmore easily contribute value toall other sectors
• The establishment of the
Oce o the Government Chie Inormation Ocer (OGCIO) inthe Oce o the Prime Ministeras a dedicated centre or all gov-ernment activities related to theICT sector
• The identication of Gov 
-ernment-wide applicationsrequirements and the design o an eective applications porto-lio.”The PM stressed: “The ull value o the iGov Initiative willnot be realised until the appli-cations are up and running andservices to businesses and citi-zens have been improved. Thoseobjectives are ully dependenton a stable and reliable network and data communications inra-structure.“In that regard the GBN,established under the E-Gov-ernment Project, is playingits critical role in the proc-ess. However, the continuedstability and reliability o theGBN remain key objectivesand major challenges or theGovernment rom the nanc-ing and technical resource per-spective.“For this reason, I haveinstructed the OGCIO and theMinistry o Finance to work  with our development partnersand to spare no eort in den-ing an appropriate and sustain-able approach to meeting thosechallenges,” PM Kilman contin-ued.“On behal o the Govern-ment and the people o Vanuatu,I would like to take this opportu-nity to again thank the Govern-ment o the People’s Republic o China or its continued supporttowards our rst-ever eGovern-ment Network Project.”I realise that at the time o the loan agreement, the E-Gov-ernment Project drew consider-able criticism rom the businesscommunity and the generalpublic. In spite o the scepticism, we pressed on with the projectand we now have the GBN tocomplement the two privatesector backbone networks: Digi-cel and TVL.“Vanuatu now has arguably the best Government and Pri- vate Sector ICT inrastructurein the Paciic Islands. We are working collaboratively withDigicel and TVL to link thesenetworks to support redun-dancy and maximize the use o spare capacity.“We are also looking at wheth-er the Government BroadbandNetwork can support, on com-mercial wholesale terms, carry-ing what is expected to be anever increasing amount o datatrac.“No matter how we optimizethese three networks however, we will not achieve all o ourICT policy goals until they areconnected to an internationalsubmarine cable.“We need to make this hap-pen in the shortest possibletime.“While we continue toencourage and support the well-publicised private sec-tor-led initiative, the urgency and the strategic importanceo the project to the economicand social development o ournation demands that we alsocontinue our discussions withmultiple development part-ners regarding a Government-led public-private-partnershipapproach.“Only through a muchstronger link to the interna-tional inormation inrastruc-ture will we be able to continuebuilding on our recent success-es. Since the Government took the initiative to open up the tel-ecommunications sector, priceshave allen, the number o serv-ices has grown, the coverage ormobile voice has increased toaround 90% o the population,and the sector is now employingover 2,500 people.“Not only has the ICT sectorgrown but so has the impact onthe lives o everyone using tele-communications and other ICTproducts and services.“During the ceremony theMinisters and MPs who havenot yet been able to experienceusing the services oered onthe new network, will be ableto see rsthand demonstrationsby OGCIO qualied local engi-neers who have been successul-ly trained both in Vanuatu andin Senshen Huawei Centre o Excellence in China.”Kilman then stated, “Collec-tively our next major challengeis to ensure the same growth inthe use o the internet and accessto the world wide inormationsources and communities.“Government is developing itspolicies to enable the private sec-tor to achieve our vision o “ICTor All”.“We will only succeed in ourgoal o “ICT or All” and supportachieving a Healthy, Wealthy and Educated Nation, throughclose cooperation between thePrivate Sector and Governmentinitiatives.“As a priority we wish to seeevery school and manned healthcentre connected with high speedinternet by 2015. This will ena-ble considerable improvementsin our education and health serv-ices,” Kilman said.
Gov’t launches eGovernment Network

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