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Evaluation FinafrockJ

Evaluation FinafrockJ

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Published by: Jennie Ellen Finafrock on Jul 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Evaluation_FinafrockJTech. Evaluation of “Mason-Dixon” High, Summer 2012
Students per Grade for “Mason-Dixon” High School: T 
otal enrollment:
Number of teachers
60Grade 9
268 (30%)
Grade 10
272 (30%)
Grade 11
174 (19%)
Grade 12
185 (21%)
Student population by race:
17 (2%)
91 (10.12%)
25 (2.78%)
Native American
1 (0.11%)
765 (85.09%)Individuals living below the poverty line in the community was 152, or 8.5 percent.The estimated average household income is
1. Administrative
Focuses on resource availability and the behaviors of Administrators and Staff.
Policy:Behavioral = IntegratedMost teachers/staff in our school have embraced technological practices.
Resource/Infrastructure= IntelligentBeing a STEM school, we have many policies in place for appropriate use of technology.Planning:Behavioral = IslandsFormal planning does take place; however, while school wide planning is encouraged, ithas yet to occur.Resource/Infrastructure = Integrated.Connections are built between projects and informal evaluations are given at facultymeetings, which administrators take to the county.Budget:Behavioral = IntegratedBudgets for technology are considered a high priority. It is the focus of many STEMmeetings.Resource/Infrastructure = IntegratedTeachers receive aand the behaviors of Teachers and Students separate allocation for technological materials annually. Administrative Information:Behavioral = IntelligentSince we are a green school many daily paper tasks have been replaced by electronicsystems.Resource/Infrastructure = Intelligent All staff has access to administrative tools and grading features.
2. Curricular 
Focuses on resource availability and the behaviors of Teachers and Students.
Electronic Information:Behavioral = IslandsThis is mostly used to e-mail progress reports home, taking attendance, andcommunication with fellow teachers - not being used to full potential for educationalpurposes.Resource/Infrastructure = IslandsBasic internet/communication access in all classrooms. Wireless is available for schoollaptops. Assessment:Behavioral = IslandsWe use clickers, online tests with instant feedback, and yes - some still use scantrons.Resource/Infrastructure = IslandsSome subjects use online testing and programs that provide prompt feedback, but these
programs are not yet readily available for all subject areas.Curricular Integration:Behavioral = IslandsOur curriculum is somewhat dependent on technology. We rely on online resources andpacing guides. We also use smart boards for interactive lessons. This; however, is notacross the board in every classroom.Resource/Infrastructure = IntegratedOur county teams have developed resources for most subject areas. There arecontinuing to meet and develop more and more online tools.Teacher Use:Behavioral = IslandsSome teachers have adapted their teaching to include technology effectively everyday.Most have not. Almost all teachers use technology everyday (e-mail, attandance,videos);however, not always for educational purposes.Resources/Infrastructure = IntegratedMost teachers have access to a computer lab, lap-top cart, mini pc’s, smartboards,interwrite pads, etc... These “basic” technologies are available to teachers - gettingthem to use them is the challenge.Student Use:Behavioral = IntegratedStudents have so many technologies available to them. They are constantly usingtechnology, but it is not always necessary to meet the educational goals.Resource/Infrastructure = Integrated All regular education students have access to technologies in the media center andmost classrooms.
3. Support 
Focuses on resource availability and the behaviors of Teachers and Support Staff.
Stakeholder InvolvementBehavioral = IslandsMost groups are aware of the plannings procedures, but few of them get a say in theprocess.Resources/Infrastructure = IntegratedMost groups are represented. They are at least given the option of electing someoneto the planning board to represent them. Administrative SupportBehavioral = IntegratedOur building admin. have weekly meeting where tech planning is usually addressed andthen shared at their weekly county admin. meetings.Resource/Infrastructure = IntegratedOur building admin. spend some time observing and brainstorming ideas for better technological practices and implementations.TrainingBehavioral = IntegratedSince we are the STEM school in our county, many training sessions at held at our school making them convenient to attend. Therefore, many staff members attend

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