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Satellite Uplink Parking Lot Dean Street Block Association

Satellite Uplink Parking Lot Dean Street Block Association

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Published by: AYReport on Jul 20, 2012
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July 19, 2012Emma BerenblitDirector of Revocable Consents NYC Department of Transportation55 Water Street New York, NY 10004To Whom It May Concern:The Dean Street Block Association would like to address issues surrounding the plans tolay broadcast and electric conduit across 6
Avenue to a Satellite Uplink Parking Lot on block 1128. The lot is located within the purview of our block association. Residentialmembers of our block association live nearby and across the street.The site, originally two townhouses, was anticipated to be used temporarily as parking or construction staging at the time the project was approved in 2006. Only in 2010,following revision of the project plans, was this site additionally entitled an “ArenaBroadcast Support Area.” Due to modifications of the Project Agreements in 2009,residents also currently remain inside the project footprint directly adjacent to the lot.We have four concerns we would like to see addressed with the plans for the lot:1). The fence should fall along the wall line of the existing buildings on Dean Street and6
Avenue.2). The adverse impacts of this lot should not exceed those of a parking lot.3). The impacts of the lot should be regularly monitored.4). Steps should be made to integrate the lot with the community.
The effective width of nineteen of twenty-four sidewalks assessed in the FEIS wasincorrect and over-assessed in the FEIS. The 6
Avenue sidewalk is one of the fewoverstated in its current condition. The current construction fence has been situated twofeet into the sidewalk from the line of the buildings along 6
Avenue. There is every goodreason to maintain its current width and enhance it with amenities like street trees, benches and planters.
We ask from the developer and arena management that the fence fall along the line of theexisting buildings on 6
Avenue and Dean Street in order to better maintain the character of the neighborhood and facilitate healthier street life in the area.
We believe there is a higher risk of noise, disruption, and other environmental impactsgenerated by this new use from sources like truck idling and activity on the adjacentsidewalk than generated by a parking lot. Because it will not be a construction stagingarea, the regulations and oversight that apply to the satellite uplink parking lot are notclear.Concern that the lot’s scale is not big enough for the demand generated by the arena isenhanced by the alteration of the illustration of the lot posted on the ESDC website(attached). The illustration has been modified to make the lot look much larger than itactually is. If the lot is not large enough broadcast trucks will locate elsewhere nearby.Those trucks will operate using generators.We ask the following from the developer and arena management:
A party and line of command, clearly identified to the community, responsible for education, continuous monitoring, and strict enforcement of the use of this lot,especially as concerns the use of noisy equipment and illegal truck idling.
A commitment that the sidewalk adjoining the lot will be kept clear for pedestriansat all times.Critically, we ask NYPD and NYC DOT to enforce regulations against illegal standing, parking and idling on all streets nearby.
The lot is located immediately next door to, and across the street from, residents. It is ata meeting point of the arena development and the existing community. Steps can betaken to improve the integration of the arena development with the existing community by introducing amenities friendly to both.We ask the developer and arena management to do the following:
Create screening for the lot that provides a pleasant visual buffer for residents. Thescreening should mix opaque masonry with more transparent metal fencing. The
existing proposal of the developer is for vinyl displays more suited to a temporaryconstruction fence than an interim fence that may be in place for 25 years or more.
Restore the street trees on the perimeter of the lot, such as existed before the onsetof the project. We recognize curb cuts minimize the possible locations, butanticipated damage from construction many years in the future is not an argumentfor planting trees now. A tree already exists on the Dean Street side.
Commit to using only directional lighting, which will prevent off-site light intrusionfor nearby residents.
Introduce benches and planters along the 6
Avenue line of the lot. Introduce planters along the Dean Street line of the lot. A illustration of a feasible example isattached.In the near future we hope a permanent location for the Satellite Uplink Parking Lot can be identified where there is a lower risk of impacting residents.Thank you for your consideration.Sincerely yours,Peter Krashes, PresidentDean Street Block Association, 6
Avenue to VanderbiltCC: Council Member Letitia James, Assembly Member Hakeem Jeffries, State Senator Velmanette Montgomery, District Manager Craig Hammerman, District Manager Michelle George, NYC DOT Downtown Brooklyn Transportation Coordinator ChrisHrones, Director of Special Projects at NYC Office of the Mayor Lolita Jackson, NYCOffice of Community Affairs Brooklyn Borough Director Sam Pierre, ESDC AtlanticYarsds Project Director Arana Hankin, ESDC President and CEO Kenneth Adams Note: Photos Attached

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