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Published by reimax

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Published by: reimax on Jul 20, 2012
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 Yoga Nidra
meditative deep relaxation
Tantra - Nyasa - Chakra - resolution -consciousness - research
Course program 1997-98 for Håå Course Center 
Unique pictures ofthe brain‘s activity during Yoga Nidra
 Attitude or Insight
Can you still feel  frustrated and inadequateeven though you may havemeditated for many years?
a journalist asked merecently, “
or do you goaround with a permanent  smile on your face?
That made me think of awoman on one of our meditation courses. Whenshe came home after themeditation, her childrenrushed boisterously up to her and hugged her. She wantedto remain in the tranquil stateshe had reached during themeditation. She thereforetried to keep them at adistance imagining that thechildren would disturb her.I advised her to accept thechildren entirely and not tryto cling to any state. Theeffect of the meditation isthere anyway, as we goabout life and allow our various traits to find expression - andit’s okay to react normally.I am sure everyone experiences yogaand meditation in their own individualway. It is exciting to discover andexplore the potential of the exercises.The fundamental effects, however, are pretty much the same for all - body andmind find their own natural balance.When I have been very busy going fullspeed ahead all day and then find it diffi-cult to unwind in the evening, meditationcalms me. But if I am tired and uninspiredand cannot get started on anything, thenmeditation gives me renewed energy.A woman with very high blood pres-sure participated on a yoga and meditationcourse we held in Germany a few yearsago. She had tried all kinds of therapies, but nothing helped. So she turned toyoga. She had a blood pressure devicewith her and we took her blood pressureon various occasions during the course.After the deep-relaxation
Yoga Nidra
,followed by the meditation
The Sourceof Energy
, which is, amongstother things, based on a special breathing technique, her blood pressure became almost normal.Another woman on thecourse proved to have low blood pressure and when wemeasured her, we saw to our great surprise that it hadactually risen following thesame exercises!An explanation for this could be that these techniques makeus relax and help us let go of the thoughts, impressions andstates which are otherwise seat-ed in our muscles and organsand which influence thenervous system - this processnormalises the blood pressure.When something is worry-ing us, we may feel as if weare enclosed in a bubble.When the problem has beenresolved, or the cause of theanxiety has been removed, theneverything feels different.Suddenly we can make contactwith the people around us again andappreciate the small daily events.Yoga and meditation can remove these bubbles - regardless of whether they arisefrom anxiety, ideals or self-indulgence -and prevent new ones forming. If youhappen to adopt another “meditative pose”, then you end up in a new bubblethat can inhibit your awareness andmeditation and become a burden.The realisation that you don’t need tolive by ideals and poses, that you candepend on yourself, along with the
editorial by Mira
   T  r   i  q  u  e   t  r  a  -
   L   i  n   d  a   G  u  s   t  a  v  s  o  n   N  a  m  e   t   h
 .   S  e  e  a   l  s  o  p  a  g  e   3   4
Meditative deep relaxation3
A short introduction to Yoga Nidra.
The relaxed state and science5
In the course of the last 30 years,research has shown that the relaxedstate is highly beneficial for your health.We explain a little of what this stateentails, how you achieve it and how youensure it becomes deep and lasting.
Pictures of the brainss8activity during Yoga Nidra
 A new chapter in research on meditation,
it was called, when the scientistspublished pictures of yoga teachers doing Yoga Nidra. The research was done withone of modern medicine’s most advancedinstruments - the PET scanner at TheState University Hospital in Copenhagen.
Tantra and Yoga Nidra12
Swami Janakananda writes for the firsttime about the knowledge and methods inTantra which lie behind Tantric rituals andwhich make Yoga Nidra so uniquely effec-tive and deep - about Nyasa, Chakras, con-sciousness and the resolution in Yoga Nidra.
 What on earth do they use it for24
People’s very different experiences with Yoga Nidra ...
Håå Course Center
in South Sweden
A place with ideal conditions for gettingto know yourself and exploring yourpotential through the unique methodstaught there.
Swami Janakananda abroad29Spring / Summer 1998
Lectures, seminars and weekend courses.Programme for Ireland, France andIceland.
Courses in Copenhagen30
...and other cities. Introduction evenings,free trial classes, short intensive courses,drop-in”, pregnancy courses, as well asweekly courses that run for 10 or 20weeks and
classes in English
 Yoga at Home30
From our shop we send books, relaxationand meditation tapes, nose-cleansingpots, ear candles, yoga mattresses, theperiodical Bindu and muchmore to people all over theworld.
Meditative Deep Relaxation
by Mira
Yoga Nidra and consciousness...
Yoga is probably best known as acomfortable form of relaxation, both on a physical and mental level, but it involvesa lot more than that. Relaxation is onlythe first step.It is easy to practice Yoga Nidra. You liecompletely motionless on your back, andlisten to the instructions given. Thetechnique is used by people who need aneffective relaxation. Many use the Yoga Nidra tape or CD without having anyother knowledge of yoga or meditation.Sometimes a person will come to me andsay: “
 I have tried relaxation and it doesnot work for me. I just cannot relax
.” Italways turns out that the person has useda form of relaxation, where you have totry to imagine that you relax. So insteadof deriving benefit from the relaxation,the person concerned gets irritated andworried from making so much effort.In Yoga Nidra you are never asked torelax - and my experience is that eventhose people who have previouslyexperienced problems relaxing, find benefit from Yoga Nidra.Yoga Nidra is equally popular withschool kids and senior citizens, and ishighly valued in many work places. For  beginners, it is an easy way to experiencea state of meditation.Some years ago I taught at a school for young people. The teachers were verysurprised when they saw the boys lying
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understanding that meditation does notneed props - is fundamental to our teaching, which is inspired by the Tantrictradition. When I went on my first yogacourse at this school, I found I could bemyself. There was nothing to live up toand no-one tried to convince me of anything. The result was that I was able torelax and experience the effects of yoga.One day two young men came to theschool. They wanted to know what yogawas. “
 Do you have to believe in any-thing?
” they asked. “
I replied,
 yoga is like football. It is something youdo. It isn’t something you believe in.
Maybe you get a broader perspectiveon a variety of things or maybe newvalues, but yoga is not something toascribe to; insight grows by itself.

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