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WINSTON SHROUT – Solutions in Commerce

WINSTON SHROUT – Solutions in Commerce

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Published by WaAtSc

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Published by: WaAtSc on Jul 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WINSTON SHROUT – Solutions in Commerce #4HISTORYPeople have believed for almost 250 years that they havea sovereignty, when in fact they don’t. The United States is still a British Colony. And has beenfrom the very inception. The so-called “Founding Fathers”were members of the “Crown”. They were attorneys,Benjamin Franklin in particular. And so, for instance, thesigners on the Declaration of Independence—it wassigned by the “Crown”, and the attorneys for the Crown. The conquest of the Native People by a “bankruptcorporation”—U.S.A. Inc., and the treaties that weresigned, that is original validity. One of the great tragediesof the United States is that it tried to obliterate, throughapartheid, it tried to obliterate the people off the land.And not only just by war. They’ve tried to prevent thepeople to increase their numbers, by sterilization, by allmanner of things. The churches have tried to take thechildren away and turn them into corporate citizens.We’ve seen this continually, and it still goes on today. To give you an idea of what went on in the earliest of time. There was the East India Trading Co. which sought tosubjugate the whole world, and they continue to try to doso. This was the corporation that funded the colonizationof the original 13 Colonies or States. They are the onesthat created the Debt.It is true that the people from Europe who have occupiedAmerica have always done so under bankruptcy. Whatthey tried to do to avoid the bankruptcy, they tried to
incorporate and shift the liability from the Private sideinto the Public. And they did that by incorporating underthe Articles of Confederation. With the incorporation, thenew entity took on the debt and liability that was owed tothe East India Trading company, and consequently, theKing of England at that time.Now they found that their incorporation was flawedbecause they had no way of enforcing their internationaltreaties. In other words, they had not successfullyincorporated the principles of international laws underadmiralty into the Articles of Confederation. So at thatpoint they formed a new corporation and they had a newdocument which was called the Constitution for theUNITED STATES.Now, the Constitution for the UNITED STATES took overand assumed the liability that was assumed by theprevious corporation by the Articles of Confederationwhich assumed the debt that the 13 Colonies owed to theEast India Trading Company.So the Constitution, which everybody seems to be somuch worried about, was in fact a filing of bankruptcy. The bankruptcy had already been declared. And theEuropeans that operated on the soil of North America hadcome here under bankruptcy and it continued to be so.Now, with the creation of the Constitution, there was afiling of the bankruptcy in the year 1789. Under the Anglorules of Bankruptcy says that a nation can go intobankruptcy for a period of 70 years. The main questionfor the first period of bankruptcy was: WHO shall be thesurety?—[the one that shall be responsible for paying the
debt of the other person]. What can we use to secure thepayment?—(basically the debt was owed to King Georgethrough the East Indian Trading Co./the Bank of Englandwas also in existence then)Answer:—It was the land. So, the land was lien-ed upagainst.As was mentioned, the bankruptcy lasted 70 years. So if you add 70 years onto the year 1789 + 70 = 1859, whichwould have been the end of the national bankruptcy if thedebt was repaid. But it was not repaid, in fact the debtwas increased. As a consequence, a second bankruptcywas contemplated. But because all the land in the Northwas all lien-ed up, and there was no way to use it forsurety again, they had to find a new surety.So what do you thing the federal government inWashington D.C. decided to do?—go out by CONQUESTand seize all the free whole land that they could get theirhands on. As a consequence of that, in 1860… orwhatever, they concocted a new war, and they called it aCivil War. Or, they called it a “war between the States”when in fact the States were not at war with each other.It was the federal government that was at war.And so they used the free whole land of the South as thesurety for the second period of bankruptcy. They couldnot pay, and they had no intention of paying off the debtbecause they wanted to continue on in bankruptcy.Approximately inWell, wouldn’t you know it. Then came the Civil War—called the war between the States, in actuality it was thewar between the States and the Federal Government.

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