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Vampire the Requiem - Bloodline - Lhiannan Sidhe

Vampire the Requiem - Bloodline - Lhiannan Sidhe



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Published by LabRatFan

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Published by: LabRatFan on Jul 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Lhiannan Sidhe 
Our intent is to lead the world back into the old ways of blood and magic...
 Wild and fey, living mostly in rural areas, and stillfollowing pre-Christendom traditions. No oneknows exactly where the Lhiannan linestarted. Even the bloodline itself only knows that at some time in the dis-tant past, a woodland spirit wassomehow bound into the body of a vampire by a shadowy female figure that called her-self the Crone, and with thatthe act began for the Lhiannan.The Lhiannan survived in iso-lated villages throughout Europeand secret groups that stayed trueto the old ways. As the forces of Christendomdrove back the last of the pagan religions and stampedout (or assimilated) the superstitions of the common peasant, the Lhiannan were pushed further and further fromthe lights of civilization. This made theDruids a dying breed.Even more so, their own mystical nature marked themindelibly, giving them an aura that is almost noticeable by ordinary humans. This made them easy targets for witchhunts and ambitious Kindred that wanted to make a namefor themselves and remain in the good graces of theLancea et Sanctum
after all, the very existence of theLhiannan may be proof the Sanctified follow nothing butan empty dogma.The spirit that joined with the first Lhiannan was a high-ly territorial, bloodthirsty being that demanded sacrificefrom those around it. When the first Lhiannan Embracedthe second, that spirit broke off a piece of itself 
or per-
haps “cloned” itself –
into a new spirit and passed it intothe newly-made vampire. The process was repeated timeand time again over the centuries to the point where spiritand vampire merged completely.The Lhiannan have inherited a great deal from their spir-it half. Fiercely territorial creatures, they choose an areaand then stay with it, keeping most others out
unless it isin their best interest to do so, in which case they can bequite patient. They are strongly tied to the woodlands and when living in a city, they stick to parks, zoos and similarsurroundings. Their signature Discipline of Blood Tene-brous gives them a certain amount of power over spirits.Other European vampires see the Lhiannan as lit-tle more than a legend these nights and evenso, no mention of their spirit half ismade. So thorough was the attempt by the Lancea et Sanctum to weedthem out that in most historicalarchives
what few vampireskeep
the Lhiannan do notregister as vampires at all.Instead, the Sanctified men-tion a legion of demons meantto draw Kindred and kine alikeaway from God and the Churchof Longinus.In modern nights, Lhiannan can be foundin Northern Europe, mostly Britain, Ireland
wherethe founder of the line is supposedly sleep-ing the centuries off in torpor
andScandinavia. Having forsaken their woodland roots in favor of urban areas with better prey, they are no longer an oddity of the countryside.Being half-spirit and half-vampire, affects the Lhiannanin many ways, the least of all being the fact they get along with the Uratha more than other vampires, somethingthat in the past earned them the moniker Wolfbrothers. With both vampires and werewolves sharing their partly spiritual nature, common ground was easily found
al-most as easily as reasons to rip each other apart.This familiarity between the bloodline and the objects of many a Kindred's nightmare was but a factor that madethe crusade of the Lancea et Sanctum easier to sell andmore successful than it would be otherwise. Mankind fears what it does not understand, Kindred even more so... andeven if the Lhiannan were not the demons the Sanctifiedmade them to be, they could still call on werewolf alliesand that kind of power should not be in the hands of any  vampire
unless of course the vampire in question is whoever said that.On the other hand, the Lhiannan have suffered greatlosses at the claws of the Pure Tribes, who consider the vampire-spirit hybrids anathema and to be killed-on-sight
 not that vampires in general get a better treatment. Many of the most powerful Lhiannan met Final Death when apack of Pure werewolves decided to rid the world of them
or perhaps who simply wanted the Lhiannan's locus forthemselves. This past experience has led even moreLhiannan to befriend Forsaken werewolves and often tipthem off on Pure activities.But the dual nature of the Druids goes beyond that.Though it has never been confirmed
by others or by theLhiannan themselves
it is said that especially oldermembers of the bloodline are able to gain nourishmentfrom Essence as well as Vitae, a theory that is supported by the fact many Lhiannan had domains around Loci. On theother hand, a Locus is rare and given the territorial natureof the Druids it is entirely possible they just chose theselocations because of that.Something that cannot be denied however and that isundoubtedly a side effect of their dual nature is thatLhiannan are sensitive to spiritual activity, be in it Twi-light, or even across the Gauntlet. When the Lhiannan arenear a spirit
or another Lhiannan for that matter
they know it even if they cannot see it, the same goes for Locior Verges. In a strange alteration of feeding preferences,Spirit-Ridden and Spirit-Claimed make for excellent andmore rewarding meals
as the Druid can draw nourish-ment from the spirit's Essence as well as from the host'sblood.Surprisingly enough even though the signature Disci-pline of the Lhiannan has to do with spirits, they areknown for something else. According to some rumors,Lhiannan were behind the very first Crúac rituals. Giventhe bloodline's history with the circle of the crone, thistheory cannot be ignored and may hold some truth to it.Scholars that support this theory, insist that any and allCrúac rituals that deal with the Shadow Realm and spiritsin any way are creation of the Lhiannan that put their al-tered Beast to good use. For that reason, when Lhiannanmake their presence known they are sought after for thoserituals.If there are other such rituals to be discovered, the re-maining Lhiannan keep their lips sealed. The bloodlinehas suffered enough because of ignorance and to giveknowledge to those who have not earned it, is never agood idea. It is rumored however that even in modernnights elder Lhiannan and vampire scholars alike are try-ing to unlock long lost rituals that may reveal more aboutthe nature of the Lhiannan and perhaps the vampire raceas a whole
it is safe to assume that Sanctified enforcersdo not like that prospect and often bury such research.In the rare occasion that Lhiannan ghoul someone, thatperson
or animal, as if often the case
is treated as partof their domain even more so than the way other vampirestreat their ghouls. Depending on the regnant, ghouldomunder the Druids can be from nightmarish to simply re-strictive and many ghouls often become paranoid, feelingtheir regnant's eyes everywhere
they are often right. Asthe Ghoul tastes the regnant's Vitae more, he begins dis-playing minor traits usually found on Spirit-Claimed andtied to the nature of their master.
Parent Clan:
Druids or Wolfbrothers
Druids tend to join the Circle of the Croneand given the legend of the bloodline's creation, that is notreally a surprise. Just as expected is their deep hatred forthe Lancea et Sanctum and the First Estate
at least indomains where the First Estate supported the Sanctified.Some Lhiannan join the Ordo Dracul in hopes of findingmore about themselves, while most of the rest are amongthe Unbound
Most Lhiannan are female, yet male mem-bers of the bloodline are known to exist. All have an exoticferal beauty and that is one of the reasons they try to blendin when in the company of others, at least to a point. It isentirely possible to see a Lhiannan in an evening gown oran Armani suit if it means she will live another night. Inthe privacy of their haven or sometimes even in public, theLhiannan wear talismans that supposedly strengthen theirspirit half, the same does not happen with their clothes of choice in private though that often are too outdated forpublic use. When performing one of their spirit ritualshowever, they shed most clothes and inscribe bloody glyphs and runes on their bodies.
In the past, the Lhiannan favored forest glensand isolated rural villages where the old ways were stillpracticed. In modern nights however this is not the normand most live in the cities, almost always near nature insome form. Many Lhiannan havens are not unlike those of any other Gangrel, or even Daeva in some cases.
The Lhiannan prefer to Embrace individu-als that display some of their own traits. Those with re-spect for or a link to nature and animals, a feral streak andmost importantly, who do not follow any monotheisticfaith are good candidates for the Embrace. Even more so,those who are actively against Christianity but not in a way that would draw too much attention catch the attention of a Druid before others.
Character Creation:
 Any Attribute set can be primary.Lhiannan often have high ratings in Animal Ken and Sur- vival, and even a bit of Occult. Many Lhiannan also have Animal Ghouls and Herd as Merits but it takes a very unique domain, or a very creative and manipulativeLhiannan for her to have Allies, Contacts or even Status.
Bloodline Disciplines:
 Animalism, Majesty, Protean, Re-silience. Lhiannan also practice Blood Tenebrous (see pp.124-127 of 
Book of Spirits
), though at out-of-clan costs.
The Lhiannan are part nature spirit and themark of their inhumanity runs strong with them. Those who attempt to detect their nature via Auspex or similarpowers gain a +2 bonus and even normal humans may feel

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