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50 Raw Food Recipes

50 Raw Food Recipes

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Published by: Elena Zografska Houthuijzen on Jul 21, 2012
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 50Raw  Food  Recipes 
& Matt
First of all, thank you for being you, driven by such a curiosity on the raw food diet and allthe diversity of dishes this way of eating brings.You are about to discover more secrets of a raw food kitchen.You may:- already be following a raw food diet (100% or less)- know about raw food and want to learn more about how to prepare certain dishes- be completely new to itRegardless, this book will get you through 50 delicious raw food recipes as it should be eatenleading you to a life that you can enjoy fully. These are 50 recipes of 100% vegan food thatyou can enjoy without guilt and which are actually good for your health.You can eat tasty meals everyday without putting on weight.
You can have deserts that don’t make your insulin spike in your blood stream.You can enjoy creamy dishes even if you’re lactose intolerant.
You can still eat
’ and be gluten
50 Raw Food Recipes by Audrey and Matt
Matt and I switched to the raw food diet about 2 years ago, as an experiment. I did notexpect to see such a change in my body, inside and out. Now, I can truly say that there is noway I will go back to my old eating habits.Few examples of my health and physical:
acne in my back disappeared
weight loss and no more water retention
clear skin: no more black heads on my nose
no longer constipated, ever!There is so much more. I will tell you more about it at another time.To me, there is nothing more important than health. What you put in your body has a directeffect on how you look, what you feel, how you think and what you do.Processed and junk food are too easily available and marketed outrageously, it is difficult tofollow the path of 
health. That’s why we want to share our passion for healthy and real food
with you and make you aware of the infinite possibilities that the raw food diet allows.In the raw food diet you will find
nuts and seeds
seaweedIn the raw food diet you are
all the “bad foods” which are unhealthy for you:
animal products
refined and processed foodWhen eating or juicing raw food you will need to choose
food as often as you can inorder to eliminate:
synthetic fertilizers etcThese chemicals are harmful to
your health. And you wouldn’t want it anymore once you
realize that organic products may be tastier and more nutritious.With the raw food diet, you are making the most of 
the “good foods” by not heating above
115degrees. In fact, you are dehydrating instead of cooking the food. Why is cooking above115degrees bad? Several reasons:
It destroys enzymes. Enzymes are essentials molecules in the digestion process andthe absorption of food nutrients
It changes the molecular structure of the food. The food then becomesunrecognizable by the body which triggers a defensive reaction by sending whiteblood cells for protection
It destroys the nutrients of the food
50 Raw Food Recipes by Audrey and Matt

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