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Persons and Family Relations

Persons and Family Relations

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Published by: meaniemau on Jul 20, 2012
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The third edition of this book was inspired by the authors’desire to help prepare the law students in their quest to becomemembers of the legal profession. It contains not only the most recentlaws pertaining to Family Law, but also the most recent and relevantdecisions of the Supreme Court. It has been designed in a very simpleway so that the reader will easily understand the law and jurisprudence cited. Undoubtedly, it will help not only law studentsbut bar candidates, lawyers, judges, and laymen as well.
Ed Vincent S. AlbanoEd Vincent A. Albano, Jr.Myla Khristabelle A. Albano-Pua
This simple work is warmly and sincerely dedicated to thecouple who gave me life, my departed parents, Guillerma Sorianoand Andres V. Albano. To my loving wife, Lilian A. Albano as well asher departed parents, Juan R. Ahorro and Manuela N. Gozar. To our“pogi the first” Vinci. And to our precious grandson, the sheer sight of whom takes away all our stress, Sean Vincent DR. Albano.
Ed Vincent S. Albano

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