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Same-Sex Marriage Impact in Massachusetts

Same-Sex Marriage Impact in Massachusetts

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Published by crichert30
A list of examples of same-sex marriage being taught in schools provided by the Massachusetts Family Council.
A list of examples of same-sex marriage being taught in schools provided by the Massachusetts Family Council.

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Published by: crichert30 on Jul 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EXAMPLES OF SAME-SEX MARRIAGE IMPACT IN MASSACHUSETTS________________________________________________________________________I Impact in Public Schools1. Tonia and David Parker filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court after their 5-year old son
 brought home a book depicting a gay family. “
The judge, Mark L. Wolf of Federal District
Court, said the courts had decided in other cases that parents’ rights to exercise their religious
beliefs were not violated when their children were exposed to contrary ideas in school.
are ‘entitled to teach anything that is reasonably related to the goals of preparing students to
become engaged and productive citizens
Judge Wolf said.
(NY Times, February 24, 2007 
)2. The following incidents have been reported in various news sources and to MFI by concernedparents since the implementation of same-sex marriages on May 17, 2004--Spring 2004, freshman and sophomore students at Medford High School were invited toan assembly at the school where they listened to a lesbian comedian who spoke for half an hour,detailing how she had to hide her homosexuality during her high school years in MA, but howpleased she was about the current societal changes and her own upcoming same-sex marriage.(
 National Catholic Register, Oct. 23, 2004
)--On May 14, Boston teachers were sent a memo from the Superintendent of Schoolsthreatening them with disciplinary action if they did not present same-sex marriage to theirclasses in a positive light.-- On May 17, the principal at Burr Elementary School in Newton announced over theintercom that the state was officially recognizing same-sex marriages. The school then sentseveral of its homosexual teachers to classrooms (from kindergarten through fifth grade) toexplain what this meant and to herald the law as a wonderful civil-rights advancement.(
 National Catholic Register, Oct. 23, 2004
)--Summer 2004, the Brooks School summer camp held a carnival day where a mock marriage booth was set up for children as young as five participated in mock marriageceremonies
including mock same-sex marriages. Children were given mock marriagecertificates to commemorate the event. (
Patriot Ledger, Sept. 2004
)--An eight grade sex education teacher in Brookline told NPR that the
decision emboldened her to teach homosexual-friendly curriculum, part of which involves hand-drawn charts depicting various sex acts. (
 NPR Broadcast Transcript, Sept. 13, 2004)
--For the 2004 National History Project, a Social Studies teacher at Winchester HighSchool assigned Plato's
to his 9th grade honors class. The central theme of this so-called "classic" from ancient Greece is that love between a man and a man and between a manand a boy is nobler than that between a man and a woman. (
We do not have documentation onthis, only verbal report 
)-- Gay and lesbian advocates, some of whom are teachers and school physicians, areworking on new gay-friendly curriculum designed for Kindergarten and up.
(MassNews, Sept.15, 2004.)
-- The Boston Gay & Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is
setting “the tonefor nontraditional gender role play” for 
. To help get the LGBT message across toyounger children, teachers can turn to an array of educational products, many of them availablefrom GLSEN. Early readers include
One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dads,
and the recentpublication
King and King
depicting same-sex marriage.
(City Journal, Spring 2003)
 -- April 27, 2005, David Parker confronted Lexington Elementary School officials with abook titled,
Who’s In a Family
that was assigned reading for his five-year-old son. The book depicts same-sex parents as a normative family equal to a traditional family of a father andmother. When Mr. Parker insisted the school comply with Massachusetts law requiring schoolsto notify parents when sexual issues are part of the curriculum, he was arrested for trespassing.
(Boston Herald, April 28, 2005)
-- Mrs. Robin Wirthlin
concerned when her second-grade son said his teacher read abook in his Lexington, MA school about two princes who got married
asked the school forforewarning if such books would be read in the future. Superintendent of Schools Paul Ash saidthe school has no legal obligation to notify parents about the book.
Lexington is committed toteaching children about the world they live in, and in Massachusetts same-sex marriage is legal.
 Boston Globe, April 20, 2006 
)-- September 27, 2005, Massachusetts Department of Education announces that schoolofficials have no obligation to notify parents of discussions, activities, or materials that simplyreference same-gender parents or that otherwise recognize the existence of differences in sexualorientation.
(Article 8 News, October 15, 2005)
-- Oct 2005, Thomas Bousnakis, Social Science teacher at Hudson High Schoolannounced that he is openly gay and proudly told his class about his engagement to be married toanother man.
The school’s chapter of the Gay
-Straight Alliance has posters up around the schoolwith p
hotos of “famous” homosexuals
(reported to MFI by concerned parent).
November, 2006, third graders at the Franklin Elementary School in Newton wereterrified when a GLSEN social worker described to the class the details of a male to female sexchange o
 peration. School authorities defended the event as “a teachable moment.”(
 Newton Tab, November 8, 2006 

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