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This is fate part 5

This is fate part 5

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Published by: cassidy_hemphill_123 on Jul 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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*Sierra‟s POV*It‟s been two weeks since we all went onto the yacht, even though it feels like a lifetime. This is
mostly because neither Courtney nor I have been able to see the boys, since they are super busyrecording the new album.I move lazily around the apartment, with a big box of donuts in my hands, trying to findsomething to do.Courtney, it seems has made FRIENDS, leaving me alone for the day.
I decide to call Harry, knowing it‟s his day off.
Harry: Hey babe. How are you?
Sierra: Oh good, good. However Court has left me all alone for the day so it‟s just me, myself,
and I here at the apartment.
Harry: Oh, you know it‟s my day off. I could come over?Sierra: No, no, no! Let‟s go somewhere. Hey! Do you want to come with C
ourtney and metomorrow to play some badminton? Maybe have a picnic afterwards? Ask Niall too!Harry: Yeah! I think that would be loads of fun! But about today, we could go on a walk?
Sierra: Sure! Let‟s meet at the park ok? See you soon!
I quickly pull on some appropriate clothes to wear for walking around town with the one andonly Harry Styles.I choose jeans, black boots, a light pink V-neck shirt, and a cream colored leather jacket. I grabmy phone and some cash, and then run out the door, fast walking to the park.When I arrive, I see Harry sitting on a bench- his eyes are closed and his curls are blowing softly
in the wind. I walk over to him and sit on his lap, kissing him softly. “Hi hun.” I say to him,
“Sierra! Babe I‟ve missed you!” Harry practically screams. I laugh at his silliness then pull him
off the bench, intertwining my hand with his.As we walk I notice quite a few teenage girls falling over themselves to get a picture of Harry,
 but he doesn‟t seem to notice. “Harry, babe.
Why don‟t you take a few pictures with those girlsover there? I don‟t mind.” I whisper to him so the small group of fans won‟t hear.“Are you sure?” he asks me. “Positive!”
I say.We make our way over to the girls and I swear they all stop breathing. I laugh to myself,knowing this is how I would have reacted to the boys when I was their age.
“Hello girls! How are you today?” harry asks in a cheery tone. Instead of answering, all the girls
 just stand there, completely star-struck.
“Would you like Harry here to sign anything for you?” I ask them nicely.“We… we, uh… uhm, don‟t have any pens.” One
of the girls says. I smile nicely at her and
rummage through my purse, find a sharpie and hand it to Harry. „Go on, Harry.” I prompt him,
pushing him forward.The girls get their shirts signed and I then take a picture of each of the girls with Harry, each onedying of excitement.
Once we‟re done we both wave and smile and Harry gives them a wink, which sends them off 
the edge- they erupt in a fit of screams and giggles.
“They were cute.” I say.“Yeah, real cute. Not as cute you though!” He says laughing.“Oh stop. I think it was really nice of you to do that. It makes them so happy. Trust me I would
*Courtney‟s POV*
Ok Court, you can do this. Only two more hours with these girls.
My new “friends” don‟t turn out to be very nice at all. All they
seem to be able to do is gossip;they even mention Harry and Sierra.
Deciding I can‟t be around these girls anymore, I tell them that Sierra‟s sick and
that I have to gotake care of her. I briskly walk out of the coffee shop and head to the apartment.I burst inside and call to Sierra, but get no answer. I make my way into the kitchen and see a notefrom her:
I went out with Harry; I’ll probably be home around 1 tonight. Don’t wait up for me!
Invite Niall over or something!! : )
Great, now I‟m stuck here doing nothing. I quickly send a text to Niall inviting him over andafter a quick 10 minutes there‟s a knock on my door.
 I open up the door and see Niall standing there; looking sexy as heck. I let him in then turn to
him, slowly walk over and hug him tightly. “Hey Ni. I‟ve missed you.” I say softly to him. Hesmiles; “I‟ve missed you too! What should we do?” he asks me.“Well… we could watch a movie? Play a game?” I suggest.
In the end we end up putting in transformers, but halfway through you fall asleep with your headagainst his chest, listening to his heartbeat.
*Harry‟s POV*
Sierra and I walk hand in hand around town, chatting about the new album, the boys, andbadminton.
“I‟m JUST SAYING I think I could beat you in a game of badminton.” Sierra says
“Really? I don‟t think you know how skilled I really am.” I say back to her.“No, no, no. Ask anyone, I‟ve got the skills.” She says. I laugh, admiring how cute Sierra lookswhen she‟s arguing
her nose scrunches up slightly and there‟s a defiant sparkle in her eyes. Sheshoots me the death glare, obviously not liking the fact that I‟m laughing at her while she‟s
trying to
win an argument. I hold up my hands innocently; “Ok I‟m sor 
“ I start to say but I‟m
cut off by Sierra, whose stopped dead in her tracts.
“Um… why did you stop walking?” I ask her, completely confused. She slowly points to a pile
of trash in the ally way
we‟re passing, and that‟s when I see it. There‟s a tiny, dirty,
orange kittenin among the trash.
She lets go of my hand and slowly walks over to where the kitten‟s hiding, speaking in a soft
. “Come on kitty, I‟m not going to hurt you. Come out kitty, kitty, kitty.” She coos.
Sierra slowly reaches into the pile of trash and pulls out the kitten, which could fit in the palm of your hand.
“Poor baby. She couldn‟t be more than 4 weeks old. Where‟s your mama honey?” She says,
mostly to the cat. The k 
itten meows softly then rubs its face on Sierra‟s thumb.“Let‟s take you to the vet‟s Ginger, come on precious.” She coos to “Ginger?”“Ginger? You named her? You‟re keeping her?” I ask her pointedly.“Of course I‟m keeping her! She has no family. Come on, look at her Harry!” Sierra gives me puppy dog eyes and I cave; “Fine, let‟s go.” I say grudgingly.*Niall‟s POV*
 I wake up with a start. The clock on the wall reads 9:03 P.m.
 How long was I asleep?
I don‟t feel Courtney beside me so I jump up, and start looking around the apartment, and find
her in the kitchen.
“Hey Court. How long have you been up?” I ask her.“Oh… I don‟t know… 40 minutes maybe?” she says. “Why didn‟t you wake me?”“You looked so peaceful! I just couldn‟t.” she says while smiling. I lean over and kiss her softly,
then pull her to me; putting my arms around her.She pulls my face to hers and connects our lips in a slow, intimate kiss. I start to play with herhair but am interrupted by Harry and Sierra coming into the apartment. I growl softly, point right
at Courtney and whisper “Later you‟re mine.” Into her ear. A blush slowly creeps up her neck 
and she quickly turns away and starts to look around the kitchen.
guys!” Sierra calls out, walking into the kitchen. She seems to be hiding something in her 
“What are you hiding Sierra?” I ask suspiciously. She giggles, and then pulls out a tiny, orangekitten. Courtney‟s face lights up and she rushes over to w
here Sierra and Harry stand.
“Oh my gosh! That is the cutest kitten ever!!” Courtney yells.“We found her in an alley, Sierra decided to name her Ginger.” Harry says.
Sierra carefully hands Courtney the kitten and then walks out the door, returning after a minutewith a tiny little be, some toys, two bowls, and some food.
“Wait. You‟re KEEPING her?!” I ask. “Yes of course Niall! Now, if you would excuse us, Courtand I have some major catching up to do. We will see you tomorrow.” Sierra tells us.
 We groan, but Harry walks over to Sierra, leans his head down and kisses her. I do the same to
Courtney. “Remember, later I get you all to myself.” I say softly so only she can hear.
Harry and I walk out the door and drive home, but my minds still on Courtney.
*Courtney‟s POV*
I wake up bright and early so I can get ready for our double badminton date today. I throw a
 pillow at Sierra‟s face then get into the shower. When I‟m done Sierra gets in and I get dressed
-cute exercise shorts, and a white sleeveless shirt.I quickly dry my hair then pull it into a high, side ponytail. Sierra gets out of the shower and getsdressed too, also putting her hair into a high ponytail.
“Yeah I have to warn you, I think Niall and I will beat you guys.” I say. She just la
ughs, shakingher head.

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