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Resume -- July 20 2012

Resume -- July 20 2012

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Published by kshaikh77

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Categories:Types, Resumes & CVs
Published by: kshaikh77 on Jul 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Khalid Jawaid Shaikh1200 Golden Circle, Apt 103, Golden, Colorado 80401
Looking for employment nationally, willing to relocate.Federal processes restrict employment in the State of Colorado & perhaps Northern California.Contract Corp to Corp ONLY.
720 975 3338khalid@sanctitatis.com SUMMARY 12 years of professional programming and application development experience.
6 years Ruby on Rails
& operations scaling experience.Desire to build cross platform mobile applications across iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian using jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap.Programmed in C/C++ since 12 years old.Employed by 3 companies listed on DOWJONES.Build web sites with over 10 million users per day operating in 200+ countries.Looking for employment nationally, willing to relocate.Built several successful Web 2.0 consumer web sites with large user bases and revenue.Involved deeply with the Department of Justice. Federal processes will accompany me.COMPUTER SKILLS
Languages & Tools
Proficient in: Ruby on Rails 3.2.6, Redis, Nginx, AMQP, AJAX, CSS3, HTML5, XML, Javascript, JSON,SVN, GIT, jQuery, YUI, DB Schema, DHTML, REST, ERB, YAML, Capistrano, Perl, Bash, Watir,Cron jobs, MySQL Replication, Puppet, Heroku, Passenger, RVM, Firebug, Selenium, i18n,NewRelic, Builder, FactoryGirl, Hpricot, Hoptoad, Memcached, Wordpress, Xtrabackup, Rspec,Nagios, Bugzilla, shell scripting, TCP/IP, HTTP, RAID 0/1/5/10, CDN, kernel, haproxy,
Familiar with: PHP5, IIS, C#, ASP.NET, Android, iOS, iPhone, perl, bash
Rackspace Hosting (46 servers), Engine Yard Hosting (14 slices), EC2 Hosting (10 slices),Rackspace Cloud (10 slices), LeaseWeb (100 servers & 9gbps of bandwidth),Equinix & Multihomed bandwidth (200 servers & 4gbps of bandwidth), Amazon S3 (200GB of data)
HTTP Load Balancers, Firewalls, BGP routers, SMTP reputation management, SPAM,Scalable Architectures, DNS management, Deployment strategy, NFS, NAS
Database: MySQL 5.x, Oracle 10 and Sqlite3
Platforms: Ubuntu 12.04, RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.x, Kylin 2.1, FreeBSD 9.0
Deep experience with scalability of top web sites in the world.
Xs.to scaled to 10 million unique visitors per day
Enphase Energy architecture supports 1 million active solar panels
MySQL Replication, Linux OS optimization, Patch management, HTTP Load Balancer,Memcached implementation, managed 10 to 100 Terabytes of user data
Patch management, AlertLogic Intrusion Detection System, Forensic Analysis, Incident Reports
Experience working with NCMEC, FBI, and DOJ.EXPERIENCE
May 2011 to PresentIngersoll Rand Company$12.34B Fortune 500 company; NYSE listed.
Rails 3.1.3 with GIT for source control on Mac OS X 10.7.3
Infrastructure includes AMQP (Rabbit), redis-server, Passenger, Nginx and CentOS 5.7
Internationalized the application to en-US, pt-BR, en-NZ and en-AU.
Debugged communication infrastructure using HTTPS, stunnel, wireshark and various other protocol analyzers
Debugged Z-Wave communication between devices.
TDD based development with FactoryGirl, Rspec and Mocha
Developed an energy dashboard using a REST based API
Built in support for i18n for internationalization and localization
Configured iDigi ERT/Ethernet Gateway, ConnectPort X2 and ERT/Smart Energy Bridge (ZigBee)
Jan 2011
Apr 2011
LikeList, Inc Social Networking; 1.9 million users.$5M in investment 
Maintenance and development of REST based APIs in Rails 3.x codebase where the client was a PHP 5.2.x Codeigniterframework 
Debugging of real-time issues related to Rails environment and PHP environment
Improved OAuth authentication with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google Apps, Yahoo via OmniAuth GEM
Improvements in the Javascript (jQuery) to resolve Bugzilla tickets
SVN based source control. Bugzilla based ticket tracking.
Senior Software Engineer
Sept 2009
Dec 2010
Enphase Energy, Inc Solar microinverters; green company $110M in investment (KPCB, Third Point Management, RockPort Capital Partners, Madrone Capital Partners, PCG Asset Management, Applied Ventures, Bay Partners) 
Linux Configuration Management of 46 servers with Redhat Enterprise 5.4
Linux scripts to monitor MySQL Replication and email notifications
Configuring Apache w/ Rails Passenger to scale Ruby on Rails application across 12 web servers
Debugging JSON and XML requests for performance in Enlighten Web Application
Unit Testing with Rspec
Wrote MySQL Query analysis software that emailed R&D team daily of slow queries
Optimized slow queries using indices in MySQL 5.x
HTML/DHTML implementation for Environ product launch, digital thermostat
Usage of Subversion and GIT as source control
 Apache configuration improvement to scale maximum number of users per web server
 Agile development with a team of 6 individuals, daily scrum meetings, planning, etc
 jQuery Javascript Libraries
Debugging SMTP related issues including implementing Domain Keys and RDNS to improve deliverability of email
Release Management implementation via checklist in Google Docs & Capistrano to deplay
Create business intelligence queries using relational database
Supported a global audience with multiple time zones
 Applied test driven development (TDD) principles to all implementations
Improved Web Architecture to support over 1 million PCUs
Migrated company from Engine Yard Cloud Servers to 46 Rackspace Servers with zero downtime
Improved uptime from > 80% to 99.99%
Implemented monitoring strategy with Pingdom, Monit, New Relic
Executed 24/7 Tiered Operations Support
Cross Functional work with Marketing & Customer Support to gather requirements and implemented changes to theEnlighten Web Site; Supported Customer Problems
Implemented a cost reduction strategy that reduce costs to 15% of the original through Amazon S3 cloud based storage;code written in ruby, aws-s3 gem
Designed and implemented Disaster Recovery strategy including offsite replication of MySQL servers
Implementation of a database sharding strategy to remove central bottleneck present in main database server; ActiveRecord database adapters
Implementation of offline backup of critical customer data using DelayedJob
Test Driven Development using Rspec
Contributed to bug fixes on web site using controller / model / view code.
Strong relationships with Founder, VP of Marketing, CEO, Director of Marketing, Director of Customer Support, VP of Engineering and company board members.
Feb 2008
Sept 2009
Nvidia Corp Hardware Graphics Cards 
$10.3B market capitalization; NASDAQ listed (NVDA); S&P 500
Leverage Ruby on Rails with Oracle 9i and 10i database
Developed custom plugins that interfaced with ActiveDirectory and LDAP to provide ACL services. Extended ActionController, ActionView and ActiveRecord.
Developed business intelligence applications using graphing libraries such as Rmagick and Scruffy
Build AutoCAT, automatic chip allocation system, help operations team allocate chips and derive value through yieldanalysis and predict usage. Leverage tools such as YUI. Included about 20 models with a lot of relationships.
Test driven development using test/unit and rspec. Test coverage using rcov.
Import from excel using roo, import from CSV using FasterCSV.
Leverage backgroundrb to run certain long running tasks in background.
Web page development in RHTML and HAML.
Improved the deployment process to including staging and deployment servers.
Used Thin, Mongrel and Webrick as Rails servers and loaded them in front of balance.
Passed data to Javascript objects using JSON from Ruby on Rails.
Debugged Ruby on Rails environment using ruby-debug.
Created server side pagination with will_paginate and client side pagination using YUI DataTable & JSON.
Dec 2007
Feb 2008
ImedExchange Social Network for Medical Vertical 
Developed administrative interface in Ruby on Rails via Active Scaffold
Created multi-file uploader with Flash in Ruby on Rails and RightAWS GEM libraries using Amazon S3 and EC2.
Fixed bugs on Ruby on Rails framework on a weekly basis.
Standard gems used were actionmailer, activerecord, active. External gems used were aws-s3, Capistrano, fastercsv,haml, water/firewater, mongrel_cluster, gruff.
Created an automation framework in Watir and Ruby.
Mar 2007
Nov 2007
Intel Corporation Design and Development of Semiconductor Chips $106B market capitalization; NASDAQ listed (INTC), component of DOWJONES 
 Architected and developed Ruby on Rails application for EDA environment.
Created modeled, views, controllers, HTML, CSS and rails migration files to create MySQL tables.
Tested for compatibility in Firefox, IE6, IE7 and Safari.
Leveraged Yahoo UI controls to build web pages.
Wrote custom Javascript and AJAX functions to dynamically build forms.
2005 - 2007
YouSendIt Inc Send Large Files for Creative Professionals Vertical $53M in funding (Adam Street Partners, Alloy Ventures, Sevin Rosen Funds, Sigma Partners, Emergence Capital Partners) 
Developed Ruby on Rails graphing application for business intelligence.
Designed and developed HTML/CSS for production web site from scratch.
Scaled web site from 1 server to 3-tier architecture handling over 1.5 million page views per day.
 Architected YouSendIt platform on CentOS Linux using PHP, MySQL and Apache.
Designed and developed database schema
Implemented database replication and removed central points of failure
NetScalar HTTP load balancer installation
Build viral application that created a cycle of growth to scale up to Alexa 600 site in the world; based on sharing of content.
Implementation of credit card based payment system, VISA, MASTERCARD, Discover with Paypal and also directly with

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