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Ingleside Station Newsletter 7/20

Ingleside Station Newsletter 7/20

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Published by sfmons

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Published by: sfmons on Jul 21, 2012
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Ingleside Station Newsletter 
July 19, 2012 
July 18, 2012 
July 17, 2012 
July 19, 2012
Posted: 20 Jul 2012 01:24 PM PDT
Incident Date:
Thursday, July 19th 2012
Remember that you can register your bicycles at:
Arrests:11:45pm 600 blk Brookdale Vandalism
Officers Benavidez and Lustenberger responded to the scene regarding vandalism to avehicle. A car’s door side window had been shattered by an angry woman. The owner of the vehicle told the officers that she was being threatened by the suspect so she decided tostay indoors. The victim watched as the suspect broke her car’s side windows and thenfled away with two others in a white four door vehicle. The victim told the Inglesideofficers the description and the name of the suspect. Officers were able to locate thesuspect by finding the white vehicle. Officers then continued to detain the suspect for further investigation. The victim participated in a cold show and identified the suspectwithout hesitation. The suspect was cited for vandalism to a vehicle and was releasedfrom the scene without further incident. Report number 120571359
Other incidents:
1:20am 4700 blk Mission Battery
Officer Almaguer was dispatched regarding a battery incident on the 4700 block of 
Mission. An intoxicated man was assaulted by an unknown suspect causing a lacerationon the lip. The victim was sitting on a bench when the suspect came and began hittinghim with closed fists. Officer Almaguer called in paramedics and transported the victimto SF General Hospital. Evidence was booked at Ingleside Station and Almaguer  provided follow up information and procedures. Officers searched the areaunsuccessfully for the suspect. Report number 120571440
9:38am 3300 blk Mission Theft
Officer Marino responded to a report concerning
a petty theft incident. A man had stolenseveral sticks of deodorant and other merchandise from a supermarket. However, thesuspect had left the stolen items outside at a nearby stash. Store employees saw thesuspect outside the store and recognized him as a repeated offender of theft at thesupermarket. The employees recovered the stolen items and confronted the suspect tellinghim to leave or else they would call police to arrest him. The suspect left the premise andthe store manager filed a police report for theft and trespassing. Officer Marino providedfollow up procedures and informed the manager that they should call the police in thefuture to arrest him if he should come back. Report number 120569291
11:00am 1500 blk Sunnydale Battery
Officers Obot, Johnson, and Hart were stationed at the Sunnydale Housing Substationwhen a man came in to report a battery that occurred three days prior. The victim statedthat he was visiting a neighbor’s home and then was hassled for money by the neighbor.Refusing to give any money, the neighbor grabbed a stick off of the living room floor andswung at the victim’s knee. The victim fell to the ground, shattered his glasses, andsustained a bloody nose. The suspect grabbed the victim’s wallet and the victimattempted to get out of the house. The victim went to SFGH and did not report theincident. The officers provided the victim with forms regarding being a victim of aviolent crime. Officers are continuing this investigation. Report number 120569611
12:15pm Mission/Silver Robbery
Officer Chew and Lim responded to a robbery incident that occurred on a MUNI bus. Awoman and her cousin were robbed of their money after being threatened by a stun-gun.Two female suspects confronted the two victims and demanded their money or else theywould taser them in the leg. The victims gave them their money, but the suspectsdemanded their other belongings. One of the victims shouted at the driver to call the police. The suspects panicked, punched one of the victims, and fled from the bus. Thevictims provided information to the officers stating that before the incident, theyoverheard the suspects saying that they were heading to the Balboa Bart Station. Officerscontacted MUNI inspectors and went to the station to check for the suspects. However the suspects were not present. Information and follow up procedures were provided to thevictims and Ingleside station will continue this investigation. A copy of the MUNIsurveillance video was requested. Report number 120569514
1:45pm 100 blk Blythdale Robbery
Officers Johnson, Obot, and Hart were dispatched to a robbery incident that occurred onthe 100 block of Blythdale. A man was pushed down by two unknown suspects who stolethe victim’s bag and wallet. The victim was exiting a bus and entered a parking lot whenhe was ambushed. Officer Obot was searching the nearby area for the suspects and stolen property when he discovered the missing bag and wallet at a nearby vacant unit. Officer Johnson provided follow up procedures and informed Sergeant Castillo who responded tothe scene as well. Report number 120569887
5:00pm 300 blk Massasoit Threat
A woman came to Ingleside Station to report that one of her tenants had been makingconstant threats to her. Officer Lee took in the report and advised her to place arestraining order and evict the man from her residence. The victim did not want thesuspect arrested at this time. Report number 120569376
6:30pm 600 blk Lamartine Theft/Fraud
A woman came into Ingleside Station and reported a theft and fraud incident to PSAFlynn. The woman stated that her wallet was stolen from her kitchen and there wereseveral fraudulent charges on her credit and ATM cards. The victim shares her residencewith several other tenants and believes that a certain tenant stole her wallet. Shesuspected this tenant because in the past, he has admitted that he has served time for identity theft. While in the process in canceling her cards, she noticed that approximately$200 was charged in each card at various bars and for BART tickets. Officer Flynnexplained the procedures of identity theft and provided a Marcy’s Resource Card. Reportnumber 120571036
7:58pm 500 blk Paris Vandalism
Officer Almaguer responded to a report of an attempted burglary. A man reported that hismailbox was tampered with and the mailbox frame was damaged. Officer Almaguer took  photos of the damaged mailbox and provided the victim with follow up procedures.Report number 120570925
1:30am 4100 blk San Bruno Stolen Vehicle: 1988 Jeep Cherokee, SW,White
3:00am 70 blk Morse Stolen Vehicle: 1992 Honda Accord, 4dr,Turquoise
8:43am 10 blk Lawrence Recovered Vehicle: 1995 Honda Civic, 2dr,Blue
10:25am Duncan/Castro Traffic Collision: Fire Hydrant
7:30pm Mission/France Traffic Collision: Hit and Run
7:30pm Lawrence/Mission Traffic Collision: Hit and Run

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