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7 Ways to Improve Relationships July 2012

7 Ways to Improve Relationships July 2012

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Published by Elizabeth Marks
This bible newsletter is filled with encouragement straight from God on how to improve your relationships.
This bible newsletter is filled with encouragement straight from God on how to improve your relationships.

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Published by: Elizabeth Marks on Jul 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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7 Ways to Improve Relationships
Blessing Others
Relationships are key to life.In fact, the Bible is full of 
stories about God’s relation-
ship with His people.
 We’ll look at seven ways we
can improve our relation-ships by using Ephesians 1:3-7 as our guide. This sectionof Scripture shows us several wonderful things God didfor us. This becomes ourmodel to implement in ourrelationships.
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, whohas blessed us with every spiri- tual blessing in the heav- enly places in Christ,
 just asHe chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that weshould be holy and withoutblame before Him inlove,
having predestined us toadoption as sons by Jesus Christto Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will,
tothe praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made usaccepted in the Beloved.
InHim we have redemptionthrough His blood, the forgive- ness of sins, according to theriches of His grace
Because He did all these forus, we are do these for those
 we love. By God’s power of 
His Spirit in me I am able todo all things through Christ who strengthens me.
 Watch your words and ensurethat only wholesome, life-building, encouraging wordsare spoken. When you do youare speaking blessings to those who hear your words.God blesses us. Though we
don’t deserve this kind treat-
ment, God still loves us. Hedemonstrates His love for usby blessing us. He speaks goodthings over us to encourage usto rise to His glorious stan-dards. We can do the same with ourloved ones. Speak blessingsover them. Speak words of encouragement and love. Withhold critical, harsh, orunloving words. When was the last time youspoke a blessing over yourloved ones?
ThinkOnIt Bible Ministries Inc.
Inside this issue:
Choosing to SeeGood2Looking at Them asGod Sees Them2Treat Them as Family 2Treat Others 3Reconciliation is FirstPriority 4Forgive as We areForgiven5Sacrifice is Our Exam-ple6
Special points of in-terest:
Suggestions on improving  your relationships
Living as a disciple of Christ
Walking by the Spirit
Restoring Relationships
Walking as He did July 2012Volume 1, Issue 2
 Words of a friend are healthto the bones
Treat Them as Family Looking at Them as God Sees Them
Thank you Lord for choosing usto lavish your love upon. Enableus by your Holy Spirit to lavishlove on our loved ones in the sameextravagant way you do.
There is nothing desirable inus that God would have cho-sen us to be His children. ButHe chose us just the same.
 We don’t choose what family 
 we are born or adopted into,but there is a way we can
“choose” our loved ones.
 Choose to love your family.Choose to be kind.Choose to be patience.Choose to forgive.Choose to care.Choose to be near them.Choose to be their biggest fan.Choose to listen to them.Choose to honor them.
Choose to follow God’s lead.
 Choose to pray for one an-other. All believers are part of thesame family. We are brothersand sisters in Christ.Regardless of the type of fam-ily we come from, Godadopted us in His perfect fam-ily when we believed in Jesus.His family remains forever. It will not be affected by deathor illness. His family enduresforever with a bond of lovegreater than we can imagine. We are part of this family witha fierce love that cannot beextinguished.Our earthly family benefits by our security. Knowing there is
nothing that can stop God’s
love for us, we can model thesame kind of love for ourearthly family.
Choosing to See the Good
person as God does
holy andblameless because of Christ. Jesus Christ died for our sins.He paid the price for our dis-obedience. Because He didthat, we are covered by His
righteousness in God’s eyes.
 We can stand before God with confidence that all ourfaults are washed away. Godsees only a holy and blamelessperson instead.Rather than point out flaws inour loved one, we can remem-ber how God sees them, holy and blameless.Love covers a multitude of sins. A wise person overlooks
flaws. This doesn’t mean we
condone the bad behavior butit means we choose to see the
Page 2 ThinkOnIt News
Fruit of the Spirit islove, joy, peace, pa-tience, goodness, kind-ness, faithfulness, gen-tleness and self-control We can alwayschoose what is
right in God’s
“God speaks good
things over us toencourage us to riseto His glorious
Treating Others in Way to Bring Pleasure to HimForgive as We are ForgivenReconciliation is First Priority 
relationships and doing whatit takes on our part to recon-cile the relationship.If we understand how muchGod did for us and know it was for the good pleasure of His will, we come to anenlightened state of living.God did all this for us becauseit gave Him great pleasure.
Following God’s will always
brings pleasure in the endbecause He purposes every-thing for the good of those who love Him and are calledaccording to His purposes.
By remembering God’s way is
the best way, we yield ourresponses and reactions torelational conflicts to Him. Inso doing, we improve ourrelationships by following the
Holy Spirit’s lead to humble
ourselves before the sight of the Lord.Seek first to understand the
other person’s point of view.
Then offer an encouraging word by knowing God desiresBy remembering how Godredeemed you, decide to re-deem your relationships.Take the necessary action toput things right.
God’s purpose was to redeem
a broken, fallen, human race,and to make us alive in Him.God wanted a huge family based on love and free will.Though we choose to do ourown thing He chooses to re-deem us through Jesus Christ.Redemption by Jesus bringsconfidence and self worth.God thought we were worthsaving. All our relationships are worth saving too! God went togreat lengths in saving us.Therefore, we should takegreat care to save our relation-ships too!all that God has forgiven us will help us more easily forgiveothers. We must forgive as God for-gave us. We need forgiveness for allthat we have done wrong, for
all the times we “play god”
 with our lives, for all the times we have hurt others, for allthe disobedience, selfishness,pride, arrogance, rebellionand stubbornness. God for-gives all of that when we cometo Jesus.Forgiveness is key to a greatrelationship for we are allsinners by nature. We all messup and need forgiveness re-peatedly.Because we are forgiven somuch we are able to forgiveothers. A quick trip downmemory lane to think about
Page 3 Volume 1, Issue 2
By our fruit we willbe known
“God will never ask
 you to forgivesomeone more thanHe already forgave
Healthy relationshipsbear fruit

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