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Ionlife Alka Acid Poster

Ionlife Alka Acid Poster

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Published by: Elena Zografska Houthuijzen on Jul 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why AlkAlise?
Since Ancient mes eecvehealers have understood therelaonship between a mainlyalkaline diet and good health.Hippocrates, seen by many asthe father of modern medicine,would place his paents on astrict 80/20 diet - being 80%alkaline forming foods and 20%acid forming.
 hoW Does it Work?
All foods leave an ash residueaer you metabolise them. Thisresidue is either Acid or Alkali innature, depending on the typeof food you eat. Today’s sciencetells us that an excess of acidin our bodies is linked to thedevelopment of many ‘modern’diseases like cancer, arthris,heart disease and asthma.
 CAuses oF exCess ACiDity
Our modern lifestyle tends to beoverwhelmingly acid forming.Stress, lack of sleep, processedfoods and common smulantslike coee, alcohol, cigareesand sugars combine to createa PH balance in our bodies thatis literally toxic to our health.go to www.ionlife.info to ndout more about the causes of acidity.
hoW Do i AlkAliZe?
Fortunately, the modern diseaseof over-acidity can be reversed.We have compiled an easy toread chart, that shows youthe degree to which parcularfoods form alkali and acidresidue in your body. By usingthis chart, you can easily makesure that your diet conformstothe 80/20 rule that promotesgood health.
other tiPsCw y Fd Pp:
Your saliva naturally alkalisesfood and is vital to digeson.Reduce Your Stress Levels:Stress is one of the greatest acidforming factors - learn to relax.
Dn Aan Wa:
Alkaline ionically charged wateracts in your body to neutraliseand ush out excess acid.
Follow the
rule to promotea long, healthy and enjoyable life. 
BlackberriesRaspberriesStrawberriesCantaloupeHoneydewWatermelonsKiwi ruitLimesMandarinsMangosPapayasPersimmonPineapples TangerinesApplesApricotsAvocadosBananasBlueberriesBoysenberriesCherriesCurrantsGraperuitGrapesLemonsOlivesorangesPeachesPearsRaisins TangelosOlives (green)CoconutsCherimoyaDatesFigsGuavaPlumsPrunes TomatoesPomegranatesCranberriesOlives (ripe)AsparagusCeleryCollardsEndiveKaleKohlrabiMustard GreensOnionsParsnipsRadishesWinter SquashSweet Potatoes Taro RootYamsSeaweedArtichokesBeetsPeppersCabbageCauliowerDandelion greensEggplantGarlicShallotsLettuceOkraPotatoesSalad GreensSummer Squash TurnipsWatercressZuchiniBrussell SproutsCarrots (org)CucumbersMushroomsSnow PeasSpirulinaCarrots (com)Swiss ChardPeasRhubarbSpinachBeans (all types) TomatoesCornLime JuiceLemon juiceGinger TeaPineapple JuiceGraperuit JuiceApple CiderSome Mineral WatersHerbal Teas (most)Apple Juice (usw)Grape Juice (usw)Orange Juice (usw)Pear Juice (usw) Tap Water (varies) Tomato Juice (usw)Carrot JuiceVegetable Juice Mix Tea (black)Cows Milk Goats Milk Wine (red & White)Mineral Water (most)Coee (all types)Rice Milk Red WineWhite WineMalt Liquor (dark)Beer (dark) Carbonated Sot DrinksMilk Shake (sw)Alcoholic Spirits (most)Soy Milk (most brands)Root BeerMalt Liquor (pale)Beer (pale)Umeboshi VinegarMolassesApple Cider VinegarVinaigrette (apple cidervinegar) TamariCashew ButterAppple ButterRice SyrupSucanat (org cane sugar)Vanilla Extract Tahini SauceAlmond ButterMaple SyrupHoney Tomato Paste Tomato SauceMayonaiseFrench DressingRussian Dressing Thousand IslandSteviaHummusButter (milk)Rice VinegarMayonaiseLiverwurstGelatinWhite SugarArticial SweetenersKetchupMustardPeanut ButterPistachio ButterHazelnut butterMaltHopsCorn SyrupSoy Sauce (sw & usw)White VinegarSugar (white & brown)Jams & Jellies (sw)Caesar Dressing
Taro RootSea SaltParsleyPaprikaGinger rootHorseradish (usw)ThymeTarragonWatercressBlack pepperBasilCardamonCilantroCinnamonDillFennelMarjoramOreganoGarlicPrimrose oilMacadamia OilCoconut OilCodliver OilFlaxseed oilOlive OilMargarine (most)MaceDill seedsCoriander SeedsCelery SeedsBay Lea Cayenne PepperVegetable Oils (most)ButterCanola OilSafower OilSesame OilSunfower oilCurry PowdersBalsamic vinegarSoy bean OilPeanut oilLardPicklesIodised SaltRed Wine VinegarCottonseed Oil
MisoPumpkin SeedsChestnutsBean SproutsCumin SeedsCashewsCashew ButterLentilsSunower SeedsSprouts (most types)Sesame SeedsQuinoa SeedsFlaxseedCoriander SeedsCelery SeedsAlmondsAlmond butterAlmond Milk (usw)Macadamia nutsMacadamia ButterMung BeansKidney Beans (usw)Navy BeansFava BeansAdzuki BeansLima BeansChickpeasAmaranth SeedsPine NutsAlmond Milk (sw)Dried Fruits (most)Pinto BeansPistachio NutsPeanutsPecan NutsSoy BeansSoy proteinsSoy nutsSoy GritsHazelnutsWalnutsCroissantsBaking SodaBaking PowderJaponica riceWild RiceQuinoaOats & Oatmeal (usw)Oat FlourGranola (usw) Triticale (whole & our)Rice Cakes (brown rice)Rice FlourPued rice (brown)Brown ricePumpernickel BreadOatmeal (sw)Granola (sw)Buckwheat FlourCrackers (most)Wheat (unrened)Corn Flakes (sw)Spaghetti (rye & wheat)Rice Cakes (white rice)PopcornRye breadRye FlourRyeRice Milk Pued Rice (white)White RiceOat BranMillet (whole & our)Matzoh (whole)Barley (whole)Spaghetti (white our)Soy FlourCorn Chips (ried)WafesWhite BreadCorn ChipsPretzels (white our)Saltine CrackersPancakesMatzoh (white)Macaroni (white)Linguine (white)Cottonseed MealCous CousGhee (claried butter)Egg WhitesEggs (whole)Yoghurt (usw)Skim Milk CreamSour CreamButterClamsCows Milk Goats Milk Liver (bee)HamSausage (most types)Yoghurt (sw)Cottage CheeseVenison Turkey Tuna (Fresh & Canned)ScallopsOystersCrabsRabbitChickenDuck Pork BualoGoatLambMackerelHard Cheeses (most)Fish (most)Frozen YoghurtCheese (most)VealSwordshSwiss Cheese (aged)Bee Sour CreamShrimp (prawns)LobsterMusselsBacon
WheyHashbrownVege Soup (usw)Baked Potato Chips Tomato SoupBaked potatoWheat bran (ruit) (usw)Fruit Pies (usw)Articial SweetenersSweet PicklesRice Cakes (white)Whole Wheat BreadVegetarian Burger TempeSweet PicklesSpaghetti Sauce (tom)CakesCookiesIce CreamChocolate (sw)LolliesDesertsFruit Pies (sw)Preserves (sw)Canned Soup (sw)YeastPizzaBurgersFried FoodsHot ChipsBacon & EggsMeat SandwichChicken NuggetsNachos Tacos, BurritosOnion ringsFried Potato Chips Tou Frozen DesertsSW = sweetened withsugar or corn syrup.USW = unsweetened withsugar or corn syrupORG = organic producegrown without sprays.COM = commerciallygrown with sprays
Very AlkalineModerately AlkalineLow AlkalineLow AcidModerately AcidVery Acid
ion life
 Theposter ‘s 2008copyright owned by IONLIFEPty Ltd Byron Bay Australia 2008www.ionlie.ino (61) 266856471email ino@ionlie.ino or copies
oils herBs &CoNDiMeNts
VeGetABlesFruitsNuts, seeDs &leGuMessyruPs sAuCes& sWeeteNersGrAiNs, Flours &relAteD ProDuCtsDesserts, FAst &ProCesseD FooDsCoMMoN MeAls& FooDsBeVerAGesMeAts & DAiry
the PillArs oFGooD heAlth
A pillar is a support. Without a support, thestructure crumbles.
When we look at personal health and longevity we canchoose to look at that which is supported by the pillars - orat the pillars themselves. It goes without saying that if thepillars are strong, the structure survives. So what are thepillars of health, our ‘foundaons’?
FouNDAtioNAl heAlth
We were taught at school that good health came from a pyr-maid of food. Eat the right foods and good health will follow.Since we le school, that pyramid has been turned upsidedown as Harvard University, originators of the food pyramidtheory, have rethought foods and its eects. The newly re-leased 2008 food pyramid shows alkaline foods as the mostimportant food of all, and our old favourites of white breadand meat way down the scale in terms of amount we shouldconsume.It has also added water as the most important of all foodsources.
FouNDAtioNAl heAlthMANAGeMeNt: y a an ecm
Most people have the idea that a healthy alkaline diet is notpalatable. What they don’t understand is that an alkalinebody has a lot more to say about what it likes than an acidbody. Because an acid body is connuously struggling torebalance itself and overcome ongoing inammaon, it isn’treally capable of enjoying life like an alkaline body.A naturally alkaline body talks to you in many ways; youmay, for instance, nd yourself eang foods you’ve neverliked before - and enjoying them.You may nd some recreaonal drugs like coee becometoo intense in eect to connue as your body frees itself of the insensivity of an acidic metabolism.You may nd changes sleeping habits as your blood changesto alkaline, and increases its ability to hold oxygen, yoursource of energy.
You may also experience detox symptoms including cold-likesymptoms, rashes, headaches and more as stored acid isliberated, along with other toxins held with the acid waste.You may also lose weight spontaneously, as your bodyrelieves itself of the need to use input fat to ‘stash’ acids - alatecomer to the body’s arsenal of self-protecve responses,in this case due to the extreme danger of renal damagethrough excess acid eliminaon.
hoW We AlkAliZe
The body has some very clever ways of alkalizing, or rebal-ancing itself. Because it is a complex, sophiscated orgaism,it is always monitoring acid and responding to it.
1. Respiraton
We don’t just breathe to obtain oxygen. Our outbreath, asall the yogis know, is as important as our inbreath. Our out-breath is the mechanism to break down carbonic acid intocarbon dioxide and salt. The salt is re-used by the body, andthe carbon dioxide is exhaled. That’s why we pant so heavilyas we run; we are ridding the body of poisonous acidicmetabolic waste!
2. Eliminaton
The body will use the bladder as a convenient place to dumpexcess acid when necessary.
3. Perspiraton.
Sweat is basically acid waste. In a beauful example of theingenuity of our body design, this same waste acid is meantto coat the skin and kill bacteria that land on it, therebyprotecng us from dermal infecon.In reality we jump into the shower, and wash o all of ouracid mantle, then use alkaline soap to completely riun allthe body’s good work. In eect, we have told germs that weare clean and ready for them to infect us. Users of ION LIFEAlkalizers also use the by-product anbacterial acid water towash down before leaving the shower, restoring their acidmantle.
4. ec
Moderate exercise supports healthy lymphac vessel move-ment and transport of the wastes within.
(Excessive exercise
supports excessive acid producon)
Few people realise that the lymphac system does not workof itself. It needs muscle movement to squeeze the lymphducts and therefore transport wastes to the eliminatoryorgans. Not enough exercise will cause a slowing or backupof the lymphacs and consequent increase in ‘held’ acidwaste. This unhealthy situaon has been linked to seriouslymphac diseases.
5. inna Baancng
The body reacts quickly and radically to an acid aack. Therst thing it does is look for the usual suspects as potenalalkali donors. The blood is a major buer of alkalis andacids, primarily to supply the digesve system with correctamounts of hydrochloric acid for digeson and bicarbonateof soda for protecon of the stomach water from the acid.However an excessively acidic body will have lowered alkalibuers in the blood, and so the body will look for othersources. It will seek alkalize from the alkaline producing pan-creas, and then the ssues, and nally the bones and teeth.This explains why so many Westerners have bones likehoneycomb; this is the body’s disaster protecon plan. Likea white ant infestaon, It carefully leaves a supporve webof bone as it steals calcium. Again, we are now seeing a rashof broken hips in older people, especially women.Summarizing, acid waste is so destrucve to the body that itwill even rob its own skeleton to neutralise it.
the ‘tilt’ eFFeCt
When our bodies are acidic, nothing works properly. It’s likea pinball machine with a lt, a polluted ecosystem.
Although all systems sll work,
(due mainly to the marvel 
lous failsafe survival engineering we call the body)
they can’tdo the job well enough, and because all systems in the bodyrely on all other systems for cooperaon and support, each‘downline’ system suers even more. Let’s look at a trip toour kid’s favourite fast foodery.As your body receives word of the avalanche of acid produc-ing ‘food’ about to arrive, it sends a call out to the blood-stream to start pumping acid and alkalis into the stomach.Of course, if you’ve partaken of too many of these sorts of meal, there isn’t enough acid or alkali. Also, your blood isprobably the consistencey of rasberry jam due to excessacidity so the body experiences great diculty actuallypushing blood towards the stomach, much less supply thenecessary acid and alkalis. This is the eect of the commoncomplaint known as high blood pressure.So down comes the food, and an ‘aempt’ is made at diges-on. Because the stomach nerves monitor the process, theyknow there is sll not enough acid, so the callup for alkalisgoes out to all ssues, organs, bones and teeth.Finally, the body, in desperaon, passes the parally digest-ed food on into the small intesne. The pancreas, normallythe organ that neutralises acids le in the digested food, hasbeen exhausted of alkalis by your constant demands, so thefood ends up down into the lower intesne in a putrefacve,acidic state. Because it really shouldn’t sll be acidic, thelining of the small intesne can’t protect itself -and leakageof pud food can occur, causing inamed intesne, and anabdominal cavity with acidic, roen food rolling around!Now comes the Free Radical story:Free radicals are not ‘bad’ as we have been led to believe.Free radicals are a necessary tool of the body to clean upwaste that escapes all the other janitorial systems of thebody. A free radical is simply a posively charged oxygenatom, which is seeking an atom of chemically and electri-cally opposite qualies to neutralise and eliminate.Unfortunately, as we have already discussed, an acidic bodyis an unbalanced body, and like other automac systemsrelated to digeson and eliminaon, this can cause it towork either too well or not well enough. In the case of freeradicals in an acidic body, they work to excess, aackinghealthy body cells as well as unhealthy material. Hence theneed for anoxidants.Alkaline food and water are natural anoxidants. In factalkaline ionized water is perhaps the highest power, lowestcost anoxidant available, for it is loaded with negavehydrogen ions, which are the chemical opposite of freeradicals. On contact, they both unite and turn into harmlesswater.It’s easy to see the problem with taking anoxidants if youconnue an acidic lifestyle. The free radicals are aempt-ing to clean up your acid waste, and the anoxidants areneutralising them. However by returning to an alkaline bal-ance, we are actually supporng the rebalancing of the bodysystems and the prevenon of the imbalance which causesthe putrefacve waste in the rst place!Dr Susan Dr Lark, MD, in her book
The Chemistry of Success
,proles an alkaline balanced person. They may have:
Increased physical vitality and staminaEnhanced mental clarity and acuityIncreased ability to get on with other people.Increased opmism and vision.Faster recovery from illness, injury, and exeron
(incl.colds, u, sinusis, bronchis, pneumonia, allergies,traumac injury and surgery)
Increased resistance to illness (colds, u, sinusis,bronchis, pneumonia)
She also cites health benets you may receive from becom-ing naturally alkaline again:
Reduced incidence of digesve problems such as heart-burn, irritable colon, Crohn’s disease and colis.Reduced risk of and increases relief from urinary tractcondions such as bacterial cyss, intersal cyss,and uric-acid kidney stones.Reduced risk of gout.Reduced risk of and helps in treatment of rheumatoidartris and other autoimmune diseases.Lower risk of osteoporosis and promotes bone andteeth growth.Beer ability in prevenon and treatment of diabetes.Reduced hypertension.
BeGiNNiNG your AlkAliNe BAlANCeJourNey
Changing to alkaline isn’t hard. Although you may not be fa-miliar with the food and water you eat and drink, your bodyremembers it well, and will rejopice as it returns to what itKNOWS to be right.
Over the last ve years our thousands of clients have all saidthe same; alkalizing changes your life for the beer, not onlyin health but in atute and food preferences. Your bodyknows best!Aer years of alkalarian diet we also have a few hints for youthat will assist the transion.
r on  a g  acdfng!
Geng upset over your inability to immediately make thechange to an alkaline lifestyle only acidies you further.Accept that an acid metabolism is in a state of addicon.Observe your moods and body messages and you’ll see thatthis is true. Deprive an acid body of its sugar hit and it willscratch and claw for its ‘sugar hit’.Perhaps the very easiest way is through drinking alkalineionized water. Water in this unique form is constantlyneutralising acids in the body, ushing away accumulatedwastes (usually stored in fat) and ensuring maximum hydra-on. Replacing your acidic tap water or any other commonliquid beverage will return you tenfold in health benets.Drinking sucient alkaline water has other side benets.In our experience a body drinking alkaline water regularlywill begin to alkalize anyway. It’s common to hear of peoplelosing their sweet tooth, or eang less, or acquiring a love of unfamiliar alkaline foods.Good hydraon will also allow the body to detoxify for aslong as needed, as stored acids are neutralised and maketheir way via the lymphac system to the bowel and out.Alkaline ionized water is ‘weer’ water, meaning it has lessmolecules per molecular cluster. Its ‘smaller’ clusters meanit penetrates ssue and fat far more eecvely than tapwater. Fat is the acid storehouse of a seriously acidic body.
When acids are neutralised and eliminated, the bodyoen decides that the fat is no longer needed.
You can gain condence by tackling on meal at a me. Agood meal to begin with is breakfast. A healthy alkalinebreakfast can be a luscious quick and easy Asian Greenssrfry, using organic coconut oil, along with your choice of zucchini, tomato and eggs.Or if you’re very keen you can juice some greens. Just take alook at the chart overleaf, select your greens and put themthrough your juicer.If you’re in a hurry, try concentrated Green Food. Mix it withapple or carrot juice, and you’ve ingested the equivalent of aday’s greens in a glass.
Some people are beer digesters than others. They have abeer stomach acid supply. Complete digeson is para-mount in importance for alkalizing. Did you know that foodyou eat in excess of your needs becomes acid waste thatbegins eang you?Think of meal me as a meditaon. eat wth peace on yourmind.Chew your food. Salivaon is a natural result of properchewing and it is saliva that contributes to alkalizing thefood, especially grains which are normally an acid problemfood.Protein and Starch are, generally speaking, acid-forming, sowhen you need to eat these groups, accompany them withfruit or vegetables.If you have experienced an unavoidable ‘acid excess’ period,you can choose all alkaline foods for a couple of days toregain your natural balance.if you must eat grains, choose alkaline-forming ones, likeamaranth, millet or quinoa.Animal protein is extremely acid-forming. Try to balance itwith lashings of greens to an 8/20 rao.Add lemon or lime juice to anything you like. It will soonbecome a staple that you will love every way you use it!Think of your body as a river; it ows, and is never the same.So it is with your alkaline/acid balance. The body’s manyfuncons all have an eect on our acid/alkaline balance just as rocks, bends and inows change the form of a river.Therefore constant aenon to alkalizing is needed; wedon’t just alkalize and remain so.Change is not immediate. Have paence.Deep breathing alkalizes. It converts carbonic acids to car-bon dioxide and salts.Sleep alkalizes. Rest alkalizes. Gentle exercise, like walking,alkalizes. Negave emoons acidify. Love alkalizes.If you cook food, if your food is canned or frozen, it will bemore acid-forming.If your food is chemically grown it will be more acidic.Diluon is the soluon to polluon. Drink LOTS of alkalinewater.Countless peope suering from acidicaon don’t evenknow it. Others who eat good alkaline food may sll beacidic because of their low stress tolerance or metabolictype. You are an individual in mind and body. Take the meto learn enough about your own type. A good source: www.ionlife.infoAcids are already contained in some foods. Other formsof acid in food may only result from metabolism (breakingdown) of a protein (uric and phosphoric acids) fat (fayacids, acetylacec acids) carbs (pyruvic or succinic acids) etc.Try to choose foods for the eect they will have on yourfuture health rather than how they look or taste. Make achoice for future health and your individual tastes will fallinto line. Your body
health.”Food has no intrinsic value. The only value it posessescomes from the digesve tract that receives it.” P.V.Marchessau, French nutrionalist and naturopath.It makes no sense to aempt to eliminate all acid-formingfoods. Many of these foods are those that carry life energyto the body. We must intake sucient proteins to allow alka-line minerals to be properly absorbed.True alkalizaon needs consumpon of a balanced alkaline-forming diet at every meal. One acid meal or one acid ‘bignight out’ can cancel out the good work of many days’alkalizing.Go Green at every meal. The author’s breakfast is (acid-forming) cherry tomatoes and zucchini sauteed in organiccoconut oil with added Chinese greens. Yum! The rao is20% acid-forming (tomato) and 80% alkaline forming greens.If you must snack, snack on dried fruit. Generally, they arealkalizing because some of their fruit acids are oxidised asthey dry.Research your foods. Apricots are very acidic prior tomaturity even if they are already orange. They are alkalinewhen they are ripe and so. Acidity varies with variety andmaturity.Drinking juices does not reduce the acid. It concentrates itas the acids are in the juice, not the (oen) alkaline ssues.Balance is the key: design your meals so that alaklizing foodsare always greater in content than acidifying.Never partake of a completely acid-forming meal. This willforce your body to withdraw vital alkaline minerals fromyour reserves and is usually followed by a sudden reduconin vitality, teeth feeling on edge, chills, itches or even jointpains.Be gentle. Alkalizing is returning to your natural balancestate. A naturally balanced person has no need to inictharsh regimens on themselves even if they think it is forhealth. Learn more about alkaline balance so you can tailoryour lifestyle and diet to what your parcular metabolismreally needs.
“Oranges are like gold in the morning, silver at noon, and lead in the evening.” 
(Arab Proverb)Eat acid foods when you are ready to digest them.We handle acids dierently depending on the state of oursystem. When we have had the benet of our nightly lym-phac janitorial service and are therefore as ‘cleansed’ asour body can make itself, it is beer to intake acid-formingfoods.If you have problems digesng acids, oranges and otherfruits may be beer later in the morning or even later be-cause your body may take half the day to wake up fully. Yourbody needs to be both hydrated and fully ‘pumping; to beable to safely oxidise acid-formimng foods. (Many easternMonasc orders skip meals completely, and many monkshave extraordinary health and longevity).Nuts, generally speaking, are not great alkaline spourceswith the excepon of almonds and Brazil nuts. Brazil nutsare so alkalizing that they form an excellent snack for seri-ously acidic people.Black olives are great alkalizers but green olives are not.However only oil-preserved black olives are alkalizing; notthose in brine!Whole Milk from a cow is alkalizing.Whole milk that has been pasteurized is alkalizing.Milk that has been sterilized, ultra-pasteurized, homog-enized or processed any other way, causes it to becomeharder to digest, which in turn has an acidifying eect onthe body.Hard or so crust cheeses are alkalizing as long as you arenot dairy intolerant, when the allergic eect has an inam-matory eect, which in turn is acidifying.Any allergic reacon to foods is acidifying.
Tips for an Alkaline Lifestyle
Eat Well
Eating processed or acidic food is like slicingbits off your toe. It’s going to hurt, and it’sgoing to disable you sooner or later. What’smore, chances are it’s going to gobble up allof your savings when you least expect it -trying to repair the long term damage you’ve
inicted on yourself.
Eat Smart
Organic food may seem more expensivebut it is alive. It has more life force andmore ability to support your immune systeminstead of compromise it like processed,chemically preserved food.
Eat Less
Over eating isn’t cool. The food you eat inexcess of your body’s needs converts toacidic ,toxic waste.It doesn’t just make you fat. it poisons you.
Drink Smart
If you must drink wine, drink it made fromthe San Giovese grape, which thrives inalkaline soils. You’ll be surprised at the lackof day-after effect.
Drink Enough
We sweat, spit and eliminate around twolitres of water per day. To just maintain hy-dration levels you need a net liquid intake of at least the same amount.
Drink Right
No more sodas, no more beers, no more
sugar lled juices, shakes, alcopops... ittakes a little research to nd the food and
liquid gangsters that are really hurting you.But water in its alkaline ionized form is theperfect beverage.
WhAt Does ANAlkAriANlooks like?
Wa’  lf? Acd  Aan
Acidifying AlkalizingCouch Potato Physically acveElevator rider Stair HopperCar to the corner store Walking loverStamp collector Acon ManIndoor pursuits Outdoors loverStress Freak Chillout DudeRestless and late Cool, organisedInsomniac Sleep loverSmoker Non-SmokerPessimist OpmistIrritable SereneAggro Condent and tranquil
hw sn sd y impv?
If you take the steps to change to an Alkalarian lifestyle youmay expect changes to condions such as nervousness, fa-gue, skin inammaon, heartburn, itches and red blotches.If you do not experience these improvements it’s advisableto consult a trusted, qualied health professional.
Information contained on this posterdoes not offer any therapeutic resultand is for the sole purpose of educa-tion and support for the reader.You should always consult your preferred qualified health profession-al when contemplating any change to your normal health regimen.

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